Costochondritis Treatment

Murivenna Massage Oil
Posted by Rhea (Kerala, India) on 09/27/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I looked up middle of the chest pain and corresponding back pain and got the term Costochondritis today. The first time I had it was last year when I fell flat on my back from a height of 6 feet. Back hurt and in a day or two so did my sternum. Murivenna was massaged into both areas twice a day. Immediate pain relief. Continued for three days and stopped. When pain recurred, continued once a day for a few more days, then once in two days. In 10 days, pain-free. Didn't think about it again till last week when the same pattern of pain recurred after a severe chest infection. Attributed it to muscle pain from coughing.

But when the chest infection cleared and the pain increased during movement (e.g. when getting up after lying down or when changing sides while lying down) I became concerned. There were sharp pains brought on even when sniffing. Again, warm Murivenna massage to the rescue. One time and the relief lasted three days. It was when the sharp pain returned while sitting up this evening that I looked it up on the Net. Costochondritis. Family away. Can't wait for them to get back tomorrow to massage it into my back properly. It doesn't work as well when I do it myself. I know if this is done continuously for 3-5 days once a day, the pain will be gone. Murivenna, an Ayurvedic oil, is a normal item in homes in Kerala, India. It is used for muscle pains and sprains. Used when children fall and hurt their elbows and knees, or when you have strained your muscles with physical work. Murivenna is usually warmed and massaged into affected areas and left on for 20 minutes or so. It is absorbed by then or else wiped off and washed with warm water. (It can also be left overnight e.g. in the case of a hurt knee or ankle using a cloth soaked in the oil. Tied up in plastic to protect the bedclothes).

Murivenna literally means cut/wound (murivu) oil (enna) in Malayalam, the local language. Somehow, I have never used it for that. Only for muscle pains. It is cheap and available here in the local Ayurvedic pharmacies. Lasts ages as you only have to use a little at a time and you need to use it only for a few days. If pains last beyond that, then you know you have to get medical attention.

I read on the Net how people are suffering for months from this condition.Felt I had to share. Do try it. Hope this info helps. Good health to you.