Essential Natural Remedies and Home Treatment for a Concussion

Water Fasting
Posted by Terri (New Zealand) on 06/19/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I had a really bad concussion for two years from a motorcycle accident that I could not clear. The first year I was like a dementia patient and couldn't function. I was unable to work drive or cope and I tried many things.

I can guarantee the only thing that did work was water fasting causing the body to go into Autophagy. Making the body do nothing but heal itself.

I joined water fasting on Fb and watched the water fasting on YouTube of the guy who healed his back in 5 days and researched all vids on autophagy. I did an 11 day water fast of nothing but water and the change was mind blowing!!!

First three days were hard but it got easier. I broke as it was an anniversary.

Honestly, the fog lifted my memory returned, I could spell again and read...

I have done a couple of smaller fasts but my autophagy doesn't kick in till 3-5 days. It's an amazing way to heal brain damage. But do lots of research, it is safe to do. But it's a mind battle. Just think of it as a vacation and food will always be there. I needed to get my life back! Water fasting for healing the body works!