Cold Hands and Feet Remedies

Warming the Feet
Posted by Lisa (Middleboro, Ma) on 06/26/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Replying to Angela (Smalltown, Bc, Canada) on 02/01/2010 in the migraine page section:

I've read through all the threads and can identify with everyone's self-help remedies except for the person with occular migraines... I've suffered from them for over 20 years.. Took acute meds, preventative meds, alternative medicine including TCM, homeopathy, massage, herbal remedies...

My self-help included excessive coffee use, orgasm and jumping into ice cold water... For me my migraines are tension related and a vicious cycle of caffeine... Which results in vasodilation... I've cut back my caffeine intake and still drink 2 cups of coffee but replaced other cups with green tea (baby steps).. This helped me but I resought japanese acupuncture..

Your link stood out b/c you thought to warm your feet b/c they would get cold... My acupuncturist diagnosed me w/ a kidney (among others) yin deficiency. Among some manifestations of kidney yin deficiency are cold feet and hand and sometimes resulting in liver fire rising... The energy from the feet is rushing up to the head so by warming the feet for about 10 minutes it helps redistribute the energy. It has helped me 50 percent of the time.

If you didn't know that and you may already I wanted to validate you. Also, I was put on flaxseed mg. A day. This aids the hormone distribution although I don't know why I was put on them. I take them anyways and between the caffeine reduction, flax seed and a conscious intent to rid myself of them, I havent' taken any medicine in a few days which is HUGE!!!!!!!! I hope this helps someone, migraines are no Joke!