Twelve Tips for Preventing Colds and Flus

Garlic, Vitamin C & D3
Posted by Rainbowralph (Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire) on 01/12/2018
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Garlic, Vitamin C & D3, fasting, sweating and no flu jabs keep you healthy

1) Garlic, also ginger, are natural antibiotics and boost the immune system.

2) Vitamin D(3) = the sunshine vitamin prevents the flu in the summer.
As 80+ % of the population in northern countries lack Vitamin D, taking supplements preventing the flu is advisable.

3) I eat ORGANIC (without chemicals) orange peel; that's where most of then vitamin C is stored.

4) to fight a flu, support your immune system with
- fasting: early supper and late lunch, or skip eating a whole day of you can
- go to bed with hot water bottle, towel under you and additional duvet on the top after drinking hot drinks with honey and SWEAT! That way you may miss out one or three days of work, but are fit soon - otherwise you'll be half ill for weeks and drag on and on.
- don't take Aspirin! 1st it sabotages the immune system's fever,
2nd it prevents your body's vitamin C absorption.

Stay away from any flu jabs / flu vaccination (unless you risk life long trouble):

90+% of the time they contain the wrong flu strands and don't help

they do however contain a long list of adjuvants, possible heavy metals mercury or aluminum (neurotoxins), which accumulate in your body and cause brain disorders, also other substances which are unhealthy (to say the least).

Vaccines generally WEAKEN your immune system and wear it out.

EVERY vaccine has dangerous side effects, just like ANY other medicine. The only difference is: the vaccine producers are not liable for any damage and can't be sued - so they don't bother.