Twelve Tips for Preventing Colds and Flus

Posted by Deirdre (Los Angeles) on 09/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

On my flight back to LA last Friday, a guy sitting next to me started sneezing in the middle of the flight. He must have sneezed about 8 times in a row and instead of covering his mouth with his hand or sleeve, he just turned and sneezed right into the aisle!! Ahhhhhh!!!! I know!!! I could tell he had the beginnings of a virus after that (he had that particular virus smell, ugh) and I thought to myself that all the passengers near him including myself were going to get sick in 48 hours! Sure enough, exactly 48 hours later on Sunday afternoon I started to get those telltale joint pains all over my body, beginnings of a nasty virus. I immediately took 1/2 of a BHT capsule in a glass of water. Joint pain disappeared in about an hour. 24 hours later (yesterday) I felt very slight joint pains again and took another 1/2 of a BHT capsule and again the joint pain disappeared. Happy to report, I feel great (except for an ongoing sinus issue from my a/c unit leakage)...

BHT has become my new "go to" virus remedy. Thankfully, I have not gotten sick in a couple of years because I nip any virus in the bud with 1/2 BHT capsule each time.

I am ever grateful to Oscar from Syracuse for writing about BHT in posts on Earth Clinic dating back to 2008. I never would have tried it otherwise. Thank you, Oscar!!!