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What Is the Codex Alimentarius?

Codex Alimentarius, the Latin phrase for Food Code, is an organization originally founded to regulate the world food trade and protect consumers. The official Codex purpose has been stated by its founders as being a commission interested in and focused on “protecting health of the consumers and ensuring fair trade practices in the food trade, and promoting coordination of all food standards work undertaken by international governmental and non-governmental organizations.” Codex is a conglomerate endeavor that itself is regulated by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Began in 1893, Codex Alimentarius was initially instituted as a regulatory overseer for cases involving illnesses and death caused by food related issues. Guidelines and mandates by which all food illness related cases would be measured were established and became known as Codex Alimentarius, which later grew into the joint venture that is present today. At present, the organization is still invested in monitoring food safety; however, it seems that the code is even more in favor of supporting big name companies and multinational interests than it is the people affected by poor food regulation.

Concern about Codex Alimentarius

As of late, it seems as if the Codex Alimentarius has been modified from its original benevolent food organization into an association that is fraudulent, toxic, and illicit. In recent years, the Codex Commission has overseen an attempt to regulate vitamins and supplements and require a prescription for any such item. Likewise, it clouds the issue of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and promulgates a false sense of food safety and regulation. The most important action to take in regards to food safety is staying aware. The Codex Alimentarius was designed to protect the general population, but today it seems as if every individual must be responsible for protecting him or herself.

Codex Discussion

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Posted by Tommye (Hendersonville, Nc) on 02/25/2010


Proposed regulation of Nutritional Supplements

Today, Senator McCain introduced a bill that if passed will require prescriptions for all nutrients. Contact your senators and congressmen and also contact McCain. This has already taken place in Europe where you need a prescription for just about any nutrient in any amount.

EC: Thanks Tommye, We can't find a link to any bill with that date, but the Alliance for Natural Health web site has 2 interesting articles on the subject:

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hi Deirdre,

Sorry, thought I had mailed it to you to post a link to Natural Solutions Foundation. They have a petition going. I think CFIF does also, but not sure. Another site (alternative doctor) has request for everyone to call their Washington representatives to urge to vote against.

I don't think it will require a prescription for everything, but it will gut DSHEA that was passed l994 to keep FDA's grubby little paws off of them. That means, if passed, we will go under same guidelines as Codex Alimentarius everywhere. They can still get supplements, herbals, and vitamins, but at only 1/100th of an effective strength. Still want you to spend your money, but for worthless supplements. This is why I suggested that everyone become familiar with the grasses, weeds, edibles, etc. that grow wild in their area.

Replied by Bee
(Anon, Usa)

I've sent my petition to my reps. Thank you for sharing this information and please keep us updated! This really worries me along with other things I'm reading lately, such as pushing for flu shots for everyone. It scares me to think these freedoms could be lost!

Replied by Rena
(Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Usa)

I also signed the petition, and two others as well are doing it. I signed all 3 that I know of and will gladly sign others if you know or anybody else knows of more petitions. The electronic petitions do not count per say, but at least our senators and congressmen are getting flooded with these e-mails, and they only look at the numbers of their constituents and we can only pray they listen. Peace, Rena.

Replied by Lisa
(St. Clair Shores, Michigan)

I agree. We need to worry about this. PLEASE contact the reps who will decide if it goes any further in congress. the website is, there are 13 Democrats and 10 Republicans

Replied by Rena
(Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Usa)

Great News, I got this email today.

Alliance for Natural Health USA
March 5, 2010
Your Victory on the McCain Bill

We did it!

It's all thanks to the action that you took.

Hundreds of thousands of messages poured into the Senate opposing Senator McCain's bill, the bill that would have wiped out current legislative protections for dietary supplements. More and more messages were arriving by the day. The entire Congress began to take note. Senator McCain was embarrassed by our ad whose headline pointed out that he was misrepresenting and did not seem to understand his own bill.

Word is now racing around Capitol Hill that Senator McCain met with Senator Orin Hatch, a champion of natural medicine, and told him that he is withdrawing his support for the bill he authored, the so-called Dietary Supplement Safety Act (S 3002). This means that the bill as written is now dead.

Is this the end of the story? No. Having given his word to a fellow senator, McCain is not likely to resume his support for the bill. But we do need to see a declaration from McCain himself. We will need to see if McCain will try to offer some modified version of the bill. And there has also been no word from the other co-sponsor of the bill, Senator Dorgan.

We will keep you posted. In the meantime, it is time to celebrate your accomplishment. The democratic process worked. The people spoke and a powerful senator reversed course. It was all because of you, the active citizens willing to take time and make the effort to defend natural and sustainable forms of health and healthcare in the often hostile environment of Washington, DC. As we all know, Washington is ringed today with special commercial interests. They have millions of dollars of campaign contributions to hand out and gigantic lobbying budgets. But in the end, politicians have to answer to the people.

Thank you!

Gretchen DuBeau, Executive Director
Hunter Lewis, President

Alliance for Natural Health USA

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi, I live in Europe, have actually lived in several countries and have always been able to buy suplements without a prescription. I have no idea what countries you are talking about but in Portugal, France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland and GB one is still able to buy any supplements without a prescription. It would really be dramatic if such a law was implemented here..... I know that in Britain the government wants to ban all supplements because last year I signed a petition to stop them.

Codex Discussion
Posted by Robin (Macomb, Michigan) on 01/04/2010

Did the Codex Alim. Law go into effect? And if so is that going to effect your website? I hope not, it helps me and alot of other people!

EC: Don't think there have been any new laws regarding Codex in the USA. Not need to worry about EC at this point!

Replied by Cindy
(Ch, Wi)

it appears we still can petition codex at this link.

they need signatures -

Codex Discussion
Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 10/12/2009

Article that was just published today on from a UK health site:

Note: interesting summary of Codex, but annoying pop up ads!

Replied by Earth Clinic

Another interesting Codex Alimentarius article entitled: Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Traditional Herbal Medicine Under Threat in the UK from the website

Codex Discussion
Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 10/08/2009


Everyone should read this article about Senator Durbin's Senate Bill 510 (S.B. 510)!!

The Food Safety Bill That Would Make Us Less Safe
by James J. Gormley
October 7, 2009

According to the article, if this bill passes, it will:

">> Undermine DSHEA and move the U.S. one step closer to harmonizing our standards under Codex with those of restrictive regimes like the European Union. (DSHEA, or the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, says that supplements are food and are safe for consumption unless proven otherwise - ensuring that millions of Americans are able to enjoy access to safe, effective and affordable dietary supplements).

>> Give the FDA inappropriate, and unprecedented, control over farms and direct-to-consumer distributors. If passed, the bills would charge facilities an annual $500 registration fee, require additional record keeping, and expand the FDA's authority to quarantine geographic areas for alleged food safety problems - all without significantly improving food safety.

>> Harm U.S. organic farmers by imposing overlapping regulations.

>> Hurt food supplements and health-food stores by imposing standards that are already covered by the AER (Adverse Event Reporting) Law, cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and food facility registration.

>> Cripple local food co-ops, farm stands, independent ranchers and artisanal food producers by imposing unnecessary standards and unfair bureaucratic burdens...."

Note: Visit to send a letter to senators about S.B. 510.

Replied by Cindy
(Ch, Wi)

how can i send this email to others, my attempts have failed. thank you

EC: Hi Cindy,

Just copy and paste the text with the link into an email if our forward email function isn't working! Would be great if we can get this around to as many people as possible.

Codex Discussion
Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 09/13/2009 495 posts

Question: WHAT IS CODEX ALIMENTARIUS GOING TO DO TO Earth Clinic and other similar sites? I am not sure that Codex Alimentarius includes the FDA plan (but I think it does) to pass a bill that makes it illegal to even transmit information on vitamins, minerals, herbals and supplements across a state line (this would include mail order catalogs on same). Would you all be effectively be put out of business since the internet crosses continents, much less state lines?

Would you financially be able to stay in business in if you had to keep the information contained within the state from whence it came? Is this the way they plan to destroy the internet? I was expecting it to arrive soon, but it just now occured to me that this could be the way they do it.

Now I wonder how they plan destroy our one source of information that I have come to trust? WND? It is internet. The bills they already have will cover health care help sites.

We might also want to alert these other health sites to the possibility and have them join in. I wonder if this question has even occurred to them? We need to get people awake and fast.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Part 2:

Why has systemic candida albicans epidemic not been widely discussed in the media, especially when it seems to be so widespread by reading self care sites like Cure Zone, EC, etc.? Why does its presence need to be hidden? By whom?

Search for the areas where AIDS first started, (believe this was devastating in Africa and smaller isolated pockets of it in China and South America and onset was about the same time) . Was it heterosexual & all ages from onset in other areas and only among heavily homosexual male populations in the United States? If so, why? What preceded the onset in these areas, and not others? I have read that WHO (World Health Organization) vaccinations preceded outbreak in other areas and that Hepatitis B vaccine was first given to mostly homosexual settlements in America before outbreak! If anyone can find a definite answer, I'm sure we'd all like to know?

Why has a 1918 version of H1N1 suddenly hit now? I have been trying to find something I was told appeared in National Geographic about a worldwide WHO search for this particular virus ended several years ago after they found it in frozen bodys of the 1918-1920 flu epidemic who had been buried in permafrost areas of Soviet Russia. I have had no luck on finding it but going to search for 1918 flu epidemic on Wikipedia, did find where it was found in the frozen body of a 1918 flu victim buried in permafrost area of Alaska. Why resurrect it when it was nonexistent?

Why has it suddenly hit again and why is our CDC close to making it pandemic level which will automatically put all of the United States under rule by the United Nations and World Health Organization and the possibility of facing mandatory vaccinations (& who knows what else), fines up to $l000 per day, quarantine and or incarceration in guarded camps and martial law? How many other countries (supposedly worldwide) have this same law?

Why was our media flooded with the horrors of the "flesh eating organism" and never heard of what caused it? Why did all mention of the horrible flesh eating organism disappear from our media the day after our local newspaper quoted a Vanderbilt doctor as saying he didn't know why everyone was so scared of this organism because it was the same old streptococcus that had been around for the last 40 or 50 years, only this one harbored a virus?

Why did this bacterial streptococcus suddenly start harboring a virus when bacterial organisms hadn't been reported as doing such at any time before? Genetic laboratory engineering? If so, did it escape the lab accidentally or purposely?

Who or what is so powerful it can remove all mention of it from the media so suddenly after this information was leaked by a doctor. Why was it removed?

After reading about the man in Kentucky who lost both eyes and much of the facial flesh to this organism, he reportedly felt fine and was in his own yard when his face suddenly stated burning as though it was on fire. Remembering the above, fellow EC'ers, soak a towel in good old ACV and slap it on whatever area feels like it is burning and is reddened! Why? Because ACV is known to kill off streptococcus and that would just leave you with the virus to contend with and it might be relatively harmless by itself, and it should give you time to hit any virus with L-lysine and vitamin C.

Why are being hit by Codex Alimentarius and what other countries are being hit with it or already hit with it? Why is our protective organization FDA suddenly declaring thyroid hormone replacement an untested, therefore illegal drug when it has been being used for and improving patients lives for years and years? Why are they suddenly wanting to remove ingredients from our food labels? Why are they planning to remove all labels that would identify our fruits and vegetables as GMP or irradiated? Why are they removing access to vitamins, minerals, herbals and supplements as of December 2009? Why the bill that will make organic farming records so cumbersome that it will most likely put all small and family organic farmers out of business?

Why is the FDA making it illegal to transport information (NUTRITIONAL INCLUDED) concerning the vitamins, minerals, herbals and supplements across state lines? WHAT EFFECT IS THIS GOING TO HAVE ON SITES LIKE EARTH CLINIC, CURE ZONE, DOCTOR YOURSELF, EDUCATE YOURSELF? Is this going to shut them down? Probably, because the way it is worded, it can be interpreted to create a lot of problems we don't want. If the Obama Health Care Reform Bill is so good that we should want it, why aren't Obama and his family along with our federal legislators and their families also willing to be under it? There must be something they don't want in this bill to make themselves exempt from it!!!!

Can any of these sites survive if forced to contain information within the state from whence it came?
or set up separate sites in all of the "57" states that Obama was quoted as saying we had?

Do any of you have the information ( we all love on EC & other sites) you need printed out in case your electricity goes off and you can't access it on your computer. Start doing so unless you have a photographic memory. Even If something happens to you, will your family know how to help themselves?

Why are the CDC, FDA, WHO and other authorities still denying any connection of vaccinations to autism and other problems? Why is autism then so absent among the unvaccinated Amish children and escalating so rapidly in our children who must be vaccinated to start public school?

Why do we have a federal law that exempts the manufacturer of those vaccines from being sued for damages? Do other countries have this same law?

In closing, dear family, remember those pokeberries that are now in various stages of ripening (at least here in my area) kicks the body into gear to fight which means it boosts your immune system. Gather them as they ripen, dehydrate them while you google how to make herbal extracts so they will be effective for years instead of months and start learning what plants to use and how to identify. Poke Sallet or pokeberries are very easy to identify and just as easy to spot as those lovely yellow blossoms on our dandelions (which are great for the liver and other parts of our anatomy). But it's the leaves you want for green smoothies, the root for a coffee substitute and liver medicine. Don't bother with gathering the blossoms although I have seen recipes for making wine from the blossoms, but I have never cared much for any wine so didn't try it.

Until someone comes up with plausible answers to the above questions, I will continue to be wary of all vaccinations offered by WHO or anyone else! Has anyone seen where the doctors and nurses who administered flu shots were charged with murder after many of the recipients died have gone to court? If so, what was the outcome. The tragedy of this is that possibly the nurses and doctors involved did not know what they were giving & didn't suspect it was anything except flu vaccine, unless somebody accidentally put an honest label on those vials!

Replied by Sandy
(In The Sticks, Nevada)

Excellent questions Joyce! Here is another one for you -- What about West Nile virus? Didn't it arrive in our country when a mosquito "accidentally" slipped out a high security lab in the Northeast? Take out your adding machine and multiply the number of horses in our country that are now vaccinated for West Nile and multiply by $50 (it is more like $75 where we live) -- I bet the figure won't fit on your adding machine screen. Try the same thing with the number of women that get mammograms in our country and multiply by $100. I hate to say it, but follow the money . . . it is the reason for so many of the problems we are facing in this country.

I hope many people read your post and wake up.

Replied by Cindy
(Ch, Wi)

to joyce, do you have any updates on codex? thank you

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hi Cindy,

The best place I know to keep up to date on Codex Alimentarius is Natural Solution Foundations. They also have other sites that you can reach through their site.

You can also go to You Tube and type in codex alimentarius to see what you can come up with. If you are not sure you have the right site, the one you are looking for is headed by Albert Stubblebine, Dr. Rima Laibow and Ralph Fucetola. They apparently feel that we don't have much chance of avoiding the administration saddling us with this, but they have drafted their own recommendations as a guideline to become part of codex alimentarius, regarding the strength of vitamins, minerals and supplements available to us, and just possibly might even raise the levels allowed in other countries if it succeeds here.

Keep praying and keep voicing your opinion and helping them fight. It is easy to become a mouse warrior by clicking on sites on Natural Solutions Foundation to petition for or against legislation that has the potential to help or harm us. Codex Alimentarius is one of these you are asked to sign a petition against. Dr. Laibow and Ralph Fucetola were instrumental in the law suit challenging the constitutionality of New York's telling their health care workers they either took the swine flu vaccine or they had no job. It got thrown out because no one had lost their job for not taking it, but said it could be reinstated quickly if anyone did.

Replied by Cindy
(Ch, Wi)

dear joyce, thank you for responding to my post question. i have been trying to follow health freedom web site for the past few months. i wish we could know when and what codex will start to implement changes to first. i wanted to stock some things but have concerns about quality. i hope we can pass along information as we find it.thank you joyce and earth clinic! i did find this link for everyone to look at.

Codex Discussion
Posted by Sue (Virginia Usa) on 08/28/2009

Thank you for Earth Clinic!

Regarding codex alimentarius, the site below seems to dispel any concerns....?

Replied by Sheena
(Glasgow, Scotland)

There's a lot of conspiracy theories doing the rounds about Codex however, the National Health Foundation have a seat at all Codex meetings and are therefore able to report the facts:

From what they say, it looks as though our beloved supplements won't be exactly outlawed at the end of the year (it's far more underhanded than that). Instead, over the next few years products which claim any kind of health benefits will have to undergo an extremely expensive testing process in order to maintain their place in the market. It is estimated that most companies will be unable to afford these tests and will therefore have no option but to pull their products. And guess who will be waiting in the wings to snatch up these products - big pharma! These guys are the only ones who have bottomless pockets enabling them to buy everything and have them tested.

Not only that, but at the same time labelling laws will change. Companies will no longer have to detail the contents of their products as clearly as they do now. Certain (dubious) ingredients (including fluoride) will be allowed in our products without having to be declared on the labels.

In essence what this means (without the public even being aware of it) is that the health products we buy will end up being produced by the pharmaceutical companies and the products themselves will end up being negligible in terms of health benefits - or even worse, actually bad for us.

This is alarming!

Codex Discussion
Posted by Sheena (Glasgow, Scotland) on 08/25/2009

I'd like to make a suggestion here (as well as ask start up a discussion about a very dubious piece of legislation - Codex Alimentarius).

I was wondering if anyone out there who works in an industry that will be affected by this knows exactly what is going to happen at the end of 2009. Are many organisations going to be put out of business when this happens?

Authorities, who are apparently looking out for our health, are happy for us to go out and buy cigarettes, but are about to take away our freedom to buy vitamins legally! Is this really going to happen?

Anyway, my suggestion is to set up a page on Codex allowing people to share information and suggestions on other ways to obtain our illicit vitamins & minerals through food, herbs, nuts etc. I doubt that there's anything we can do to stop this. I signed a petition, but most people have never heard of Codex Alimentarius, and that is worrying!

Thanks folks.

Replied by Tricia
84 posts

Sheena, Where did you sign the petition. There are a few more of us that would like to do that.

Replied by Sheena
(Glasgow, Scotland)

If anyone is interested in signing a petition against a European wide ban of herbal remedies:

Codex Discussion
Posted by Robin (Macomb, Michigan, United States) on 02/05/2009

Hi Ted! I stumbled on to this website and i am hooked!! I've been drinking the ACV for a month now and feel great! I take 2 tbs. 3x day in 8 oz. water! I even have my husband on it now to and he feels great also! I've lost 10 lbs. quit the white bread,sugar, sweets. I never thought i could do it but i did but anyway i love all your posts! I feel so blessed to have come across this site and cant believe whats going on in this country! That brings me to my question: In one of your posts to survival remedies is the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS for sure going into effect on Dec. 2009? And what is your background you seem to have all the right answers and even the cure to cancer! Ive been telling everyone about this site! My whole family died a few years ago my mom (LUPUS), my dad (BREAST CANCER) my brother (PANCREATIC CANCER) so im trying to stay healthy and take all the right precautions. God Bless You


Replied by Hester
(Mahopac, New York)

I would just like to know if CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is a done deal. If not, what can we do to prevent it from making natural products illegal. After December 2009, will Earth Clinic still be posted? Thank you. Hester

Replied by Noels
(Wolverhampton, England)

Hi Hester

Codex Alimentarus is an ongoing WHO organisation,see below.

If you feel strongly you would need to contact a local organisation representing your particular interests.They should be able to do that officially.


Codex Discussion
Posted by Rose (Steedman, MO/USA) on 01/19/2009

This is the first I've heard of this Codex Alimentarius.

12/14/2008: Ted from Bangkok writes, "...Anyway, I prefer to buy in bulk chemicals for a very good reason: the Codex Alimentarius, which stops the sale of all supplements and natural remedies begin on December 31, 2009. So you won't get any more supplements after this date. I haven't followed up Codex Alimentarius, but I do know their estimates for worldwide death is about 3 billion. 2 is from preventable disease like this one. It really helps to go to youtube and educate yourself this codex alimentarius"

I will be reading up on this. I wonder what Obama's position is on this. From the little I did read tonight, at the very least people must be made aware of what it would mean.

Codex Petitions

Posted by Ray (Paderborn, Germany) on 05/21/2010

Hey i love your page but in order that we all maintain access to natural products you should motivate people to sign up against the codex.

Here is a reliable link where i also participate in order to push back the fake bill against supplements:

We should get as much people as possible to participate.


Codex Petitions
Posted by Berry (Mahopac, NY) on 05/27/2009

Is there anything you can do to notify more people of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and how we can stop it. I know we can sign a petition at

Does anyone else of something we can do? Time is running out for vitamins, organic farming, organic foods, natural supplements, herbs, alternative medicine etc. In a few months they might be ILLEGAL.

Please advise.