Natural Treatments for Cluster Headaches

Oxygen Therapy
Posted by Cgoetz435 (Dublin, Ca) on 03/22/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I suffer from cluster headaches. My primary symptom began on my right side and felt like someone was trying "to pull my upper and lower teeth out with pliers. " I went to several neurologists who diagnosed trigeminal neuralgia. They stated "cluster headaches are a male disease" and I am female. Eventually got a correct diagnosis of cluster headaches.

Unfortunately, it's several years later, and I still have tremendous problems with pain. Oxygen therapy is helpful. I take daily meds and at this point, I'm using Sumatriptan injections almost daily. It's imperative that you get an accurate diagnosis. I saw a dentist, a endodontist, 3 neurologists, before getting correct diagnosis. I am currently investigating deep tissue laser therapy for relief. Hope this helps.