Natural Treatments for Cluster Headaches

| Modified on May 16, 2024
Himalayan Salt, Water
Posted by Denisha (CA) on 04/17/2023

Cluster headaches are a symptom of accidental dehydration! I cured my cluster headaches by taking 1/8 teaspoon of Pink Himalayan salt with 16 0z of water. Every time I drank water, I would take a pinch of sea salt or pink salt with it. DO NOT USE TABLE SALT!! I learned how to rehydrate myself by going to It literally saved my life, and the doctors didn't know squat. I wanted to jump off the bridge. I realized that our bodies need electrolytes and I was determined to heal myself, and I didn't stop until I did. I hope this helps someone.

Posted by Stacy (Accra, Ghana) on 05/03/2016

Hello and much thanks to all at Earth Clinic for all of the information and postings. I have been reading this site for a few years, and have used many remedies from here for several health issues for myself, dear hubby, dogs, relatives and friends. I am female, almost 50, in relatively good health but since childhood I suffer from cluster headaches (episodic) and usually the only thing offered by doctors and which helped somewhat, was prescribed Triptans. ( Imitrex, Sumitriptan) but they also had their problems, such as rebound headaches, built up tolerance to meds, i.e. needing more and more to find relief and sometimes during the last weeks of a 4-6 week cycle, not even working at all. During my period of cluster headaches, they slowly build up from one early in the am, till 3-4 headaches a day. Plus, the doctors say don't use no more than 2 Triptan pills in a 24 hour period!

I saw where cayenne pepper, or rather the capsaicin in peppers worked to relieve headaches. There are some commercial formulations you can buy without a prescription but since I am overseas for a year, and my meds are of limited supply, I decided to make my own intranasal pepper spray. Yes, I was that desperate. I took just 1/2 tsp of dried red peppers, ground them in a fine paste, mixed with a little warm water, let sit for few minutes ( the longer the hotter it is) strained it and put the strained liquid into a old emptied nasal spray bottle. Do not inhale! Spray a shot, in the nostril on same side of headache, just spray and blow your nose afterwards, but more likely your nostril will start running and your eye will tear up too. Wow, I felt the burning over the headache, but the burning sensation was gone in a few minutes, and the headache was reduced. I went on to do this every 15 mins for the next 1 hour and all I can say is that it gets less burning as you continue to use it, and the headache continued to reduce and I could get back to sleep. The next morning, I was not headachy, dopey or as brain fogged as usual when I take the meds. This gives me so much hope that my cluster headaches will not render me as useless and hopeless as it usually does. Many praises to all who suffer! This is what I tried as I had awakened with a full blown cluster headache and I knew meds would take 15 mins to even begin to lower the pain, before I could get back to sleep, so what did I have to lose, either way I would have to endure the pain for 15 mins. Maybe if I had been awake and felt it coming and started right away, it would have taken less shots of spray over less time.

B1 (Thiamine)
Posted by Art (California ) on 10/05/2018 2173 posts

I have been following an Italian neurologist for several years and one of his findings in his practice is that he has been able to help some of his patients with cluster headaches by treating them with high oral dose Vitamin B-1 / thiamine hcl. There are not a lot of effective natural treatments for cluster headaches so any help is a very good thing!

Here is a link to a paper that this doctor has done on the subject about one of his patients who had excellent results within 10 days in this case report!


Himalayan Salt, Water
Posted by Yazmin (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ) on 05/12/2023

I wasn't sure I was having migraine or cluster headache for more than a week now, I tried EC's suggestion on magnesium citrate 400gm. It did help but I can't take more than once a day for fear of overdosing it. So I went back to painkillers for d rest of d day and sleep through the pain. I read this post n realised, I may just be accidentally dehydrated. It's very hot in Malaysia now. I tried d Himalayan Salt with water and felt a short relief but my head was still pounding later. So I bought isotonic electrolytes drink 100 plus and felt 50% reduction of pain. I kept on drinking and I'm almost pain free few hours on.

TQ for your post. This EC community has helped me many times.

Posted by Runner (Ville Platte, La 70586) on 07/13/2017

I have cluster headaches. They are no fun. The first one I had would not go away and continued to worsen until I was being sick to the stomach. I found myself in a fetal position trying to rock the pain away. Something told me to run. I ran as hard as I could until I physically could not anymore. I collapsed gasping for air. My heart was beating so fast that I had to get up and walk it down which took longer than the run did. Immediately, the pain started fading. I out run them every time since then. It was years later that I learned of cluster headaches and heard there wasn't anything to do for them. I said, "I run until I can't anymore and they go away."

I asked a doctor in passing about that. He agreed there was nothing that could be done. But when I told him about my running he said I was raising my heart rate to the point that a chemical reaction was producing the equivalent of Morphine and the gasping for air was saturating my oxygen level. He said doing that would surely work. Still today, when I have a cluster headache, I RUN, AND RUN, AND RUN. It still works for me.

But I must say, there is no stopping short of nearing a heart attack from the running. I had a cluster headache last month and attempted to run it out. I thought I had run hard enough, but hadn't. It continued to worsen and I could no longer drive. So I found myself running laps around the KMART parking lot in the town I was passing through. I don't know what I will do when I get too old to run that hard but dying of a heart attack is almost more inviting than dealing with cluster headaches. That's my story and self cure.

Dietary Changes, Water, Massage
Posted by Rachel (Bloomington, In) on 10/24/2016

I have never written suggestions on a website online before, but I feel excited to share what I have learned in the hope that it might help others. All I can give is my own anecdotal experience. I recognize that some of these remedies may not have the same effect on you that they have had on me, but it's worth a try! Here are my favorite remedies for cluster headaches beginning with the most effective on down.

1. Avoid gluten, sugar, and dairy. I've taken an allergy test and I'm not allergic to these things. However, I have noticed that if I eliminate these foods when I feel the first hint of a cluster headache come along in October or May (the times of year I am prone to beginning a headache cycle), the headaches never materialize. I can feel them softly knocking in the background but they never come on strong unless I falter in my diet. If after several days of a good diet, I have a bagel with cream cheese or something similar, a headache will likely hit soon after. After the cycle passes completely, I eat things with gluten, sugar, and dairy again.

2. Drink as much water as possible. I read a suggestion online to drink a cup of water every half hour when you have cluster headaches. It's inconvenient, but it can hold the headaches at bay for me for days.

3. Massage your head and cranium. I recently met with a craniosacral therapist who brought to my attention that I have serious tension in my face and head. I think much of this comes from grinding my teeth at night, and this tension seems to trigger my cluster headaches. Every day, especially when a cycle begins, I take as much down time as I can (while I'm watching a movie, waiting at a stoplight, etc.) to massage my face and skull. I've found many knots I had no idea were possible, like just above my ears, in the joint of my jaw, my temples, above my temples, etc. Look especially for pressure points, but it works just to carefully explore the head for places of tension and pain and rub them in a motion perpendicular to the knot.

4. Take 1/2 tsp cayenne at the onset of a headache, and once every hour if the headache starts coming back. Often works for me.

5. Music/meditation. If I'm home as soon as I feel a headache coming on, I can stop what I'm doing immediately, turn on Jeffrey Thompson's Delta sleep music on YouTube (he has music especially formulated to relax the brain), rub my head a little, and then lie down relaxed without moving. I listen to the music and consciously relax each muscle in my head as much as possible, gently dismissing any thoughts that come to my mind. Then I enter into a state of meditation, that if I do it long enough even feels like a mildly hypnotic state. I know that melatonin is effective for the headaches and that this practice has a similar effect, almost like putting the brain to sleep while you are awake. If I fall asleep in this way at night, I am less likely to be woken up later by a headache because I was so relaxed when I went to sleep. If I do wake up in the night, I take a little melatonin and turn the music back on to relax my brain again.

Posted by Robert Gilberty Frie (USA) on 05/20/2005

May 2004: I am now Fifty (50) years old. (Date of Birth: 12-February-1954) My crisis with: Migraine Headache, Pretrigeminal Neuralgia, Cluster Headache, Coughing Headache or Trigeminal Neuralgia depending upon which physician you ask, now seems but an unfortunate memory. I now can't remember when I had my last "Head Pain" and that is not because I have a waning memory. I am now able to take Ballroom Dance lessons up to Fifteen (15) hours a week, and have been doing so for the last Two (2) years. And according to several of my dance instructors, I have exceptional energy and stamina while doing Cha Cha and Salsa dancing. This year (March & April 2004) I have already completed Four (4) foreign military parachute jumps while in Cambodia and in Thailand. Two (2) of the parachute jumps in Thailand were into the ocean. It is my hope and desire that this report helps others as it has helped me to go on to living a happy and productive life. I still continue to practice all the recommendations set forth in this report. Hey! Have a nice day!

May 2003 As of this date, I am gratified to report further progressive improvement in the Remyelinization of my Fifth Cranial Nerve. I have continued to practice all Twelve (12) recommendations listed below. At this juncture in time, I have only occasionally experienced trace residual symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia / Cluster Headache. I have not experienced any facial numbness or abnormalities of any kind, with fully active and normal cutaneous & subcutaneous sensory activity.

September 2002 I am very pleased to report that through extremely painful and relentless experimentation on myself since 1998, I am almost 100% pain free nearly 100% of the time, 365 days a year with infrequent slight momentary dull residual discomfort of my Trigeminal Neuralgia / Cluster Headache ordeal. My Fifth Cranial Nerve damage was extensive but limited to the Right Cranial Hemisphere of the Ophthalmic (V1) and Maxillary (V2) branches of the Trigeminal Nerve, which is well documented in my Daily Report Log. It is very unfortunate that the Health Care Professionals, Seventeen (17) at last count, could never render a diagnosis past telling me that my "Head Pain" was merely "Psychosomatic" or that: "You need to learn how to live with the pain," or that I needed Gamma Knife Surgery. Now the Medical Professionals are saying that I never had Trigeminal Neuralgia/ Cluster Headache or that my long awaited miraculous recovery was merely a case of "Spontaneous Remission," and had nothing to do with my experimental Remyelinization therapy. Read my Daily Report Log and draw your own conclusions.

Below you will read my recommendations on enabling the Trigeminal Nerve to begin the Remyelinization process of regenerating and healing the Myelin Sheath surrounding the branches of the Fifth Cranial Nerve. After years of experimenting on myself, I now feel that at least in my case, this ended up being the best course of action. I describe my own course of self-treatment here for the edification of those who might be interested. A word to the wise"


1. Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Diet: As many raw uncooked and unprocessed natural foods as possible. Sweet Peas (Spit Pea Soup) should be of special interest because when used in conjunction with MSM Crystals, as in my case, somewhere between Four (4) to Six (6) days, I experience rapid/accelerated fingernail growth. The body metabolizes more readily unprocessed foods effectively. Seafood appears not to have any adverse or impeding factors in the Remyelinization process. Refrain from eating meat products since they seem to inhibit the Remyelinization process (Fatty meats especially). Personally, I am an omnivore by nature.

2. Yeast: Any dry, Super Rich yeast will do. One (1) to Two (2) tablespoons per day. The "B" Vitamins in yeast appear to be beneficial in the Remyelinization process. Can be mixed with natural juice in a blender or capsulate your own. Mfg: Twinlab /Twin Laboratories Inc.: Super Rich Yeast Plus. 150 Motor Parkway, Suite 210, Hauppage, NY, 11788, USA Tel: 631-467-3140 Web: Available at any Health Food Store. Side Effects: None

3. MSM, (Methylsulfonylmethane): A Non-Steriodal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAIDS). 1000mg to 4000mg capsulated crystals per day. Best method 1000mg Four (4) times a day. Morning (Breakfast), Noon (Dinner/Lunch), Late Afternoon (Supper Time) and before retiring (Bed Time) in the evening. It has been my personal observation that MSM does not stay resident & active in the body for any length of time. Taking MSM Crystals Four (4) a day seems to indicate greater rapid improvement in the Remyelinization process. (Note: MSM tablets are not as effective as gelatin capsulated crystals and not recommended) Source: Health Food Stores, Farm Animal Horse Feed Stores. Purchase empty Number Single "0", Double "00", or Triple "000" Aught gelatin capsules at a Health Food Store and load the capsules on your own. Side Effects: Rapid Hair and Fingernail growth. Sometimes effective in reducing or eradicating Rheumatoid Arthritis inflammation. I have taken 26,000mg per day for over a year with no evidence of any adverse reaction.

4. Glucosamine Sulfate: 1000mg capsulated crystals per day. Capsulated crystals are recommended. Available at Health Food Stores. Crystals alone can be purchased from Farm Animal Horse Feed Stores. Purchase empty Number Single "0", Double "00", or Triple "000" Aught gelatin capsules at a Health Food Store and load the capsules on your own. Side Effects: None. I have taken 3,000mg per day for over a year with no evidence of any adverse reaction.

5. Chondroitin Sulfate: 1000mg capsulated crystals per day. Available at Health Food Stores. Crystals are available at Farm Animal Horse Feed Stores. Purchase empty Number Single "0", Double "00", or Triple "000" Aught gelatin capsules at a Health Food Store and load the capsules on your own. Side Effects: None. I have taken 3,000mg per day for over a year with no evidence of any adverse reaction.

6. Omega 3Flax Oil: 6000mg capsules per day. Mfg: Spectrum Naturals, Inc., Petaluma, CA 94952, USA. Tel: 800-995-2705, Web: Available at Health Food Stores. Side Effects: None

7. Wheat Germ Oil: One (1) tablespoon per day. Rich in Vitamin "E". Mfg: Viobin U.S.A., Monticello, IL 61856, USA. Web: Available at Health Food Stores. Side Effects: None

8. Folic Acid Powder: 1000mg-5000mg capsulated per day. Vitamin B-9. Mfg: Life Extension Foundation Buyers Club, Inc., P.O. Box 229120, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33022-9909 USA. Tel: 800-544-4440, Fax: 954-761-9199. Web: Purchase empty Number Single "0", Double "00", or Triple "000" Aught gelatin capsules at a Health Food Store and load the capsules on your own. Side Effects: None.

9. B-1, B-6, B-12 Pharmaceutical Injectables: Using a 3ml syringe. 2.5ml of "B" Complex and .5ml of DMSO. B-12 Injectable alone with DMSO works very well. Allow to stand combined in syringe for Four (4) to Six (6) hours before injecting into different localized fatty tissue / deep subcutaneous locations every other day. (In my case: Rt. Buttock, Rt. Flank, Rt. Side of Stomach, Lt. Side of Stomach, Lt. Flank, Lt. Buttock). Side Effects: When used in conjunction with MSM & DMSO can cause scalp and hair to appear to become oily. There is a question about "B" Complexes causing Hypervitaminosis / Sensory Nerve Impairment if administered in large doses chronically over several years. Cf.

Vitamin B1/6/12 might help This response submitted by Karin, Switzerland on 9/4/96. Author's Email: -

Peripheral neuropathy is sometimes caused by a lack of Vitamin B. Maybe your husband did not care about his intake of Vitamin B for years. Alcohol or some pills (e.g. Tegretol) may be responsible for a Vitamin B neuropathy.

Even if Vitamin B levels are normal in a blood test, this does not mean that a severe lack of Vitamin B could not have caused the neuropathy long before, and the nervous system seems to need enormous amounts of Vitamin B to recover from the damage (Remyelinization, that is filling up the gaps in the sheaths of the nerves).

I successfully treated somebody with a disabling neuropathy with injections (every 2 weeks) of a mixture of Vitamins B1, B6 & B12 (Neurorubin Streuli, Swiss trademark) for a year, and symptoms disappeared almost completely apart from a feeling of stiff ankles in the morning. Naturally one could take vitamin pills, but sometimes even the intestinal absorption of vitamins is disturbed by the lack of Vitamin B, and then one has to start with injections, but TAKE CARE TO AVOID HYPERVITAMINOSIS (pause the treatment from time to time). If the neuropathy of your husband is accompanied by pain, injections of Vitamin B can make them disappear immediately (2-3 injections/week). This is a very common problem, but most doctors rely too much lab-values of Vitamin B and hesitate to start a vitamin therapy even if the symptoms are typical.

Sensory peripheral neuropathy of vitamin B12 deficiency: a primary demyelinating disease? Steiner I, Kidron D, Soffer D, Wirguin I, Abramsky O.

Department of Neurology, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel. J Neurol 1988 Jan;235(3):163-4

In five patients with peripheral neuropathy due to Vitamin B12 deficiency, electrodiagnostic studies demonstrated severe reduction in sensory nerve conduction velocities compatible with a demyelinating disorder affecting sensory nerve fibres. It is suggested that in some patients lack of Vitamin B12 may cause primary sensory demyelinating neuropathy.

P 2835439 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

10. Hyaluronic Acid, (HA) Hyaluronan: Restores the elasticity / plasticity to the Myelin Sheath. Cf. "Ultimate H.A. Formula" (cockscomb extract tablets) Mfg: Purity Products, 139 Haven Ave., Port Washington, NY 11050, USA. Tel: 800-769-7873, Fax: 516-767-1722. Web: Video Tape Mfg: ABC News: 02-Nov-2000 Primetime Live, "Fountain of Youth" Program Number: P001102-03 ABC News Video Services: 8000 E. Ronda Drive, Canton, MI 48187, USA. Tel: 800-505-6139 (It is advisable to take a maximum daily dose, short of incurring facial skin acne) In my particular case, I elected to produce my own personal supply of HA by processing poultry connective tissue in the same manner that pharmaceutical manufactures produce commercial grade HA. I accomplished this by washing, rinsing, dehydrating, grinding and the capsulation of the connective tissue. It was my desire to achieve the maximum possible strength of HA to be taken orally. I found that my "Home Processed" method produced very favorable results. Side Effects: If acne starts to occur, reduce daily dosage and use Benzyl Peroxide 5% to clear up condition. Resume use with smaller daily dosages. Cf. (Oil Absorbing) "Acne Mask" Mfg: Neutrogena Corporation, USA.

11. DMSO, (Dimethylsulfoxide): Liquid 99.9% pure. Topical Application: DMSO when directly applied cutaneously will permeate the Ophthalmic (V1) side of the forehead and scalp area. This procedure can be done once every other day. Atomized Application: Using a nasal atomizer (fine mist spray applicator) spray once up both nostrils every other day. This will be painful and only necessary if damage has occurred to the Ophthalmic (V1) and Maxillary (V2) branches of the Trigeminal Nerve. DMSO Injections: Undiluted or Unmixed injections of DMSO is not recommended and should be avoided. The stinging localized pain factor is extremely high. DMSO combined with "B" Complex injectables will allow your body to absorb and metabolize continuous large doses of "B" Complex, far more readily than would be possible with injections of "B" Complex alone. DMSO is available at Health Food Stores and Farm Animal Horse Feed Stores. Side Effects: Rapid Hair and Fingernail growth. Sometimes effective in reducing or eradicating Rheumatoid Arthritis inflammation.

12. Steam & Sauna Bath: Daily, promotes highly increased blood circulation to the head and extremities. If the Steam or Sauna precipitates / triggers a Trigeminal / Cluster Headache, suspend this therapy until a later time when the Remyelinization process has normalized most of the Fifth Cranial Nerve Branch hypersensitivity. As of this report date I have not triggered or experienced a Trigeminal / Cluster Headache taking daily Steam Baths at 135"F / 57"C and Sauna Baths at 235"F / 113"C for well over the last Three (3) years

Prednisone Considerations

Prednisone falls into the family of Corticosteroids known as Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs (DMARDS) that are used in inflammatory cutaneous & subcutaneous conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for their anti-inflammatory properties. The chronic use of Prednisone in treating Trigeminal Neuralgia / Cluster Headache depletes the Calcium from the bone marrow and thus increasing the susceptibility to Osteoporosis.

One of the most immediate common side effects of Prednisone use is Heartburn. It is highly advisable that when taking Prednisone in the Remyelinization process, that one ingests at least Two (2) tablets of Calcium at least Four (4) times a day for every Twenty-Four (24) hour period. This is about the only precautionary defense that I am aware of in counteracting progressive Osteoporosis & Heartburn while taking Prednisone.

Prednisone has been used very effectively as a physician prescribed "Symptom Suppressor / Inhibitor" for temporary short-term pain relief in Trigeminal Neuralgia / Cluster Headache. The efficaciousness is highly reliant on the extent of Demyelinization to any of the branches of the Trigeminal Nerve. Physicians have been prescribing between 60-80mg per day, not to exceed Fourteen (14) days in any One-time interval for short-term pain relief only. In my case while taking Prednisone 20mg tablets Four (4) times a day stopped the Ophthalmic (V1) & Maxillary (V2) inflammation / damage pain entirely. As I have previously stated, Prednisone used in this application is to be strictly considered as a SYMPTOM SUPPRESSOR only! My pain relief was short lived and within a few days after terminating the Fourteen (14) day use period, the reoccurrence of my forehead / facial pain relapsed almost in its entirety. Because my pain levels were so high and relentless, I treated myself again with Prednisone on several occasions over a Six (6) month period to afford myself some pain relief and semblance of sanity, well aware that Prednisone is a major contributor of Osteoporosis, and that I was potentially setting myself up for other negative properties associated with Prednisone use.

Empirically speaking, it has been my observation that Prednisone acts as an accelerant in restoring the Myelin Sheath to some form of normalcy when used in conjunction with MSM, B-1, B-6, & B-12 Injectables. The high doses previously physician prescribed do not seem to be required to achieve the rapid & lasting restoration / rejuvenation of the Myelin Sheath. I was able to acquire very favorable results at 20mg per day, not exceeding a Fourteen (14) day period. Most often, I would discontinue usage after Seven (7) days experiencing that I had enough Prednisone in my system, and had met my tolerance level. At this point in the Remyelinization process I would not again go back on Prednisone for Three (3) to Four (4) months before repeating the cycle. My continuous use of MSM has been indefinite. The use of "B" Complex Injectables has been more or less a discretionary "On & Off" approach. It was through this cyclic procedure that I was able to determine if the Prednisone combination was producing any distinguishable lasting efficacy. Again in my case there has been a continual marked improvement, which has not diminished to this date"

Eye Patch
Posted by Samira (Switzerland) on 05/05/2024

Eye Patch for Cluster Headache

An episode of cluster headache was gone after two days of wearing an eye patch on the hurting eye. And the pain was lessened after only a short time.

There is an optometrist in Germany who found out that people who do the "eye patch test" of wearing an eye patch for at least 2 days straight and who have a significant pain relief from that are actually suffering cluster headaches because of a light angular ametropia and he helps those people by creating some sort of prism glasses that actually helps them living a pain free life. He is conducting a study at the moment where he manufactures these glasses for people with chronic cluster headaches. And he is making the glasses for free. He wants to prove and spread the word about his findings of the conection of specific angular ametropia and cluster headaches. His Name is Jürgen Peschlow, located in Berlin.

I would strongly recommend everyone with cluster headache to try the eye patch for one or two days and see what happens. It's easy to do and costs no money.

Additionally, I found that (intense! ) running can help a lot as well (or other exercise that really bring the heart rate up) and oxygen. Warm foot baths and cold wet towels on the neck can ease some pain as well, but only if it's right in the beginning stage of an episode.

Posted by Charity (Faithville, Usa) on 07/13/2017

I don't have headaches but brain issues I have battled. magtein is a new magnesium with 27 patents on it and different companies put it in their product. It is the only magnesium that penetrates the blood brain barrier and many headache sufferers post they get results on the product reviews for these products. I buy the low cost NOW brand and my memory is improving .

Water Enemas, Dietary Changes
Posted by Pete A. (St Paul, Mn) on 09/21/2014

I have suffered from trigeminal pain attacks for almost nine years now. At first they were diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia and did follow the symptoms pretty closely. Later they changed and became more like cluster headaches, with the drooping eyelid, red eye, nasal discharge, tearing, worsening when lying down, etc. A neurologist at that point diagnosed me with "trigeminal autonomic cephalgia, " which if you read through all the symptoms sounds awfully close to cluster headaches.

I am convinced these three maladies are all closely related. Maybe diff. versions of the same thing. At least, all are triggering off crazy levels of pain in the trigeminal nerves.

I am VERY surprised that I haven't seen others with these problems noticing that they may be intimately and profoundly connected to the condition of the gut. When searching for studies on TAC (my acronym for trigeminal autonomic cephalgia), I found one study showing a link between vaso-intestinal peptide and TAC attacks.

As a result, I tried taking a plain (filtered) water enema at the onset of TAC attacks (not easy to do when you are shaking badly with agony) and found that it frequently works like magic to completely halt the attacks. I have found that the water temperature has to be just right in order for most of it to go in easily. If it is too cold the body seems to repel it more, and if too hot it is probably bad for the gut tissue.

Also, I have found that while 1 bag usually does the trick, sometimes it can actually make the pain even worse at first and I have to use a 2nd, sometimes even a 3rd bag. When the bulk of the water coming out is clear or nearly clear, it seems to inevitably bring the pain to a halt. This makes me think the enema may be helpful more because it is actually clearing out toxins in the gut that may be entering the bloodstream through a too-permeable "leaky gut" or aggravating diverticulae or whatever--if the vaso-intestinal peptide is being provoked by this, it would make sense that ushering the offending toxins out would remove the need for the VIP increase.

I previously speculated the enemas might be somehow stopping the attacks in that they somehow sent a signal that subdued whatever was sending the trigeminal nerves into that insane attack mode, much like I have found that sometimes submerging my head into moderately warm water in the bath tub or standing in a shower with the same temperature of water over the entire head would magically stop the attack. But after a number of years of trying it, I am now leaning toward thinking it is the actual removal of toxic sludge from the gut. The stuff that comes out during an attack is invariably brown muddy water rather than mostly half-healthy looking material.

There were some writings online by TN sufferers about a diet in which eating very "clean, " mainly vegan in my experience and limiting saturated fat intake to no more than 10 grams per day, put a stop to TN as long as the diet was adhered to. I have found that if I walk a tightrope with my diet, keeping sugar and saturated and bad fats (trans-fats, etc) to a minimum, and avoiding all chemical additives (fake colors, preservatives, flavor enchancers, etc), eating just the right amount of total calories and bulk (not too much, not too little either), and sticking to a very regular routine, not eating too close to bedtime, sleeping at the same time every day, ... I can completely avoid attacks. But wow, this is difficult for me as I have a long history of eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted! Maybe that is how I got into this predicament.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has found the gut to be a key factor in these problems, TN, cluster headaches and TAC. I should note that bowel conditions, frequency of bowel movements, composition of the chyme (ratio of soft to hard fiber, % of moisture, etc.) seem to have to be just right for me to completely avoid TAC attacks--most of the time. But other times of the year, I can get back into AWFUL eating habits, eating way too much sugar, bad fats, junk, too much volume...and yet have no attacks! Usually in winter. Some have observed that these conditions worsen when the days are changing from long to short or vice versa, in spring and fall. I have found this, too, and that is when I need to cool it on the wrong eating and get tough with myself to curb or control or stop the attacks. At times, easing into a 1- to 4- day total fast where I empty the gut first with the help of enemas and then take a total rest from all food (ZERO calories, use Dr. Joel Fuhrman's "Fasting and Eating for Health" book as a guide), has longer lasting benefits.

Finally, there were a number of times over the years that I suspected this condition was related to some kind of yeast or fungus. It has a number of times been set off initially by a sinus infection or head cold or simply spending too much time in a preschool where the germs felt like they were thick in the air and after which a spot under the left eye became super inflamed and set off the whole trigeminal pathway, attacks and long periods of just incredible pain. Recently I found an article online mentioning that some doctors treated these conditions with antifungals.

I found a number of times that when I did an antifungal regimen I got good results cutting down the attacks and pain. Fasting worked best of all for this. But it is again like a balancing act. Yeasts are a natural part of the human ecosystem. So when you go overboard clobbering them, things get out of whack and either they return with a vengeance or you keep teeter tottering trying to keep them in check. I tried diflucan at one point but found it was too harsh for me, made me so sick the cure was worse than the disease. Herbs like olive leaf extract and pau d'arco and thyme capsules are more friendly and work better long term for me. Oil of oregano was much too harsh by itself. Whole oregano in large amounts was okay.

Oxygen Therapy
Posted by Hs (Fl) on 06/10/2017

If you have a root canal, consider extracting it to stop chronic head pain. I had infection in my 3 root canals and they were causing migraine and arthritis. When extracted, the relief was obvious.

Cluster Headaches and Geographical Locations
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 11/07/2015 2063 posts

K: Do consider the possibility of Electromagnetic Radiation from devices like microwave ovens, wifi internet, and particularly cell-phones held close to the brain and even living or working nearby cell-phone towers. Many electric supply companies have installed electromagnetic ping devices that send meter usage data to a local receiver to be collected for estimating your electric bill.

Reducing exposures, Earthing, and Magnet Therapy should help.

Water Enemas, Dietary Changes
Posted by S Hall (North Carolina) on 01/20/2015

I am with Pete A. St Paul, Mn on the GUT and toxins! I just noticed this a year ago. I would use the bathroom and magic it would ease up really quickly!

I have had Chronic Cluster Headaches for 22 years. I've been a human pincushion. They had a time with diagnosis of my Clusters. Even the Headache Center not naming any names but they are in the top 5 in the country tried to treat it like a migraine they had no idea what they were doing. They thought it was a tumor, allergies, foods..etc. I went through 10 years and 9 neurologists. I've tried everything. from regualar meds to herbal, oxygen and things like Acupuncture & Chiropractors. Nothing has helped.

I've found that a facial steamer, or warm vapor mist (cover the vaporizer and your head with a towel to hold in the steam helps quick.) Hot wet towels a hot shower beating on the pressure point also helps. Heating pads are ok but the moisture helps more.

Lay in the fetal position head down on the floor with your knees on the floor. Like you are praying. I think it is because it make the blood run to your head. I think if you just get your legs above your head slightly it works but it has to be face down. Lying on your back makes it worse!

Everything usually ends when you hit the right pressure point, get comfortable and you may break into a sweat and it will break and go away or you pass out for a bit and wake up ok.

Pete A.
09/21/2014 - your post was great!

Chiropractic Treatment
Posted by Kay (Destin, Fl) on 05/17/2013

My boyfriend had those same issues, until I bought him all new bed pillows. I told him we needed to throw away his old 'favorite' bed pillows... He protested vehemently until I showed him a video about dust mites! He nearly freaked out. After doing a few rounds of pillow "tests", his pillows proved without a doubt to be his problem. With his new pillows he's breathing great with no more sinus problems!

Oxygen Therapy
Posted by Josh (Houston, Tx) on 04/21/2011

Just to let you guys know, oxygen therapy works. It will take a cluster headache away in 10 minutes. I suffered for 7 years untill I found this. There are too many dangerous maint. drugs to take. So if you can abort them with oxygen its a win win.

J. Thibodeaux

Posted by Terry (Ar) on 01/10/2016

At the age of 50 I have just now started experiencing cluster headaches. After several trips to the ER and different doctors with no long standing results I decided to goolge cluster headaches which lead me here. The b12 component of your arrival I found interesting. I have thalasemia which is a genetic blood disorder in which my red blood cells are too small. I also have an inability to absorb b12 and have to take injections weekly.well I'm supposed to but I don't.

After reading your article, I gave myself a b12 injection and took a 5 milligram Valium. Within 30 minutes started feeling some relief. The b12 is a hemoglobin which attaches to my already too small red blood cells to help carry 02 and it also vital for the nerves so that they can form the insulated sheathing over the nerve to protect them and keep them from short circuiting. You may be on to something with the b12. Thanks for the input. I'm anxious to see how this works out in the days to come.

Dietary Changes, Water, Massage
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 10/24/2016 2063 posts

Welcome Rachal and a very good response to your Headache. One item I always think about for this condition is the likelihood of heavy metals like Mercury, Aluminum, Lead, Cadmium, and Arcenic. As one ages small amounts of these accumulate in the body and the organ most affected is the brain which can be the cause of degenerative mental conditions like Alzheimers & Parkinsons. There are Heavy Metal Cleansing remedies here on E.C. which should be done periodically for everyone in the industrial society. Another possible underlying issue is infection in the gut which causes leaky gut which always causes headaches. Oil Of Oregano Softgels is a good start for possible gut infection, but you may wish to take a Candida questionnaire to identify your likelihood.

But for immediate brain health I will list several nutrients or herbs which are very good. Taurine and Acetyl L-Carnitine help detoxify; The herbs Chinese Skullcap, Ginkgo Biloba, and Hemp Oil/CBD are excellent; Coconut Oil and Fish/Krill, Flax, Borage, and Evening Primrose Oil are all good for total body/brain.

Wrapping Scarf or Small Blanket Around Head
Posted by Suzette (Dallas, Texas) on 04/06/2016

It may be more a remedy than a cure, but this is what I do for my cluster headaches at night. I have found that if I wrap my head, neck and eye with a small blanket or a knitted scarf when I go to bed I don't get wakened at night with the excruciating pain. I am not saying that I don't get neck or head pain, but it isn't that terrible sharp pain that makes you get up out of bed. I feel sure that the natural heat dilates or relaxes the nerves or muscles. I know that there is no money in this and it has actually been taken off of websites because of that, but it works and that is all that matters to people that are suffering.

Cluster Headaches and Geographical Locations
Posted by Karateguy96 (Joliet, Illinois) on 11/06/2015

For me, it seems that my cluster headaches are related to geographical location (not exclusive though I'm sure). I've lived in Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri, and now Illinois. I had my first cluster headache in the summer while living in Iowa. Then I moved to SD and they went away. Moving to Missouri brought them back with a vengeance, and they changed to seasonal in late fall/early winter until Spring. I've been on a slew of prescriptions. Oxygen treatment helps cut down the time IF I catch it in time. But it's hard to do that when you wake up at 3am due to one. Hopefully being here in Illinois will resolve them.

Water Enemas, Dietary Changes
Posted by Ankit (India) on 07/21/2017

Splashing your forehead with warm water also helps.

Chiropractic Treatment
Posted by Sue M. (Worden, Il, Usa) on 11/29/2012

My husband has been suffering for 3 to 4 months now with severe sinus headaches. They really don't start on him until after he goes to bed. He has taken a Benadryl before bed and that helps for 3 or 4 hrs. , but after it wears off, the pain wakes him up and he has to get up and take another Benadryl. He's tried a heating pad, elevating his head with a couple of pillows, drinking hot liquids, ACV, eating spicy foods and they help temporarily, but the worse is at night. He wakes up with bags under his eyes and sometimes he's so congested.... Sometimes not. My daughter thought that he possibly had allergies and once we got into cold weather and had several good "frosts" on the ground, his headaches would go away. That's not the case.

I have read all the posts here on EC about sinus issues, but mostly it's contributions about congestion and not the headaches at bedtime. I think he's to the place with hurting that he might listen to me about anything "natural". Lol Any suggestions would be appreciated. "))

Chiropractic Treatment
Posted by Greg (Enterprise, Al) on 03/28/2013

He might be having cluster headaches. I have suffered with them for over 30 days with no relief from meds. I finally found that taking magnesium and potassium has helped. The best thing though has been finding a chiropractor that does Atlas Orthogonal Technique. If they are cluster, I feel for him, they are horribly painful, feel like sinus headaches until you realize what they are.

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 01/11/2016 2063 posts

T: I can't speak for any specific facts for your condition with thalassemia, but along with the B-12 I would also advise researching or also supplementing the single most powerful "methyl donor" SAM-e. SAM-e is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions and will combine w/ the B-12 for maximum benefit. You may also consider the coenzymated form of B-12 along with Folic Acid in the event you are not correctly metabolizing these. Read more here on E.C. Bill's post on Methylation or/and internet searches.

Also, as for protecting and increasing the lifespan of red blood cells, Vit-E is very important. And for Vit-E it is important to take a "broad-spectrum" form plus addition Selenium & CoQ10 (for maximum benefit).

Hope this helps.

Eye Patch
Posted by Samira (Switzerland) on 05/16/2024

I want to add that not all prism glasses will work. The whole topic is not well researched yet, and I learned that most optometrists, manufacture way too strong prism glasses that can actually have damaging side effects over time. So if you go down that rout, please take some time to research!

Posted by Paracelsus (Orlando, Fl) on 07/14/2017 47 posts

Have you tried magnesium supplementation and epsom salt baths? Magnesium is a vasodilator.

Dietary Changes, Water, Massage
Posted by James (Fl) on 10/05/2018

HELLO, I am a real cluster headache sufferer. Twenty-two years, actually.

First of all during an attack you cannot lay down. It will only make it worse. You cannot concentrate on listening to music because you cannot sit still enough to hear it. The pain is so intense there is nothing else in the universe besides you and your pain. Once an attack starts up there are only three things that will help abort it, only two are on the market. One is pure oxygen with full facial mask at 15 LPM. This may take anywhere from three to fifteen minutes to kill the pain, depending on the severity, but you will get rebounds within 90 minutes and will have to use it again putting you at risk for O2 poisoning. Works only 95% of the time.

Second is sumatriptan injections. These will abort the attack within three minutes and may last a few hours before you are hit again. At $175.00 USD per shot good luck finding an insurance company that will pay for more than one injection. The third thing is something that is way underground but not only stops the attacks it also kills the whole cycle. One maybe two doses and no more headaches. If you are a true cluster head this is the way to go. YOU WILL SAVE YOURSELF A LOT OF UNGODLY PAINFUL HELL AND INCONVENIENCE. Hint, I am not talking about marijuana as that triggers attacks. It goes deeper underground than that. It is a natural substance so there are no worries about toxicity. Worst case you will throw it up if you eat too much. Once you've decided you had enough of this pain do your research.

There are web sites you can visit for help. Good Luck and may you have pain free days and nights.

Dietary Changes, Water, Massage
Posted by R.Clancy (Victoria B.C.) on 01/16/2022

Magic Mushroom tea

2-4 grams in 10 oz. of boiling water, let steep for two hours.

Eat a heavy meal as soon as you start steeping the tea.

Strain out mushrooms, drink 1/4 of tea every 15 min.

Note: what ever you are thinking about prior to drinking the tea is what you will bring forth.

Note: depending on body weight the experience will last 6-12 hours.

Cluster Headaches and Geographical Locations
Posted by Denise (Waucoma, Iowa) on 10/21/2022

How have your headphones been? I'm from Iowa and my children get these but not me. I'm trying to figure this out.

Oxygen Therapy
Posted by Cgoetz435 (Dublin, Ca) on 03/22/2011

I suffer from cluster headaches. My primary symptom began on my right side and felt like someone was trying "to pull my upper and lower teeth out with pliers. " I went to several neurologists who diagnosed trigeminal neuralgia. They stated "cluster headaches are a male disease" and I am female. Eventually got a correct diagnosis of cluster headaches.

Unfortunately, it's several years later, and I still have tremendous problems with pain. Oxygen therapy is helpful. I take daily meds and at this point, I'm using Sumatriptan injections almost daily. It's imperative that you get an accurate diagnosis. I saw a dentist, a endodontist, 3 neurologists, before getting correct diagnosis. I am currently investigating deep tissue laser therapy for relief. Hope this helps.

Posted by Faranak (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 11/15/2009

Hello, I would like to get in touch with Mr. Robert Gilbert Frie the author of the aritcle ' Remylinization in retrospect' and how he has cured his Trigeminal Neurlagia and Cluster Migraine.

I would really appreciate, if you could give me his contact info. I have been diagbosed with Atypical Facial Neuralgia. I have some questions as I would like to try his recommeneded course of treatment.

Best regards

Posted by Christina (Sammamish, Washington) on 05/01/2013

Thank you for the input on prednisone. When you went on 20 for 14 days, did you taper it or just come off it?

Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff, Wales) on 07/12/2013

You have to taper off prednisolone, as it shuts down the brains own steroid production. And its also dangerous to abruptly stop a high dose, depending on how long you've been on them. Love Andrea c xxxxx