Natural Treatments for Cluster Headaches

Eye Patch
Posted by Samira (Switzerland) on 05/05/2024

Eye Patch for Cluster Headache

An episode of cluster headache was gone after two days of wearing an eye patch on the hurting eye. And the pain was lessened after only a short time.

There is an optometrist in Germany who found out that people who do the "eye patch test" of wearing an eye patch for at least 2 days straight and who have a significant pain relief from that are actually suffering cluster headaches because of a light angular ametropia and he helps those people by creating some sort of prism glasses that actually helps them living a pain free life. He is conducting a study at the moment where he manufactures these glasses for people with chronic cluster headaches. And he is making the glasses for free. He wants to prove and spread the word about his findings of the conection of specific angular ametropia and cluster headaches. His Name is Jürgen Peschlow, located in Berlin.

I would strongly recommend everyone with cluster headache to try the eye patch for one or two days and see what happens. It's easy to do and costs no money.

Additionally, I found that (intense! ) running can help a lot as well (or other exercise that really bring the heart rate up) and oxygen. Warm foot baths and cold wet towels on the neck can ease some pain as well, but only if it's right in the beginning stage of an episode.