How to Improve Circulation Naturally

| Modified on Apr 08, 2021
Herbal Formula, Aloe Juice
Posted by Elizabeth (Chicago) on 04/08/2021

The best remedy supporting circulation we found, and we use since 1998 is Circu Flow combination from Kroeger Herb, along with Aloe Vera Gel or juice. My husband is 69 years old and I am 65. We have zero problems with heart and other circulation problems. It helped many of our friends with problems as: high blood pressure, weak heart, leg cramps, burning feet, tightness in the chest, and many more. Cheap and very effective treatment for circulation problems.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Molasses and Cayenne
Posted by Tim (Winnipeg, Manitoba) on 09/10/2020

What brands did you use?

Horse Chestnut and Pine Bark
Posted by Jillery (Rawlly, Nc) on 11/19/2018 88 posts

sorry it took me 2 years to reply to you Rob't Henry 'the red neck' lol, my x bf in VA (i know, not really redneckville, but don't tell them that) would ask if you were a light skinned redneck. He was the only red neck I loved since he could take my NYC sarcasm. ;-) Now that was easy... peasy. :-D

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jeanne (Florida) on 09/30/2018


Start out with 10 drops of diluted in 8 ozs of water.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Christine (Tx) on 01/15/2018

Are you still taking HP? Did your wife's coldness come back? Any adverse reactions?

Coconut Oil
Posted by Cyndi (Ga) on 07/19/2017

Regarding the post from 2008 - how much Coconut Oil do you think he took daily to cure cold hands and feet?

Coconut Oil
Posted by Appadoo Priscilla (Phoenix, Mauritius) on 04/16/2016

How do we use coconut oil for cold feet?

Horse Chestnut and Pine Bark
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 01/18/2016

HI U JILLERY, , , , , , , , , great post, but I take issue with you trying to out corn ball me with that "EASY PEASY" line. I'm the Redneck on this site.

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Horse Chestnut and Pine Bark
Posted by Jillery (Rawlly, Nc) on 01/18/2016 88 posts

I thought I read this cure on the circulation page, but I guess not. My ankles will ache at night and my doc told me it was A.G.E ... I read taking 900 mg of horse chestnut and 350 mg of pine bark (pycnogenol) would help. It has a a great deal!! I take my dose in the morning. Easy peasy!!! Enjoy.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Maria P (Australia) on 11/12/2015

My Naturopath put me onto an effective way of taking in Lugol's and it works. Paint a little on the skin. If you need it, the body absorbs it in under 24 hours. If the body does not need it, 24 hours later the stain will still be on the skin. I usually put it on the inside of my wrist.

Posted by Crystal (Nashville) on 06/07/2015

It's most likely the turmeric. Turmeric has many healing powers, improving pain and circulation is just a couple to mention. Blessed be.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jeanne (USA) on 05/11/2015

Did you dilute the 35% FIRST before you counted drops. It is supposed to be diluted 1 ounce of 35% to 11 ounces of pure or distilled Water to make 3%. Then count drops. I've been drinking this for 30 plus years after Stage III Cancer and never made me sick.

Blue Toe Syndrome Remedies
Posted by Soodie (Canada) on 02/01/2014

Hi All

I was wondering if anyone has heard of Blue Toe Syndrome and if they have what remedies have worked. I take prescription from my doctor but it is not working. I have googled remedies but very little to no information was found. I could not find any information on Earth Clinic regarding Blue Toe Syndrome. Thank you!!

Posted by Man (Sojourning ) on 01/22/2014

I am very interested in this Niacin issue. I find that a 250 mg dose of Niacin will keep me warm in very cold weather. so If I am going to go out int 5 degree Fahrenheit weather, then a dose of Niacin will work. I know this works. So now the question arises whether dissolving the Niacin in the DMSO would work even better? I am off to the lab to check this out. If I don't come back, please don't send flowers.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Molasses and Cayenne
Posted by Jb (Atlanta,ga) on 11/19/2013

Purchase Unsulphured Molasses.

Vitamin K
Posted by Lanna (Wichita, Kansas) on 03/22/2013

My 12 year old special needs son suffers from chilblains in the winter months. His toes looked so bad this year that I got to searching for something that would help. I came across the following article on using vitamin K.

The researcher starts out by mentioning vitamin K is good for circulation, so thought maybe it would work for chilblains - which has to do with circulation. I gave my son one capsule a day and it cleared up the problem within days. I kept up this dosage for a week and now give it to him a couple of times a week. I will do so until it warms up outside.

Posted by Carly (Seattle, Wa - Usa) on 02/18/2013

Hi Mxramcer95, I am sorry for your loss(es). I am wondering if you can quote your source for such information? All I can find are studies saying Vitamin C is GOOD for circulation.

I have read a couple of Linus Pauling books in the past, and don't remember anything negative re taking large - massive in some cases over 10 grams a day - doses of Vitamin C. In fact, quite the opposite.

Please, if we are going to say things such as you did, let us know more info on why it is you believe such a thing? Thanks.

Posted by Alexandra (Cheshire, England) on 02/18/2013

To: Mxramcer95 from Ashland, Massachusetts. I have just been reading this article,, and wondered what you make of it.

Posted by Mxramcer95 (Ashland, Massachusetts) on 02/18/2013

... I don't know who started this rumor, but hear me NOW... You don't EVER give vitamin C to a person with circulation problems. I knew 3 different people who DIED because of that...

General Feedback
Posted by Jane (Knoxville, Tn) on 01/07/2013

You may want to be tested for Raynaud's disorder. Often seen with Sjogrens:'s_phenomenon

It is important to keep your hands and feet protected from cold.

General Feedback
Posted by Ruth (West Haven, Ct.) on 01/06/2013

The tips of my fingers get white in the winter and very cold... Then for whatever reason they might turn blue and still get VERY cold... Or maybe just one or 2 finger will turn color. In the summer they are pink.. Maybe meniere's disease?

Coconut Oil
Posted by Bobcat (Portland, Oregon) on 10/14/2012

Hypothyroidism can be caused by Fluoride in your drinking water. The Fluoride ion will also replace Iodine in the thyroid hormone rendering it useless.

If you have thyroid issues, the easiest thing to try, if you live in a fluoridated community, is to drink distilled, or spring water for a couple weeks and see what happens. Showering and bathing are a bit harder to control, but you can shorten eposure times here. See what happens. You can watch: and scroll to the second-to-last interview, for the chemistry professor who solved his thyroid problem this way.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lee (Brighton, Australia) on 09/23/2012

This is in response to David from Springfield, Mo (07/19/2010). While I highly congratulate you for taking Hydrogen Peroxide and am very pleased that you are gaining benefits from it, I think it is highly irresponsible for you to have begun such a powerful supplement at a very high dose. It is even more irresponsible and plain stupid to give it to your wife. I do hope that anybody contemplating taking HP begins at a very sensible dose of a couple of drops before slight increases daily. Disrespecting anything is simply asking for trouble. And also for any readers, it is much better and far more beneficial to continuously take a maintenance dose rather than go off it completely.

Posted by Marion (Paphos, Cyprus) on 02/10/2012

Re: Chilblains. I am English and used to the cold and damp weather. When young, my sister and I both suffered from Chilblains. What caused it was sitting in front of the fire and getting our feet hot and then going away and they then cool down. Putting your feet directly near an electric or real fire can cause chilblains. As soon as we stopped doing this, we had no more trouble.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Molasses and Cayenne
Posted by Niki (Minneapolis, Mn) on 01/20/2012

In order to get the health benefits from Molasses, you just need to make sure it is BLACKSTRAP Molasses.

Geranium Essential Oil
Posted by Joan (Festus, Missouri) on 11/07/2011

Another thing that you can use for poor circulation is geranium essential oil (EO). The way I use it is I take geranium EO and either add drops (maybe 4-5) to a bath and soak it in and/or take many drops like maybe 20-30 and add it to a carrier oil like warmed (liquid) Coconut oil (1 tablespoon) and mix it together and massage it into the legs, feet, and arms or anywhere you want on your body. Coconut oil will get hard when it falls below 76 degrees but that is ok. Once you have made this concoction, if it gets hard, just dig some out and rub it on your feet, lets, etc. Make sure you spend some time and really massage it in so you can get some benefit.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Marlane (Geelong, Victoria, Australia) on 08/31/2011

Hi Allykat, Have a look at the following on youtube; Dr D Manila - 1-8 Edema and Potassium. Edema is a sign of potassium deficiency - people with Hyperthyroidism are particularly prone to it.

Good Luck, Marlane

Coconut Oil
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, La Union) on 08/28/2011

Hi Allykat... Your cold extremeties and swelling problems could be due to a lack of inorganic iodine in your diet and you may be hypothyroid because of this. Cold extremeties are a sign of this. To check, other hypothyroid symptoms are given here:

The extent of hypothyroid symptoms usually is dependent on age. Here is a link that describes the body's use and essential need for iodine(not just for the thyroid):

All western diets heavily lack iodine now. Dr Brownstein, from the Iodine Project, did a random research study on 500 people in the US. The outcome was that he found that 94. 7% were deficient iodine in their diets. See this link:

Taking Lugol's Iodine or Kelp (larger dose Lugol's is better for the whole body's iodine needs), Vitamin C, Magnesium capsules or Magnesium Oil, Selenium, L-Tyrosine, and Zinc would also help your problem. Vitamin C is necessary to aid iodine absorbtion problems caused by bromine in the diet(from bread). Selenium aids in the conversion of T4 to the more active T3 form of thyroid hormone. Tyrosine, with magnesium, also help to convert and store iodide as iodine in the thyroid gland and zinc stimulates the thyroid gland by suppressing excess copper uptake which tends to inhibit thyroid activity. Iodine also helps to remove cadmium, aluminium, lead and mercury from the body.

Daily Dosages:

Lugol's Iodine: 2 to 4 drops in a glass of water twice a day. Work up to this dose slowly.

Vitamin C(powdered form): 1000 mgs twice a day.

Magnesium Oil(70% solution of Magnesium Chloride): 10 drops twice day. Or take capsules of Mag Citrate or Mag Gluconate -- 250 mgs twice day.

L-Tyrosine: 500 mg per day

Selenium: 200 micrograms twice a day.

Zinc: 25 - 50 mgs once a week.

Using Fulvic/Humic Acid drops would also benefit your condition by supplying all the minerals necessary for your body in regard to body enzyme processes, hormones etc. Fulvic acid solution contains 70 minerals in their most bioavailable and natural form. See this link for all the benefits:

Coconut Oil
Posted by Allykat (Simi Valley, Ca) on 08/27/2011

I'd love to know what you guys mean by "taking" coconut oil. Do you eat spoon fulls of it? If so, how much? I suffer from cold hands and feet and my feet swell a lot during the summer months. This is something that makes me really uncomfortable because it limits my activities. I always feel like I need to get home and put my feet up to manage the swelling. I'm looking forward to trying out everyone's suggestions. I just wish the suggestions were a bit more specific. Thanks everyone. I'm feeling optimistic.

Posted by Anniemae (Hampton, Va) on 06/12/2011

If you have cold hands and feet, low body temp, low pulse and blood pressure you are probably also suffering from hypothyroid. Your thyroid tests will read normal, but you have all the symptoms. I found great relief by taking kelp tablets (the green ones). There is natural iodine in kelp, which is what you need. Some people take Lugol's iodine. Research hypothyroidism, good luck.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Marla (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) on 01/21/2011

I was curious about the coconut oil for cold body temps. How does one take it and what quantity?? Thank you

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by David (Springfield, Mo) on 07/19/2010

Alright, so I read about H2O2 therapy and decided to get some 35% food grade HP for general detox. My wife agreed to try it as well. Not one for small starts, I gave her and myself the full 25 drops diluted in water on an empty stomach. Very unpleasant for me, but much worse for her. She threw up after about 20 minutes and said it was the worst vomiting episode she had ever experienced. She then when back to bed and slept the rest of morning and was wiped out most of the day. Next day, I get her to take 5 drops in water and that proves stable for her. Again 5 drops 2x more that day. Day three, while we are out for breakfast she tells me that her feet are so hot they are tingling and are purple. Now I must explain why this is significant. My wife has suffered from very poor circulation since early teen years. This has presented in ice cold hand and feet at rest, even in summer. Winter nights will find her under many layers of bedding, with sweats, space heater running and sometimes a sock cap. Near the point of comedy, if it were not so miserable for her. I have tried her on cayenne and L-Arginine, which helped some, but was not a cure.

So three days after taking H2O2 for the first time, she found herself with hands and feet that were burning up and purplish red from some new found circulation. This condition proved painful and she started holding her hands under cold water occasionally and only wearing flip-flops as shoes were unbearable. This overheated condtion lasted around three weeks and then subsided. Now another three weeks have passed and her circulation appears to be very normal. She is now wearing light bed clothing and will kick the covers off in the night, which is very different. She says that her circulation problems appear to be over. She is no longer taking the peroxide as it was just too upsetting on her stomach overall.

A sidenote, she has had significant constipation issues her whole life, and the weeks she was taking the HP, she became very regular, sometime having a BM 3x per day. Now that she has stopped the HP, she has started to become irregular again. Time will tell if the HP has cured her circulation issues, especially this winter. Will try to follow up this winter regarding. For me, it has been good. I have no major health issues, just overweight, which has a cure, but it is not HP unfortunately. (smile) I was extremely tired after taking HP the first few day and slept a lot. Now I am taking 25 drops once every other day. It is quite an energy booster and my allergies have been down significantly. Very impressed, and will continue to use it. Ted's comment that lecithin caps will ease the nausea has worked well for me, and I may get some benefit from the lecithin on weight loss as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Molasses and Cayenne
Posted by Twi (Saskatoon, Sk Canada) on 01/29/2010

Thanks for your post. I went out the health food store today and purchased ACV, Molasses and cayenne with garlic capsules. Just wondering, does it matter what source the molasses comes from and do you need to drink this mixture on an empty stomach or at least well after or before a meal?

Thanks...I look forward to it's benefits
Be Well

Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin) on 08/12/2009

Turmeric for Leg Circulation

Turmeric and Black Pepper seems to make my legs feel warm and relaxed. I used to drink a lot of coffee and started getting leg cramps. Aspirin helped, but who wants to ingest aspirin all the time. I quit the coffee but my legs usually feel cold and tight. One day I made a curry type sauce for some rice and afterward noticed my legs felt much better. Here's what you do:

- Put 2 or 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil in a medium size kettle on low/medium heat (not hot - which could encourage the formation of cancerous substances in the oil/starch mix)
- Add 1 heaping tablespoon of peanut butter (get the kind with no mystery ingredients, just peanuts and salt..... Or use raw cashew butter.)
- Add 1/2 teaspoon turmeric (non irradiated if you can find it)
- Add 1/2 teaspoon crushed black pepper
- Add 1/2 teaspoon curry powder (optional)
- Add 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder (or fresh crushed garlic)
- Add 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
- Mix well and let sit on the warm (not hot) burner for 5 minutes or so
- Add precooked cubed chicken and/or precooked brown rice

- Serve warm (that's right, not hot.)You can alter the ingredients, but the important ones seem to be the turmeric and black pepper. Possibly the curry powder.

Butcher's Broom
Posted by Kerry (Port Alberni, BC, Canada) on 05/25/2009

Butchers Broom works very well for cold fingers and fingers that get numb from the cold. My girlfriend would get painful numbness in her fingers from the cold. When she took Butchers Broom, her fingers wouldn't bother her. One or two capsules a day works well.

Posted by Phil Felix (Margate, Florida) on 05/25/2009

I like to ask a question? Is there a remedy to cure poor circulation in hand finger tips?

Posted by Haycee (Gauteng, SA) on 02/12/2009

If you regularly get chilblains, check your calcium levels. I used to get chilblains in winter and a forte dose of effervescent calcium brought quick relief. Using VCO as a moisturiser on my feet seems to stimulate circulation - it keeps my feet warm and chilblains away.

EC: VCO = Virgin Coconut Oil

Posted by Gigi (Canberra, Australia) on 02/12/2009

Chilblains - The rub you have used, I cannot get here. What other herb or oil would you/anyone suggest. I have had chilblains during winter for years; it is a type of frost bite due to circulation problems I guess. I have had a doctor prescribe me medication that I later discovered was for angina! It made my heart pound dangerously; I have also been told to get biofeedback etc.

I believe there must be something out there that is natural and I can use safely. It is an uncomfortable problem to endure - wool socks etc do nothing to help.

Thanks for anyone's help. This is a great site, and I hope Codex never comes into play as it will affect all of us who value Earth Clinic.

Posted by Justine (Outlook, Saskatchewan, Canada) on 02/11/2009

Hi Melissa, I was recently diagnosed with Chilblain's, and I believe that might be what you have too. Are your toes a bit calloused, red/purple/grey, and puffy? It is caused when your toes are exposed to extreme cold. My podiatrist said I had frost damage! :)

He suggested rubbing "Rub A535" on them - it is a medicated ointment. You might remember it by its distinct wintergreen smell. It heats up when you put it on your feet, and keeps them warm all day! I put about 1/2 a teaspoon on each foot - focussing on the toes.

I am also going to try using cayenne, as I have always had cold hands and feet.

Posted by Melissa (Lansdale, PA) on 02/02/2009

This may not be appropriate. Because it is not a remedy but a question. So I understand if you do not post this. First thank you to whoever thought of this site and took the time to set it up. It's full of awesome information tested by real people. Thank you.

So my question is about an aliment I have only in the winter only when it's cold. My toes mainly the second and third turn red-ish purple and hurt. They kind of swell a little only at the tips.

Does anyone else suffer from something like this. I understand we're not doctors here so I'm not looking a diagnosis. Just wondering if anyone else has this happen. I found info on an old disorder called Chilblains, which is so very much like it.

Does anyone know any natural remedies for this. Right now I'm taking turmeric to reduce the inflammation.

EC: Hi, Melissa. These are totally appropriate questions, no worries!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Dorie (Ft Lauderdale, Florida) on 04/08/2008

Coconut Oil for Hypothyroid patients: I heard that virgin coconut oil was a good supplement for people suffering with hypothyroidism. I went to a natural food market and bought a jar of it. That was 2 months ago and I have gone back to buy more several times. I am taking 3 tablespoons in the morning. It has not helped with my weight although I know a few people who used it and lost weight immediately. It has stopped my hair loss (it use to fall out by the handful) and in fact not only is my hair thicker but my eyebrows are growing back. I no longer have cold hands and feet either. It doesn't cure thyroid problems but it certainly is a great supplement to help with the effects of the disease.

Cold Showers
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 05/10/2005 391 posts

While ginger seems to restore energy in most cases, however I find capsicum powder (cayenne peppers) mixed with fresh ginger works the best as it helps with circulation. Especially works well if you are drowsy and raises oxygen level to those tiny capillaries which receives little or no blood flow.

If you can find them, fresh ginger and fresh cayenne peppers (fine chopped) work the best due to higher bioflavanoid, vitamin P content, as well as vitamin C, etc.

You would not believe that the amount of vitamins in FRESH vegetables are MUCH MORE THAN THOSE THEY GIVE YOU IN VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS!!! Cooking destroys nearly everything the vegetables have to offer and end up paying more buying vitamin supplements, and much much more going to see doctors.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Molasses and Cayenne
Posted by Elizabeth (USA) on 10/08/2006

I have been on a regimen of 2 tbls of ACV and 1 tbls of blackstrap molasses 2x's a day for about 4 months now. I've just recently in the last month added 1/2 tsp of cayenne (1 tsp/day total) to my ACV and chase it with a glass of water. I read on your site that cayenne helps circulation and that was the primary reason I started adding it to my ACV. Before that I would cook with it and added it to my food everyday as I really like hot food. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with what happen next... The puffiness around my eyes (due to some kind of allergies food or airborne I'm guessing) and face is COMPLETELY gone! No kidding! I have a healthy glow to me now and the puffiness around my eyes that would make me look tired all the time, has vanished. The next thing I noticed is that my sinus' are clear, the dull sinus headache that I lived with for so long is gone and I can breath through my nose at night. As a result I think I'm getting more oxygen to my brain and body now and I definately feel much more clear headed. I had no idea how much congestion was in my sinus' that I had just learned to live with. After ingesting a teaspon a day for about a month, although results came within a couple of days, I look and feel so much better. The only thing I can attribute to the changes to is the cayenne. Thank you so much for posting this remedy. Makes me want to kiss you guys right on the lips! SMACK!

Cold Showers
Posted by Alexandra (Mesa, TX) on 06/13/2006

I just wanted to share with all of you that I started taking ice cold showers out of necessity. During my pregnancies I've always had problems with circulation in my legs, bloating, soreness, etc. Well, where I live at the moment I can't find any support hose and I heard that cold showers were good for improving circulation. Well, I cannot begin to explain the benefits, "good" just doesn't cut it. Before the showers, I couldn't be on my feet for long during these hot summer days and the pain was unbearable. Now, after my ice cold shower in the morning, I'm on my feet all day and have absolutely no problem. Never felt better. I do take a catnap, but that's normal when you're preggo!

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