Natural Treatments for Chordoma

| Modified on Dec 21, 2016

With the number of extraneous pollutants and toxins in our environment every day, it is no wonder we are continue to see a rise in not only the number of cases but also the types of cancer reported yearly. Even though chordomas are relatively slow growing, treating them isn’t easy because of their close proximity to the spinal cord. Nonetheless, natural treatments, such as an alkaline diet, can help you fight cancer.

What Is Chordoma?

The Chordoma Foundation defines chordoma as a rare form of cancer that originates in the bones of the skull and spine. This form of cancer is considered a sarcoma and is related to other cancers of the bones, cartilage, muscles, and connective tissue. This form of cancer generally progresses slowly but has a tendency to reoccur. Chordomas can also be difficult to treat because they are typically situated so close to your spinal cord, brainstem, nerves, and arteries.

What Causes Bone Tumors?

Chordomas generally grow from small remnants of the notochord, or a coil of cells in the embryo that forms into the spinal cord. While this origination is the typically accepted cause of the growths, no environmental, dietary, or lifestyle risk factors are actually known. However, research is being done by the National Cancer Institute to determine genetic relationships and potential hereditary causes for the condition.

Does Alternative Medicine Work for Treating Chordoma?

As with any cancer, it is important to pair treatment approaches so that you receive the most effective, balanced treatment plan possible. Like in many cases, though, natural remedies can be used to support traditional treatment and care. An alkaline diet in addition to alkalinizing treatments are among the most effective treatment supports for chordoma.

1. Alkaline Diet

The natural balance of your blood should be alkaline; however, many of the foods that we eat can disrupt that balance and contribute to illness. When it comes to treating cancer, the mutating cells that comprise cancer thrive in this acidic environment, so revamping your diet to balance your pH can have a drastic benefit for treatment. To adopt an alkaline diet, avoid meats and eat as many raw, whole foods as possible. Focus on leafy vegetables, lemons, limes, grapefruit, wheatgrass, almonds, sprouts, organic cold-pressed oils, and grains such as millet or quinoa.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another alkalinizing substance. While it is an acid in itself, the liquid helps to balance your pH and support cancer treatment. It also carries a number of important nutrients that boost your immune system and prevent secondary conditions. Take 1 to 2 tablespoons diluted in 8 ounces of water 2 to 3 times a day.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is another substance that can help balance your body’s pH level. This supplement also helps fight the onslaught of metastasizing cells. Take 1 to 2 teaspoons diluted in 6 to 8 ounces of water 2 times a day.

While surgery is typically one of the primary treatments for chordoma, these natural remedies can help slow the progression of the disease and potentially even prevent recurrence.

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Ted's Remedies

Posted by Pete (Lublin, Poland) on 01/07/2012

Bone cancer-chordoma

Hi Ted, first of all I think that this site is Amazing. Glad that I found it. I am a 42 year old diagnosed with chordoma, a very rear cancer. The location of it makes an operation very difficult, it seats right on top of my spine and is growing very slowly. I want to avoid surgery and chemo... What do you suggest? What protocol I should try?

Since last month I stopped eating meat, sugar. Tried to alkaline my body but still my ph is quite low. Please answer my mail, hope you have the right answer. Thank you!

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

Hi Peter, I hope you manage to find the best treatment for your illness and manage to defeat it! I am in no way an expert but I have read quite a few books on cancer, mainly because we all have a great chance to get it and I have see quite a few relatives die from it, including my mother! Many of the books are very uplifting and very informative but I could recommend one in special: "The Cancer Industry: The Classic Expose on the Cancer Establishment by Ralph Moss. I have reviewed it here on the book review section and I have reviewed others as well. There are suggestions of quite a few alternative therapies and the fight of the doctors and scientists who developed them, fascinating! But again, there are others, some which I have reviewed here or else go on Amazon and read the reviews so that you can choose the ones that will be most useful for you! It is not only the medical part but also the psychological side of the illness. "Cancer, a new way of life" comes to mind!

You can pick up second hand books quite inexpensive and sometimes they are almost new or even new but have small imperfections! I intend to read more on this subject but right now I have a stack of other books I want to get through! Best of luck...

Replied by Pete
(Lublin, Poland)

Still waiting for an answer from Ted. Not sure which protocol to follow. Please help!

Replied by Dan

Hi Pete, I see there is no answer for you yet. I was diagnosed with a chordoma as well (located at the cervical spine, C2-C6) and been fighting it for almost 8 years (surgeries and radiation). Seeing that this doesn't work, I am trying other alternative treatements (started just a while back, this year) so I cannot see the benefits of it yet.

I was wondering if you found something that worked for you, something that at least stoped the chordoma from getting bigger.

Thank you, Dan

Replied by Pete From Lublin
(Lublin, Poland)

Hi Dan, text me on 0048506269077 and we will get in touch. Thank you.

Replied by Teymor
(Shiraz, Fars)

Dear Pete from Poland, I hope you and your family to be stronge. 6 years ago my doctor found out I have an Cordoma tumor in my L4 (Spine). I went under surgery. My doctor remove half of my L4. and did every six month an new MRI. Because removing this cancer is very difficult and I should be expediting it. My Tumor appeared again.

I went to Budapest for new surgery (2012). Because My doctor should remove L4 and L5 and It is very very risky operation and It should be done by very very expert surgen. This cancer is very bad because only way for its remedy is surgery and removing tumor and is good because it does not go to other part of body.

I study this cancer, If It is very very small you can use poroton radition else you should have operation to remove it. Please find a good surgen and do it.

You should to be stronge and god bless you and I pray for you. It is bone cancer, food and vegtable and vitamin etc. Are good but they are not enough. Cheminal and radition can not help you. Surgery is only way. My surgens name is: Dr. Peter Paul Varga and he is one of the best in World. If you need to speak to some one I am here.

God bless you abd to be stronge, Teymoor

Replied by Shannon
(Minneapolis, Mn)

Pete, Are you still with us? My brother has this cancer. He had surgery once. Then it came back on other side of spine this year. I fear he is in end stages. If you lived, can you tell me what to do? I can't lose my brother.