Chilblains Treatment

Hydrogen Peroxide Napkin Plaster
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 05/25/2021

Hydrogen Peroxide Napkin Plaster for Toe Chilblains:

Give this a try. It worked for me. This remedy also works on toe nail fungus. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to eliminate fungi causing chilblains and add O2 to the blood stream in the toes.

Fold down a paper towel or napkin just enuff to cover your toenails completely, top, sides and bottom. Then place napkin in a bowl and saturate the napkin with 3% H2O2 brown bottle. Wrap the napkin over your toes, top and bottom. Tuck and fold the sides of the napkin and put a recycled bread bag over your foot (I tried using plastic-wrap but it leaked everywhere and soaked the socks). Then put on an old sock to keep everything in place. This way you can move around the house freely.

You will need to do this for a few hours or over-nite, everyday for 10-14 days.

Don't forget to change and clean all your socks, sandals & shoes or at least pour ACV in your shoes every time if you suspect fungal infection.

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