5 Natural Remedies for Coping with the Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Salt and Baking Soda Bath
Posted by Racer (Hampton, Tn) on 01/24/2010
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This was a letter in which we were talking about my 20 year old and how she became toxic on all her drugs, and my friend sent me this that she had found out many years ago!


......about your daughter sometimes being "toxic" from all the drugs she has to take. Long ago I went to a wonderful seminar about natural healing. It was taught by a bunch of knowledgeable people in many fields & I learned an important de-tox treatment for people that have been on strong drugs like chemo. This might help your daughter when she gets toxic. It could help to rid her body of some of the drugs:


Take one pound of non-iodine TABLE SALT & one pound of BAKING SODA & put these into a hot bath & stir well. Have your daughter get in to the bath tub then keep giving her cups of Hot Raspberry Leaf tea to drink (to help her sweat).

You can add honey or sugar if she likes the tea better sweetened.

Have her stay soaking in the bath for AT LEAST 20 minutes, adding hot water if needed.

This Salt/Soda bath works by sucking some of the toxins out of your system through your skin because the concentration of salt is stronger OUTSIDE your body (in the bath) than INSIDE the body.

The lady who told me about this said there was a florescent green layer of film on top of the bath water after a friend of hers had chemo. Proving that it can suck out toxins.