Chemical Sensitivity Remedies

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Posted by Geraldine (United States) on 02/22/2019
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I have had Multiple Chemical Sensitivity for many years now. Doctors are stumped. My symptoms are: 1) Wedge tight ears (hearing, feels like someone has their fingers tight in my ears) can't hear good. 2) Off balance, not dizzy, just feeling of falling) 3) Extremely dry, burning, bloody spots (small) when I can blow my nose with very little drainage. 4) Get real sick when I smell chemicals. I also have GERD and was told the acid damaged my hearing. (Tinnitus maybe they said) Hearing loss. 5) Smelling is so bad I can't even use difussers with pure organic essential oils. They make me worse. O, how I need guidance to supplements that may help. Anyone? Anything? Please help me.