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Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 03/05/2016
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I have dealt with carpal tunnel pain here and there over the years. Pregnancy and holding babies would affect it but it was never really bad.

In recent years I have used a laptop computer instead of a desktop and the carpal tunnel was becoming more noticeable. If I used the computer much during the day I would have pain in the evening or the next day.

I realized that with the laptop, I type and my wrists are resting right on the hard computer. (With a desktop I am positioned better and my wrists aren't touching anything.)

I looked for something to put on the computer to cushion my wrists but didn't find anything that looked like it would work. I ended up buying wrist braces that I use if I am going to use my laptop. This has completely solved my problem. If I am good about using the wrist supports (which cushion my wrists as well as stabilizing them) I do not have any trouble with carpal tunnel. If I get lazy about it I start to notice some nerve pain.

I do not have to wear the braces all day or when I am sleeping, or even when I am using a desktop computer. Just when I am using my laptop.

~Mama to Many~

Wrist Supports
Posted by Robert (Huntsville, Al) on 03/12/2011
5 out of 5 stars

At the drug store you can buy an arm brace for carpal tunnel. It doesn't look like it would do anything, but if worn for a few weeks it does. Cured my wife... And it was so simple.


Posted by Lori (Tryon, Nc USA) on 10/05/2010

Zapper with Orgone—I've battled with carpal tunnel with years and had the nerve tests done and was severe on right from "computer syndrome" and fairly severe on left side due to a horse accident and shoulder/nerve damage from above. I had used it all, creams, ointments, pills, chiropractors, homeopathic remedies, even narcotics I take for my shoulder when it is acute, did not help this pain. Finally I realized the cure had been in my house for quite a while and one morning when I could not sleep and was in tears I wondered "Maybe my zapper would work" and put it on top my hand and secured it with my elastic tennis band so both copper electrodes were on it. Bingo! Within 5 minutes from acute pain to slight tingling. I can even type when it hurts bad as long as the zapper has a strong battery (like I am now) and move my fingers well enough and pain free, I "googled" the brand zapper I had and added "carpal tunnel" and sure enough, it came up as one of the things it could cure. Now maybe if I would stay off the computer it would be cured, , , nah, , will use it to keep it under control tho'!! My mom called me to tell me she had to run my father to the Dr. The other day and it turned out he had carpal tunnel and he got the standard "not much we can do, take some Tylenol and Motrin" and I ordered one for him and sent it so looking fwd to see how he makes out because they think everything I do is "voodoo" but he's desperate for relief so I'm hoping it works for him as well as me. He is 82 and a very unhappy camper in this pain, otherwise he would not even listen to my ideas lol! Hope this post helps someone, , it worked for me but I know not everything works for everyone, , , by the way I do not sell or know anyone that sells zappers aside from retail websites which I have to use to buy myself. Good Luck all you wrist sufferers!! I know your pain!!

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

Could you keep us posted on your father's progress, it would be interesting to see if it works for him also. Thanks, Kay

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hello, Many years ago I found Vit B-6 worked for carpel tunnel. Two friends tried it and they now have no problems. Although both were only early in their symptoms. Suggested it to a couple of others (including one family member) and they decided not to take B-6 on advice from their respective Drs and guess what? they all ended up under the surgeons knife. It has been researched many times through the years (and from memory as early as the 1960s). Eg: Portland Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation Center in Oregon, They found that higher levels of vitamin B6 were associated with fewer carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. A Japanese study of 174 university students found that students with lower levels of vitamin B6 showed symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. 1994 - John Ellis, M. D. , of Mt. Pleasant, Texas has a 90% success rate. He says it takes about 90 days.

Always take a complete B with the extra B-6. The common amount of B-6 used was either 50mg 3x a day with a meal or 100mg 2x a day with morning and evening meals. Whilst this may not work for everyone it is very economical to try. All the best.