Natural Remedies for a Brain Tumor

Enzyme Blend
Posted by Larry (Central Point, Or) on 08/31/2018
5 out of 5 stars

In reply to the person who was unable to digest serrapeptase for abdominal adhesions -

The answer is a systemic enzyme blend. I use one with Calcium – Calcium Carbonate – 20 milligrams. Magnesium – Magnesium Oxide – 15 milligrams. Pancreatin USP. Protease – 50,000 USP Units. Amylase – 50,000 USP Units. Lipase – 4,000 USP Units.Serrapeptidase – 14,000 S.U. Bromelain – 150 GD Units.

I have seen it work miracles with my friends.

One had a brain tumor that was causing his eyes to bug out. He took sixteen a day, which is a lot, but he is doing great now. His mother had a neuroma on the bottom of her foot, which melted away after bothering her for seven years.

It also helped my hands from scar tissue.