Natural Remedies for a Brain Tumor

| Modified on Feb 02, 2021

Herbal Tea Formulas
Posted by Branka (Slovenia) on 02/02/2021
5 out of 5 stars

A protocol with herbal teas was developed in Bosnia and Hercegovina and shrinkage of brain tumors was documented with scans. The article states the whole protocol. Herbs can be ordered by the herbalist or simply grown. The best herbs are wild herbs.

Link to article in NCBI:

Enzyme Blend
Posted by Larry (Central Point, Or) on 08/31/2018
5 out of 5 stars

In reply to the person who was unable to digest serrapeptase for abdominal adhesions -

The answer is a systemic enzyme blend. I use one with Calcium – Calcium Carbonate – 20 milligrams. Magnesium – Magnesium Oxide – 15 milligrams. Pancreatin USP. Protease – 50,000 USP Units. Amylase – 50,000 USP Units. Lipase – 4,000 USP Units.Serrapeptidase – 14,000 S.U. Bromelain – 150 GD Units.

I have seen it work miracles with my friends.

One had a brain tumor that was causing his eyes to bug out. He took sixteen a day, which is a lot, but he is doing great now. His mother had a neuroma on the bottom of her foot, which melted away after bothering her for seven years.

It also helped my hands from scar tissue.

Posted by Jolie77 (New Jersey) on 03/09/2018

Judith, how long did it take for supplements start to show effectiveness for your brain tumor?

Posted by Ijeoma (Nigeria) on 11/25/2017

I am so glad to come across this site online. Please how long does the treatment of brain tumor last with natural remedy and does it grow again after the treatment. What type of nutrients does the patient require for the treatment. Thanks.

Posted by Curtis (Midland, Tx) on 10/29/2017

I am wanting to know how you are doing with you brain cancer. I have a friend that has stage 1 brain cancer and I am wanting to help her get past this ordeal. The head pain is unbearable when it comes. What I would like to know is what did you do to resolve this problem.

Posted by Grover (New York) on 07/04/2017

DMSO is very interesting and theoretically effective because it's rich in sulfur. Remember that all forms or cancer and tumors are caused by yeast and fungus which the body tries to quarantine by covering with biological tissues, and moreover cancer is fueled by too much sugar and too much acid. Make your blood chemistry more alkaline by drinking a teaspoon of regular baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) mixed into a cup of water every morning, and also resort to alkaline foods like red beets and carrots and broccoli and spinach. Drink carrot juice and beet juice every day. Also resort to alkaline spices especially cinnamon which will also destroy the cancer, mix one teaspoon of cinnamon into a cup of hot coffee or hot tea three times every day.

Cinnamon is a very powerful weapon against all forms of cancer. Also remember that botanical essential oils are very powerful at curing cancer, especially affecting the brain because they are capable of crossing the blood brain barrier and fighting cancer directly attacking the tumor. You can drink several drops of cinnamon bark essential oil mixed into a cup of tea, its very powerful stuff. The more anti fungal spices you eat and drink the faster you will recover. Cinnamon, turmeric, curry spices, etc.

Also remember to keep drinking water and keep breathing alot of fresh air! Get that oxygen right into your lungs and your red blood and breathe slow deep breaths to make sure more oxygen reaches into your brain also!

Posted by Jose (Manila) on 06/16/2017

What particular boswellia seratta supplement are you taking that shrunk the tumor?

Posted by Nina (Normandy, France) on 06/06/2017

Please, try to contact the wonderful Doctor Burzynski in Texas, he is specialised in brain tumour:

I do hope, I'm not too late.

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 05/28/2017 2084 posts

In addition to other suggestions in this thread/post, try Taurine and Ginkgo Biloba.

Posted by Jose (Metro Manila) on 05/27/2017

Can anyone suggest a treatment for benign brain tumor (low grade glioma), thank you.

Posted by Janet (In) on 03/21/2017

Stevie here is Teds page re tumors and cysts.

Also selenium yeast is a great soothing for dogs with any issues. A pinch in food.

We raw and cooked meat feed our dogs that have tumors. If this were my dog I would blend food to a mush. You can add bone broth or butter or coconut oil to help the blender work. I use an oster $20 blender. We give a sardine packed in water also. But no commercial dog food. A pinch of baking soda and a few grains of 20 mule team borax in a little apple cider vinegar adding some water. Add to food.

A little pinch of brewers yeast to provide the b vitamins that give the energy needed to heal and fight. Liver is an excellent source of bs also. You can buy liver supps and add to food by crushing pills or opening capsules. Brain food.

Of all the things we do for our dogs the most effective is canna butter or rick simpson oil. Is it legal in your state? You can travel to purchase. Many people do.

Cbd oil is not enough as ted has said in brain tumors the thc component is needed.

Bromelain 2x a day helps tumors break down. Plus it improves digestion.

Homeopathics are great for small dogs. For pain and anxiety. Mag phos and chamomile are perfect. You can also look into native remedies web site they have great blends and you can call and discuss any help you need. Direct any questions you have to Theresa in the pet section on EC, she is brilliant and can help. J

Posted by Stevie (Washington) on 03/18/2017

I hope it's ok I'm wondering for my Chihuahua who has a brain tumor I want natural supplement ideas

Posted by Nina (Florida) on 02/27/2017

Hi, I have been dealing with Menengioma (non Cancer) brain tumors. since 1990. Did the Boswellia work for you? Does it work for noncancer tumors? How long did you take it for. So happy it worked for you.

Posted by Amanda (Nc) on 02/17/2017


My boyfriend was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma. Projected a year to live. No treatment bc we both agree chemo/rad is obsurd and pointless. I have him on 1000mg of laetril (B17) already and off sugars.

I have found during research: dmso, no sugar, frankensense, vitamin c, green veggies, coffee, lime and baking soda, laetril.

I need doses of the dmso, how to take it or with what, what else to avoid. Any info to help heal him.

Thank you so much.

EC: Hi Amanda,

So sorry to hear about your boyfriend. Unfortunately, Ted had a stroke in June 2015 and cannot correspond at this time. Perhaps someone else can advise on DMSO.

Posted by Charles (Chicago) on 10/28/2016

Please, look for research MMS. This one is the best and safest treatments.

Posted by Judy (Calgary ) on 10/24/2016

I recommend you look into the ketogenic diet. It has proven to be very successful for many. Google it. There is a lot of info on the net about it.

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 09/23/2016 2084 posts

Do Magnet Therapy. Place a very strong Magnet over the area for 15 min 2x daily. Also place warm washcloth saturated in Epsom Salt 15 min 2x daily. Take Help Oil/CBD orally.

Posted by Dia (Tampa Fl) on 09/22/2016

I need a help for my daughter with brain tumor she had 2 brain surgeries and the tumor came back please I avoid chemo and radiation and even surgery too much for her please help me what I should do?

Posted by Judith (Usa) on 09/14/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have a brain tumor.

Boswellia Serrata brand, 400mg, brain tumor shrunk, very effective.

Essiac brand, by rene caise RN original only made in canada, helps with the pain, and cured me of hemorrhoids, brain tumor did not grow.

Vegetarian, Mushroom Complex brand, herbal supplements, ingredients maitake 240mg, reishi 180mg and shiitake mushrooms 180mg, helps with the pain, research.

Dragons Blood (daemonorob draco) liquid form, I rub it on the location of my brain tumor only or where I have pain on my head with a cotton ball, not a medical advice but it works for me, brain tumor stopped growing, very effective.

Posted by Egypt (Killeen Tx) on 08/20/2016

Same thing is going on with my mom...Please tell me how everything is going. My mom has a third brain tumor and they are no longer able to perform surgery or radiation anymore than they already have...Please help, praying for your child also.

Posted by Ben (Bremerton, Wa ) on 03/12/2016

Will Dmso work for sure? no one can say with 100% accuracy. Now having said that treat those benign tumors as if they were cancerous.

The brain has a blood filtering mechanism called the blood brain barrier. Its purpose is to filter out impurities that really don't belong in the brain. This means many of the herbs etc that work on cancers in other parts of the body can not get to there the tumor is located.

Dmso is different, it travels around the body freely crossing the blood brain barrier as if it were not even there. Russian doctors use dmso quite frequently. They will use dmso as a carrier agent to take drugs with low penetration capability to parts of the body where its needed. They will even mix dmso and the drug of choice then inject the mix directly into cerebro spinal fluid carrying the drug and dmso straight to the brain.

In brain tumors is is critically important to eliminate brain swelling and inflammation while treating cancer. Dmso does a remarkable job of eliminating brain swelling and normalization of cancer cells. Dmso does not directly kill cancer cells, instead it changes the way they behave. It corrects their cellular machinery just long enough for the immune system to eliminate them by way of apoptosis, programmed cell death.

Behind every tumor are driving forces initiating it. These must be identified and eliminated. Many factors can cause cancer to develop. Bad diet, viruses and mycoplasma infection, toxic chemicals, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. Parasites in the brain can result in tumor formation, then there are the food additives like modified food starch, msg and diet sweeteners like aspartame, acesulfame potassium and others are deadly carcinogenic. See dr russel blaylock about that.

Certain food additives are extremely neurotoxic. They excite neurons in the brain until they literally die. Doctors coined the name for that as excitotoxins. These toxins produce brain tumor very commonly. Aspartame has killed tens of thousands but you will never hear that from a doctor or the food industry.

Another herb that works remarkably well on brain cancers is boswellia. A website called lef life extension had an interesting article on boswellia and its use in brain cancer. A patient had mri done at regular intervals showing the tumor shrink to almost nothing in just a few weeks of treatment with boswellia. This herb crosses the blood brain barrier so it is a good choice for those who might have this cancer.

Another treatment for brain cancer is a special diet that deprives cancer of glucose its only fuel supply. It's called the ketogenic diet. Basically you replace carbohydrates with fats. Now the body can operate on fats but the cancer cells can not.cancer cells can only metabolize glucose and they have a ravenous appetite for sugars like that. Anything that can easily be converted to sugar is cancer fuel. Amazing as it may be i have even seen oncologists that did not know sugar feeds cancer cells. Brain tumors quickly shrink when a patient goes on the ketogenic diet.

Now one word of caution for those who might have this cancer. Doctors commonly give steroidal antiinflammatories to control brain swelling as swelling is a major concern but it is harmful to the overall cancer outcome. Here's why, there is normally a mycoplasma infection hiding behind the cancer in addition to all the other toxic yuk working against you. Like a perfect storm microorganisms, food additives, parasites and myriad toxic chemicals combine to give you disease. Well the steroids given to control inflammation are like candy to mycoplasma. Immune system supressants? They love that idea!!! cancer on steroids helps speed up its growth making the cancer more aggressive.

A general rule of thumb when dealing with the vast majority of cancers is kill off the virus / mycoplasma that may be driving it and then it becomes easy to stop the cancer. Most of the anticancer herbs are almost always very powerful antivirals. If you or someone you know has cancer seek out expert care from a competent doctor and work with the doctor keeping him informed is the best thing.

Never expect a doctor to do all your research. Often they do not have advanced cancer treatment methods familiar to them. New discoveries happen everyday. Help your doctor and yourself by studying your disease.

Posted by Len (Calgary, Canada) on 03/12/2016

Was wondering - my brain tumors are not cancerous. Will these remedies still work?

Posted by Mt (Ottawa) on 02/26/2016

Look up Rigvir -

Posted by John (Greece) on 02/24/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Dear Teds and Sirs,

I am contacting you regarding a case of a relative of mine, a 6 years old child with glioblastoma (brain cancer). It is inoperable. The child had taken radiation and chemotherapy drags. Most propably because of these treatments the child cant raise its right arm and cant walk properly. She also has disarthria (slurred and slow speech).

She was treated with BHT, but it seems that she was overdosed. The very first day she injested the BHT her recovery was astonished. While she was hospitalized and her oncologist had informed her parents that she will be dying the very same day, after taking the BHT she managed to leave the hospital after 5 days of ingestion.

But now she is continuously sleepy, she has drowsiness, muscle pain and she started piss on herself. The child weights 25 kg. And she was taking the BHT in a daily basis, in concentrations given below:

• From 20/1/ 2016 to 08/02/ 2016 (3×350 mg) daily

• From 08/ 02/ 2016 to 12/02/ 2016 (1×350 mg) daily

• From 13/02/ 2016 to 17/02/ 2016 (2× 350mg) daily

• From 17/ 02/ 2010 onwards she dicontinued the BHT ingestion

We seek your help/ instructions how the child can recover from the toxicity of BHT. Not to forget to mention that the child was also taking gluconate Zn tablets by Health Aid (70 mg×3) from 29/01/ 2016 to 12/02/ 2016. The supplement contained 70 mg gluconate Zn (10 mg elemental Zn) as indicated on the label.

When she started getting lethargic she first stopped taking Zn and then BHT. I don't know if the deep sleep is due to the synergetic effect of these two supplements.

The child is also taking cat's claw and artemisia, as decognition daily. Also she is following your alkalizing formula with lemon and bicarbonate soda (baking soda), 3times a day. Her fasting blood sugar in the morning is below 90 mg/ dL and her blood sugar 1 hour after meal is below 100 mg/ dL. She is following strictly a vegeterian diet, getting tones of carrots, brocolli and garlic, no sugar, no carbohydrates.

I would very much appreciated it if you can tell me how to proceed from now on. What would be the best protocol for her to follow. I read in one of your post Sir that you suggested to a brain cancer patient to take pancreatic engymes, in large quantities. Should it be in a supplemental form as the Vitalzym for example? There are some low cost drags in the European market that contain pancreatic engymes, as â-ª Creon that contains pancreatin (you could find the drug description at â-ª Chymoral that contains thripsin and chymotrypsin. (you could find the drug description at Could the child take these drags instead?

We can get/ buy medical Cannabis oil if that can cure the child. But we need your guideness as how to use it. Last but not least we download a mobile application of frequency generator and we use the 111.11 Hz for increasing the child's endorfines. I would like your opinion for using this frequency.

I am looking forward for your prompt reply. Thank you in advance Sir for your help. God Bless you and your family. Yours Faithfully John Katsarakis

Posted by Cheryl (Brownsville, Tx) on 01/31/2016

Try cleansing, systematic enzymes, comfrey root or gravel root, myrrh, boswellia

Posted by Kristine (Florida) on 11/06/2015

I just looked up Dr Nick Gonzales...and he passed away over the summer. So sad...

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Namita Tiwari (New Delhi, India) on 08/03/2015


I am writing on behalf of a fifteen year old girl.

She had complaints of involuntary twisting of the left foot coupled with intense anxiety.

Two MRIs were done that were not giving the doctors a clear picture of what it could be.

The MRIs done around April 2015 stated:

MRI reveals a well defined heterogeneous signal intensity complex cystic cum calcific lesion in right temporo-parietal lobe involving ipsilateral parasylvian region as described ?? Oligodendroglioma?, Ganglioglioma....

EC: Dear Namita,

Please find the full post that you submitted on 8/1/15 on a new page we created here.

Posted by Anneh (Dublin) on 11/21/2014

Thanks so much for that information RSW - I'll start looking into that today!

And just to say with respect of the DSMO for anyone else who is seeking the same information - I've since found out that it's recommend to have a 72 hour gap post chemo before using it and that DMSO shouldn't be taken within two hours (before or after) of taking any prescription drugs (like steroids).

I had a great deal of Help of a lady called Emma who sold me the DMSO from online in the U.K that it should be used at a 12% dilution for head neck areas (and I bought their DMSO aloe mix to be delivered to him).

She also said just wash your hands well and then put a few blobs on the back of the neck. She suggested a few books from Amazon too.

(I didn't buy it off the Irish site btw as the guy on the phone hadn't seemed to have heard of it. I liked the U.K site as they had good recommendations and links to one of the biggest researchers and it was just dedicated to DSMO).

I'll update here when I know how he got on, his next brain scan is post xmas. (He is doing a lot of other holistic stuff too though). When I have time I'll list those.

Best wishes,


Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 11/10/2014


Here is an article from Life Extension magazine with some new information on treatments for glioblastoma. It is strongly linked to a virus, and there is an antiviral that is effective for it. The cost is high, however, and perhaps since it is a lipid coated virus, Oscar's BHT may also be an option, if insurance won't pay for the antiviral mentioned in the article. Best wishes for healing.

Posted by Anneh (Dublin, Ireland) on 11/10/2014


My lovely cousin, in his early 50's with three kids, has a stage 4 brain tumour (glioblastoma) and will be starting on his second round of chemotherapy this week. I'd love to start him on the DMSO but am just so confused by some of the information out there and would really appreciate if anyone could give me some feedback, thanks.

Here's the parts I can't figure out :)

1. Is it safe for him to use the DSMO gel with aloe vera topically on his head DURING chemo treatment.

2. Can he apply it via a 100% cotton pad (or is their cotton bleach issues etc.) It seems as if applying it by hand really dries out the skin too much?

3. If everything is carried with the substance on the skin internally and people are told to cleanse the skin super carefully, how can a person cleanse and not have the residue of the chemically rich soap etc. on their skin?

4. Is it effective enough just to apply the DSMO/ aloe vera juice dilution. Does he need to be adding another product or will this effect a change on it's own. (it's just he's on a lot of herbs, supplements etc already).

I have really tried to get the answers to these questions all everywhere but amn't doing to well, Apologies to have to ask for help! :)

I will be back on soon to describe the protocol he's on and how he's finding it so far. I just want to sort out these last few products for him to use and get the info to him first.

Thanks earth clinicers! :)

Posted by Fluffy (Washington, US) on 08/13/2014

Hi Diamond, I wish for you good health and complete recovery. Prayer as it is said, can cover a multitude of things. It sounds like you are endeavoring to do that and more. Best wishes and stay strong. :-)

Posted by Diamond (Mass., US) on 08/07/2014

I have known for some time that I had a serious illness but the doctors chose to skirt around the issue, now that I am older and this illness has progressed severely beyond repair, I found I have spinal & brain tumor.I have been doing herbs, nothing in particular just read up on medical issues.I feel at this late time in life every thing is trial & error. Twenty years ago the Drs. told me I had only five years left to live. The only real thing I do 24/7 is thank God for day light, thank him for the food I receive and thank God for my many blessings.I feel it's mostly prayer that has kept me here to show the system I can beat fate if I pray and strongly believe I hope to over come most issues that come at me full force// Pain.

Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 06/22/2014

Hi John,

I am sorry for the delay in responding, but I was waiting for permission to post this information here from the original creator. His email was hidden in my spam and I just saw it today. He has developed a site with many useful links, and is a proponent of LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) and therapies that can accompany it. LDN is seldom a stand alone treatment, but is very helpful for many ailments. Here is his site:

Best wishes to you and anyone else who may benefit.

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 05/31/2014

John from Florida;

Re the Brain Tumor issue...

Please relate whether the tumor has been biopsied. Is this a confirmed cancer and if so what kind? Is this a confirmed metastasized tumor? Is this tumor deemed to be aggressive? Is there more than one in the brain? Does your surgeon assert that this tumor will aggressively grow? Where is the tumor in the brain and what are your symptoms?

Some brain tumors are easy to get to and some are easy to treat. Some tumors although present, are not deadly. Are you absolutely sure the tumor is not a "sebaceous tumor" which will likely not be aggressive?

Please fill us in on the details. And...have you gotten a second opinion? Especially, has this tumor been proven to be metastasized? (Metastasized cancers are known to be much more aggressive.)

My favorite cancer treatment program is Dr. Nick Gonzales in Manhattan. You can google his name and find his web page.

So very sorry you are going through this. Stay calm.

Posted by John (Florida) on 05/31/2014

I just got news of a brain tumor..I'm 34 and I have DMSO with aloe cream..will this work? And I spray food grade h202 on head before I wipe. Ream on...and take lysine 500 mg pills and cut out carbs and this enough as I will turn down chemo..please help me kind sir....

Posted by Man (Sojouring America) on 03/05/2014

What is Aloe Vera Oil?

Posted by Giorgo (Athens, Greece) on 01/27/2014

Evangelia, how is your friend doing regarding efficiency of alternative treatment? My mother was diagnosed w GBM last week and we still haven't entered the treatment stage.. Many thanks, Giorgo

Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 12/09/2013

The best person to know how to help your dog is Skip Lenz, a pharmacist and PhD. He knows the most about low dose naltrexone for pets and how to compound it properly. He will work with your vet to find the best path to follow. He ships all over the world. You can call and talk to him yourself. He is very devoted to helping animals. Best wishes.

Posted by Mr.ree (Usa) on 12/08/2013

If it were my dog I'd put him on essiac tea...3 ounces twice a day...Good luck from another animal lover...

Posted by Cj (Grand Rapids Mi) on 12/08/2013

How can I help my dog who was just diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at the top of the spinal cord? Will this work for him also?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 08/10/2013 2084 posts

@Caleb: Lots of info on beating cancer here on E.C. as well as many other alternative publications and web sources. In a nutshell, the diet needs to be low in sugar (also be sure to get the mineral chromium and the herb cinnamon in the diet for burning sugars), low in sodium, high in antioxidants, low in saturated and high in omega 3 fats. I am a big believer in the "energy model" that stipulates that the optimal cell voltage/energy prevents the cancer development.

As for the pot, the "smoking" method needs to go and adopt an oral by first heating the cannabis in a fatty food medium like butter.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Caleb Wild (Uk, Chester) on 08/09/2013

Hi, new to this and its a very good concept! Being a technophobe is a little tricky to find your way round though. More of this if needed as we humans are getting rinsed in everyway! Found something that may interest people. Tedtalks. I have a brain tumour and have struggled at times as concentration after my operation is apalling. Real interesting stuff about everything even cencepts of things similar to this! Many thanks this has cheered my day up somewhat!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 08/09/2013

Google Laura Arasmo's brain cancer. She has documented her fight using LDN, and documents every supplement and medicine, detailing the reason for using it. I think she also used DCA. Duke University was doing a trial with LDN and gioblastomia, and you may want to look at that, too. Of course, Ted's recommendations on this site are always something to investigate. He has a lot of practical experience treating many different ailments. Best wishes.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Caleb Wild (Uk, Chester) on 08/09/2013

Hi, just joined a still not sure if this is in the right place. Good work on the site, great concept!

Been diagnosed with a grade 2 glioma and had 85% removed in November, recovered quite well except for memory and tiredness! But fit as a fiddle other than that! A little under weight still but was skinny before. Smoking plenty of pot not sure if this with help but does help dealing with the situation a least. Trying to work on a plan but being caught in the big pharma gold mine is rubbish! And after 7 months still not sure what to do. Gonna make some rick simpson oil in about 20 weeks for sure. Would love help on this plan as my surgeon is bound by the 1939 cancer act which leave him speechless. I'm using turmeric, pot and so spiritual healing so far. But feeling the list is small maybe?? Kind regards

Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff, Wales) on 03/13/2013

You can get the DMSO from, its 100/% pure xx They ship all over the world. Love Andrea c xxxxxx

Posted by Susan (New York) on 03/12/2013

Bill from San Fernando,

Can you clarify what it means taking Aloe vera oil 20 drops x4, is it in addition taking 70% DMSO mixed with 30% Aloe oil ?

Per Ted's post: DMSO only works when you mixed with aloe vera oil only. That is 70% DMSO and 30% aloe vera oil. Aloe vera oil is taken at least 20 drops 3 or 4 times a day.

Posted by Hashiaussie (Melbourne, Australia) on 03/11/2013

Dr Mercola just put this article up about the ketogenic diet and cancer - no sweets just protein & healthy fats help fight cancer. There is other information there as well. Hope it helps.



Story at-a-glance

Many cancer patients have reportedly overcome the disease by adopting a ketogenic diet, which calls for eliminating carbohydrates, replacing them with healthy fats and protein Animal studies have shown that mice fed a carb-free diet survived highly aggressive metastatic cancer even better than those treated with chemotherapy Your normal cells have the metabolic flexibility to adapt from using glucose to using ketone bodies. Cancer cells lack this metabolic flexibility, so when you eliminate carbs, which turn into sugar, you effectively starve the cancer Eating fat is NOT bad for your heart. Particularly beneficial fats include coconut oil, butter, organic pastured eggs, avocado and raw nuts. Most people need as much as 50-70 percent healthful fat in their diet to optimize health

Posted by Anon (Anon) on 03/11/2013

Hi, Look at the Budwig diet, they have testimonies reporting recovery from cancer even very late stage when it has spread.

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 03/11/2013 383 posts


1. Should the patient take it internally or externally, or both ways?
Both ways.

2. At what concentration (70%) ? and what dosage (1tsp)?
It doesn't work that way, must be 100%.

3. Where to find a food graded DMSO in Europe?
No idea, haven't been to Europe for the past 20 plus years.

DMSO only works when you mixed with aloe vera oil only. That is 70% DMSO and 30% aloe vera oil.
Aloe vera oil is taken at least 20 drops 3 or 4 times a day. Cancer tumors will reduce in size with certain reducing agents that are less dependent on pH. A common reducing agent, but is somewhat dependent of pH but very easy to find is lemon juice with baking soda. Must be on a strict no food diet for 3 days especially no fructose and no sweets, taking only nothing but lemon (preferably lime) and baking soda at pH 7.4, usually can tame the tumor in 24 to 48 hours. There is other uncommon reducing agent, such as hydrazine sulfate, but I prefer to mixed in either drinking water or lemon juice, or I may use other forms to dissolve or convert tumors into normal cells, but there may be a few rebel tumor that migrate further from the body such as the hands or feet, when such reducing agent is used. Reducing  agents mostly stops fermentation, which is how wine making is done also. So we know the technology for a very long time in getting rid of cancer this way.

Most people with cancer have the following profiles from my private research has deficiency of lysine, zinc, glutathione, vitamin C alkaline form, potassium, hydrochloric acid and high arsenic, and high lead. Best chelator for lead is lemon juice and baking soda. The simple reducing agent for lime juice and alkaline form of ascorbic acid, will reduce the oxidative high arsenic. Aloe vera oil quickly repairs damage cells, which is why it is commonly used, such as burns, emphysema, etc.


Posted by Phil (Athens, Attica) on 03/11/2013

Dear Evangelia. I just bought a bottle of DMSO from the alternative shop that is on Panepistimiou, just after Benaki str. On your right heading to Omonoia Squ. Wish you all the best. Phil

Posted by Evagelia (Athens, Greece - Europe) on 03/11/2013

Hoping / praying this post will finally reach Ted's attention. A family friend was diagnosed with brain cancer. The cancer type is a multiformer glioblastoma. It is the size of an egg, (5 cm). He has 4 months to live or even less. I read his post about DMSO.

I would very much appreciated if Ted could advise me, as to the following:
1. Should the patient take it internally or externally, or both ways?
2. At what concentration (70%) ? and what dosage (1tsp) ?
3. Where to find a food graded DMSO in Europe?

At the moment the patient refused chemotherapy and radiation. He is taking apricot seeds (around 40 daily). Should had he taken B-17 tablets too? mcg daily?
Could we dissolve the B-17 tablets to a DMSO solution? how will we mix it?

Upon Ted's request I could email his CT

Your reply will be very much appreciated! God Bless You All! P. S. I tried to send a mail to Ted to the following address: [email protected]. But I received a daimon failure message that the address is incorrect! Could you please send me Ted's New mail? thank you indeed!

EC: Hi Evagelia, Ted's email address is still: [email protected]. We will email Ted your post and ask him to respond.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Alkalizing
Posted by Ks (Houston, Tx, Usa) on 01/30/2012

TO:Post dated 01/29/2012 from Gregory from Athens, Hellas

God bless you for seeking a right path for your girlfriend.

Please google Dr. Stanislaw Bryzynski. He has his clinic in Stafford, TX. His specialty is Glioblastoma brain cancer. Suzanne Somers, after doing years of research on Dr. B, calls him the Jonas Salk of our times. Consider reading her book, Knockout. In it, she interviews numerous outstanding doctors with proven success records in HEALING cancer!

Best of health and luck to you and yours.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Alkalizing
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 01/30/2012 2084 posts

Gregory, I have read that Enada ® NADH in high doses can help prevent apoptosis of the healthy cells and greatly diminish the negative side effects of chemo. including DNA damage.

Search the Birkmeyer website for the article, it's in PDF form.

Supplementing any other antioxidants will increase power and lifespan of the NADH and visa versa. Yes, keep the body buffered with Baking Soda, add some Epsom Salt in a hot bath daily and 1grm Vit-C every 2-4 hrs. The NADH recycles oxygen over and over thus making it one of the most powerful antioxidants, so it's proly as or more effective Oxygen booster than H2O2, (just guessing); alkaline body PH also greatly boost Oxygen levels.

Drink Green Tea by the gallon as the body needs hydrating and the kidneys need supporting, and the GT is anticancer herb.

20 mg NADH are readily available in health food stores online or on location, cost can be a problem for some folks, so I would advise shopping around if necessary.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Alkalizing
Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 01/30/2012

Google phosphates and percy weston. He said that cancer thrives on phosphates in food. Most of our food is now saturated with phosphates. Percy lived to be 101 and cured himself twice of cancer as well as his wife. He has a good book available that he wrote when he was 97. Your cousin will need to substantially cut down on foods with phosphates in them as well as all sugar. Wheat apparently has high phosphate in it. A gluten free/casein free diet is a good start. Most processed food including sodas have phosphates in them.

They also apparently take calcium out of our body so everyone should supplement with calcium and magnesium.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Alkalizing
Posted by Gregory (Athens, Hellas) on 01/29/2012 1 posts

Hello Ted and everyone,

Congrats for this amazing site.

I have my girlfriend's cousin diagnosed with a type of brain cancer called glioblastoma.

Tomorrow she's gonna start chemo therapy by tables for 5 days cause the doctors said that it can't be operate and then she will start radiation.

I can't convice her not to do them. I strongly believe in a naturally way of healing.

But I also want some advise from Ted or anyone...

I know that H2O2 really works but I don't aware of the doses that propably will need. If she starts the chemo will the H2O2 cause any kind of problems except of the stomach problems?

Is the ACV with Baking soda will work?

Or anything else? please

Thank you very very much for yous time and advices