Natural Remedies for a Concussion (Brain Injury)

Supplements and pH Balance

Posted by C (USA) on 08/06/2007
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Dearest Ted, I'm a dedicated reader of and wanted to ask you if you could help me with my Cousin. He is now 21 years old and is a product of severe child abuse that led to severe brain damage. His grandmother (My Aunt) has been taking care of him since he was 3 years old. He can barely walk, he is very good at repeating people and he loves to sing. He is also very lovable but knows no boundaries. He has no understanding of pain and according to doctors, does not feel pain. So He's very hard to help because he doesn't' know if he's hurt. They told my Aunt that he wouldn't live past 10 years old and here he is at 21. He can't bathe himself, he can't go to the bathroom by himself, he is like a 2 year old but a very grown man and it has become increasingly difficult for my Aunt to help him. He screams all the time..very loud. Is there anything my Aunt could possibly do to help his brain all...even a minute amount? Something that I can do for him that would help him? He's on so many medications it's ridiculous. She gets no help from the state and most doctors tell her she should put him in a mental institution but she just doesn't have the heart to "throw him away" like that. And we also realize that if he goes to a place like that..he will most likely be drugged so that he isn't so difficult. It's heartbreaking. He was a normal little boy at one time but due to being severely now living a half life so undeserved. I know that you are very very busy and probably get a million emails asking you for help. If you do find the time..any suggestions would be so very helpful. There isn't much about brain damage..or really nothing at all on earthclinic. But I thought, if I was going to might be my best bet. Thanks so much