Brain Injuries - Editor's Choice

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Multiple Remedies

Posted by Leilaloha (Black River Falls, Wi) on 04/30/2016
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How to help heal brain injury fastest - spoken by personal experience

I already was passionate about yoga, ayurveda, chinese medicine, nutrition, and herbal remedies and had cured many a thing with the help of Earth Clinic over the years. :)
Then a truck hit me, and my head fell and cracked open onto the lava rock (like glass aa kind o rock) so I was in a coma 3 days but awoke, therapy, physical and mental - and weaned myself off of painkillers faster than most do - like a month or two after injury - and kept to my mostly vegan diet, mostly fruits n veggies with fish and omega fatty acid fish oil supplements - chia seed - hemp seed oil protien, etc, ashwaganda helps. really helps memory and is an adaptogen - so it helps with many things at once.

Lots of greens, keep body oxygenated! lots of aerobic exercise! I danced my heart out. pain help by yoga, meditation, deep breathing, "breath of fire" where one breaths fast in and out fully then fast like 108 breaths then fully in and out from sky to center of earth - there are videos online how to do it properly. do with shaman or elder is best, rainbow tribe know. :) <3

awa kava kava helps with pain - like turmeric - anti inflamatory - helps with mood too.

Funny enough, occasional, RARE organic tobacco smoke helped my brain have emergency energy sometimes, like if I as on a bike ride and couldn't make it home, too dizzy n weak, a puff o organic tobacco n I made it fine. :) helped heal headaches too. only thing that did! God made even tobacco for a reason. :)

Protein. I couldn't be vegan, I tried, after severe injury. one needs EXTRA protein to heal injury, and chinese medicine makes sense! One needs similar to injured area eaten to heal area with proper nutrients - so I needed meat. more organic fair trade free range the better. I ate liver too. grass fed cows. bone broth soup, gelatin, chew carleage off chicken bone etc all helps heal deeeeep stuff and rebuild deep tissue n bone.

I have two metal plates in my head, I guess titanium, so occasionally my head felt just painfully swollen with excess oil filled with METAL trying to detox out, so I took chlorella. also like spirulina, high in protein. :) Chlorella grabs like cilantro, heavy metals out of body.

Lymph healing massage helps too. gentle tickly almost along energetic channels along lymph nodes.
chi lel helps (healing chi exercises)

Yoga meditation breath work all. :)

Much love to you all <3 Aloha