Natural Cures for Bone Mineral Density

Yoga and Martial Arts
Posted by D (Los Angeles) on 01/21/2007

About 7 years ago, I took part in a bone density study where I was one of the "neutral" group. The director of the study (also a fantastic yoga instructor) was out to prove that yoga builds bone density. The study went on for 6 months and the participants had a before and after bone scan. Even though I was in the neutral group, (i.e., the group that was not required to take yoga 2x a week) I was allowed to continue with my own form of exercise, karate. At that point I think I was training about 4x a week. Long story short: When I went for my bone scan at the end of 6 months, everyone was very surprised to see that, besides a large percentage of the yoga group (sorry, can't remember the #s), I too had gained bone density! I still have my two bone scans in my files somewhere. I am not sure if she ever published the results.