Bone Cancer Natural Treatment

Essiac Tea
Posted by Precious (Detroit, Michigan) on 07/03/2013

My hubby had bone cancer 23years ago. he refused chemo. I told the doctor to trick him. I told the doctor to say you need fluids and then antibiotics. Instead his doctor gave him chemo, but my hubby figured it out too quick and refused treatment. They only gave him a year. A cousin was treating a dog with tremors with Essiac tea. I felt the tremors. The were gone in a month. I gave the tea to my hubby. Snuck it in anything I could. I put it in his coffee, his tea, his food. Now I know this dilutes the tea.... But it worked. He went into remission. Then he had a motorcycle accident and crushed his leg and foot. About 1 year later his cancer was back. We don't know but we think the bad bone marrow was put back into his system. Don't know... But I gave him the tea.... Now the doctor is calling hospice and the VA is telling us he is in stage 3 bone cancer... I was at my wits end. The tea did its job and he is in remission again. Now the VA wants to know what I gave him. All he would tell them is a tea... But its funny now the FDA has pulled the tea from the US Market from what I hear. Anyway if you have cancer and you want to live drink the tea is all I have to say.