Bone Cancer - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Bone Cancer. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 04/25/2016

Hi Jorge...The man I helped several years ago initially had a melanoma which eventually metastasized to his ribs and lymph. He was in stage 3 or 4 when he asked me for help. After the 11th day on my protocol, he was no longer bed-ridden and he was up and about and improving. Unfortunately, he suddenly flew to Hong Kong on the 12th day (no longer taking the protocol) to see his sons and daughters who all wanted him to take the chemo again. Three days after he left for Hong Kong I received notification by email from his family telling me that he had died. He had the chemo and it was too much for him.

Regarding your son's bone cancer, the same rules always apply and these are:

*Thoroughly Oxygenate the the cells of the body

*Revive and boost the immune system to help fight the cancer

*Kill any organisms involved in aiding the cancer

* Improve the diet -- no sugar, fats or carbohydrates.

*Kill the cancer cells themselves.

I won't be recommending any of the herbs I used in the above case because they are local Filipino herbs and would be difficult to obtain. So what I shall relate here is mostly Ted from Bangkok's cure for bone cancer plus one or two other suggestions as well.

Lysine is supplemented at 1000mgs once every hour for four four hours in the morning and four times in the evening. You can also mix in 500 mgs(1/8 tspn) vitamin C with this as well. Take them together with water and away from meals. So take this protocol 8 times a day. This will raise up your immune system and help to stop the cancer from spreading.

Take the Beta-Glucan twice a day. Get the powder form and mix it with the lysine and water etc for ease and convenience. The dose is half a teaspoon or 2000mgs twice a day. The Beta Glucan helps the immune T-cells to recognize the cancer and ultimately to kill it.

To help oxygenate the cells, take one to three capfuls of 3% hydrogen peroxide in a liter of water. Drink one liter of this per day. This will help to reduce the pain as well as help to thoroughly oxygenate the body.

Supplement chromium picolinate at 1000 mcg twice a day. This lowers the blood sugar and so helps to stop the growth and spread of the cancer. I would also add either Gymnema sylvestre tea or Chanca piedra tea to the protocol.This will help also to reduce blood pressure, reduce blood sugar and will help prevent heavy, sticky blood and also helps avoid heart problems.

Take niacin at 100 mgs three times a day with meals. This also helps to unclump the blood safely. Take the niacin with Lugols iodine or SSKI(Saturated Solution of Potassium Iodide) -- five drops taken with a glass of water will help the pain.

Lastly, once a day topically use DMSO(Dimethyl Sulfoxide) on its own in a 70% solution over the area of the bone cancer. After it has been absorbed into the skin then just rub some aloe vera oil over the area to prevent skin irritation. The DMSO helps to revert and differentiate cancer back to normal cells. If you wish to greatly enhance the DMSO -- you can also optionally add a 1% solution of Gallium Nitrate in a 50-50 mix with the DMSO. The gallium nitrate acts like a trojan horse that will only kill cancer cells, not healthy cells. You can purchase a 14% solution of Gallium Nitrate from here.

I would further take Selenium, Milk Thistle and acetyl cysteine at regular dosages to help the liver and kidneys get rid of the cancer poisons safely.

If there is any difficulty with appetite and your son cannot eat then double or quadruple dauly dosages of protease enzymes with pancreatin must be given with all meals together with Betaine HCL and B50 Complex.

Perhaps the most important of all the information that I've given you up top is to keep your son's blood sugar below 90 mgs/decL. If you can achieve that every day then the cancer's growth and spread will be stopped in its tracks and you will have all the time in the world to kill the cancer itself.

Grapefruit Seed Extract, Green Tea

Posted by L. (Ma, US) on 10/03/2014

My relative was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (which is a form of bone marrow and blood cancer). She began taking two Grapefruit Seed Extract supplements a day, and drinking two green teas a day. The green teas were plain, with nothing else added to them. Her cancer regressed when she did that, and now she does not have it anymore. She had done nothing else differently aside from that, so I attribute it to that. So yes, I would say that the Grapefruit Seed Extract definitely helps, at least in her case, as well as green tea. You can by the GSE for about $9 a bottle on Amazon, and she just used plain ol' Lipton green tea bags. Hope this helps someone.