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Natural Cures for Blastomycosis

| Modified on Oct 03, 2017
Posted by Vicki (Mcewen, Tn) on 06/22/2011

Has anyone ever fought pulmonary blastomycosis with herbals and it helped?

Posted by Tony (Ashland City, Tn.) on 05/18/2014

Hello, I was just wondering if you ever received any helpful advise or not. I was diagnosed about a month ago. The Dr. wants to put me on the same med, but it would conflict with my Amiodarone. Dermo. says he'll call Cardio. to see if he could change my Amiodarone( A-fib med), so that I can take the itraconazole. Also, did you find the itraconazole at a descent price anywhere? I was told $800.00 for 60 200mg caps.

Posted by Allison (San Francisco, Ca) on 11/15/2016

I am curious to know how bad your dog was before you started treatment for blasto? My dog was just dx on Thursday. She has had symptoms for over 3 weeks without a dx. She has had lameness, blindnees- d/t retinal detatchemnt in one eye with the other eye not looking good. She only eats treats and sleeps a lot. She is on an oral anti-fingla and multiple drops to try and help what is left of her good eye. Can you tell me about the alternative treatment you did. I hate watching her suffer and think if we don't find another way we are going to have to put her down. Thanks

Posted by Marie (Indiana ) on 01/06/2017

My pyaneiss was diagnosed with fungal infection in his eyes. We started him on meds for this & getting ready to treat him for any fungal infection that maybe located elsewhere. Has anyone tried natural remedies? If so, what?

Posted by Shawna (Idaho) on 01/21/2017

Hi Julie, Do you know the rife frequencies to use for blastomycosis? Thanks

Posted by Diana (Romania) on 10/02/2017

Hi! Please help me! My 4.5 Romanian Sheppard dog has blastomycosis, not in her lungs, in her bone (write front leg). It seems to be the first dog ever diagnosed in Romania. We tried the classic treatment with Itraconazole, we have consulted doctors from abroad and have no access to iv Itraconazole (not licensed here, nor in EU). I am trying a mix of essential oils now, (for 2 weeks), but looking for other options (homeopathy, other). Can you please share any info you have? My dog could live up to 10-12yrs:(. It seems that for now is it very localized, only a MRI will tell us if it affects other bones as well. And we are trying to avoid cutting her leg since she is a xxl size dog. I read that less than 10% of the diagnosed dogs have the infection in their bones, so the treatment is even more difficult for these dogs.

Thank you very much!


Posted by Mt (Romania) on 10/03/2017

did you hear about RomVac?

urea as a 8% solution applied to the leg

dog's urine like in urine therapy

electrical therapy -read this site about small electrical currents applied along the leg

propolis tincture external and investigate the internal option

colloidal silver