Bladder Issue Remedies


Posted by Jfrost231 (Hackettstown, New Jersey, United States) on 03/13/2013
4 out of 5 stars

Hello, I have been suffering irritation and burning while I urinate for about a year now. I'm 17, and it started last year when I first got a UTI. I went to the doctor, got antibiotics, (Cipro to be exact) and it went away. Then a couple months later, I had the same problem again, so I thought I would go back to the doctor, which I did, I got Bactrim, and I would be cured. Nope. And ever since I have been trying so desperately to rid myself of whatever it is I have. I have tried apple cider vinegar, which I think made it worse, sea salt water, cranberry pills, kidney bladder health pills, as well as a variety of other pills. I have changed my diet, to only drinking water and pure cranberry juice (which helps). I cut out as much sugar as I can. I am and have been sexually active since it started, but my partner and I have used all the necessary precautions to avoid something like this happening in the first place. Now recently, I was told by this amazing indian lady who runs a health food store in my town told me to take D-Mannose for a few month, I have been on D-Mannose for three months, from November to February. But I stopped because the three months was up, and I was feeling awesome that entire time little to no pain at all. If there was any irritation, it was so small that it didn't even bother me. I know for a fact that my problem has nothing to do with my bladder or kidneys, it is all urethra. But recently, this past week, I have been drinking this detox tea, it is supposes to rid the body of your toxins and it is obviously released through waste. I have been in such awful pain with urination. So I am wondering, is it the tea that is irritating my urethra? Are the toxins being released from my body making me have burning and irritation while I urinate? I only started drinking this tea this week. I want to continue taking the D-Mannose, but I don't know if it will be harmful for my body. Am I allowed to take D-Mannose as a daily supplement? is it safe? It was helping me so much and it sucks that the joy ends. I need opinions, I need answers. I am stopping the tea, but if it continues, I don't know what to do. I'm considering going to a urologist. Help!