Natural Remedies for Bipolar Disorder

Flax Seed Oil
Posted by Kira (Saratoga, NY) on 12/20/2008
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If you have bipolar tendencies (e.g. getting hypomanic when taking an SSRI anti-depressant) be careful when taking flax seed oil, a very small percentage get hypomanic (e.g. you feel like you have ants in your pants and can't sit still). When such a person continues to take the flax oil, it may trigger a manic episode.

I can tolerate Omega 3s in fish oil but not flax oil or flax mixed with cottage cheese. Not many people seem to know this side effect of flax that effects like 1% or so of users but somewhere online I came across it after already experiencing it myself. Most people aren't bothered.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Donnie (Albuquerque, New Mexico) on 09/26/2008

Hey Daniel, I had a bipolar girlfriend. In doing Internet research I found a natural supplement company out of Canada called "True Hope." Though Julie never tried it (in denial about her bipolarity), I heard some good things about it. I remember that it was a lot cheaper than lithium or other less-natural symptom suppressors. Since you're on an all-natural kick, this might be something you might be interested in.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Louellen (Calgary, Ab, CA) on 12/05/2014

I have used True Hope EMP initially for Post Partum Depression. I found it helped balance me after a few days... But eventually I realized that I was simply deficient in basically everything after growing a human (did not take a prenatal). Many people swear by EMP but it is also costly and you need to take 9 pills a day.

Olive Oil
Posted by Arlene (Findlay, OH) on 07/16/2007
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I have been using extra virgin olive oil. My psychologist told me about this after studying Native American history. I am bipolar. I have noticed increased metabolism, teeth tightening, weight loss of 12 pounds since starting the oil pulling June 1, 2007. I have so much more energy, teeth seem to be whitening. A clearer mind. The weight loss has been the best for me.

Olive Oil
Posted by Temperance (Va) on 11/14/2013

How do you use the Olive Oil and Lemon Juice for your bi-polar? I am so desperate right now that I will try anything. The meds are not working and I am becoming a unstable person and the VA is not helping. Please help.

Olive Oil
Posted by Steve (Nevada) on 11/15/2013

The only thing I can think of that may help you on both ends of bipolar, depression and manic sides, is something called lithium orotate. It is the natural version of lithium that is often prescribed for bipolar. Reviews overall are very good for this supplement. I hope it will be ok to post the link so you can read up on it a bit:

Peace, Steve

Olive Oil
Posted by Mr. Ree (Usa) on 11/15/2013

High doses of niacin will get RID of your problem..Google it and see for yourself..."Niacin + schizophrenia."

Olive Oil
Posted by Mike 62 (Denver, Colorado) on 11/15/2013

Temperance: I had what you have. I'll be glad to show you the way to become calmer and more cognitive. Please get a $15 3kg jar of kimchi, $6 1kg bag of non gmo red miso, and some $1 lb bean sprouts at the asian market. Put some in a blender with some organic baby leaves and make a green smoothie. Eat some raw honey and some raw organic berries. Do this every 2 hours. 4 times a day take 1oz fresh grass fed hamburger and 1 pastured egg. You can get these at whole foods. Eat these raw. Do not grind the egg in a blender or stir with a fork. Crack the yolk with the teeth before swallowing. Watch 80/10/10 videos and study the superfoods. Concentrates are less costly and more convenient. Your energy is going to skyrocket. Thank you.

Flax Seed Oil
Posted by Matt (Rhode Island, US) on 02/13/2015

I'm sorry to tell you but this is a placebo effect. Flaxseed oil does not have the omega 3 responsible for mood stability (EPA). However, fish oil does. There is no substitute. And for anyone else on this board with true manic depression (Bipolar I disorder), you can not substitute medication with herbs and vitamins. True bipolar I is a medical illness, which needs to be treated medically. If your disorder responds to vitamins and herbs alone, you probably have a personality disorder, such as borderline personality disorder. I am a mental health professional and see this type of misconception all the time.

Flax Seed Oil
Posted by Sam (Santa Barbara ) on 03/10/2018

I have this reaction with chocolate.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Robin (Ar, Ar Us) on 10/11/2011 go look at Ted's remedies. On right hand side. I think this would be something to try for bipolar mood swings. On right hand side it is under remedies needed toms. Good Luck.

Yoga Breathing
Posted by Linda (Dfw) on 01/28/2018

After reading all the posts, I wonder if anyone has tried acupuncture for bipolar disorder. I have a nephew who has this disorder and someone mentioned it to me and I was hoping to find someone who had tried acupuncture.

Lithium Orotate, Lithium Aspartate
Posted by Gean (Salina, Ks) on 05/24/2010

Hello, has anyone here had any experience with the over-the-counter supplements lithium orotate or lithium aspartate? This would be for OCD, or bipolar disorder, or anger, PTSD, etc. Thank you.

Posted by Phyllis (Scottsdale, Az) on 12/03/2009
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YES - RHODIOLA will cause some people (notably those who are bipolar) possible manic episodes if taken in too high a dose. One person says they are taking 600 MG a day. That's too high for most people. Try taking 150 mg of a good Rhodiola and then moving up to maybe 300 mg if you like the feeling. No reason to do any more than that. We've had seven years experience with Rhodiola in our household, with great success. But, not for skin lightening!! I don't know where one poster got that idea (and the dose she's taking is WAY too much). Consider Rhodiola an herb that is to be respected and treated gingerly. It has been used for many centuries, quite safely.

St John's Wort
Posted by Heidi (Ogden, UT USA) on 03/08/2009
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WARNING! If you have bipolar disorder, avoid St. John's Wort. My husband has BPD, and used st john's wort for a full year before having any side effects, and when they came, they were a DOOZY!

He said he felt like his brain was sitting on a frying pan and sizzling, and if he'd had a gun, he would have shot himself in the head, not because he was suicidal, but simply to bring an end to the sizzling sensation.

It took a year for the herb to saturate into his system enough to bring this on, but it was a VERY unhappy side effect for him. It lasted an entire afternoon, three or four hours of brain sizzle. Not something he ever wants to repeat.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Alissa (Cache Valley, Utah) on 12/03/2017

Hi Jillery,

I have a daughter who was diagnosed bipolar about 18 months ago. I have now read the Nutrient Power book. It was very detailed. I'm interested in find a book that helps family members better understand how to be supportive to the bipolars needs. Particularly when they are depressed. Can you recommend anything like that? Thanks

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Ric (California) on 08/22/2016

You may have something there, Daniel. Your kidney stone issues reminded me of my ex-wife. I used to be married to someone who was bipolar: nice and charismatic one moment, unbridled with anger the next. Whenever she was pregnant, she seemed to be a much nicer person. During one of her pregnancies, she had to have her gallbladder removed because of "gallstones" and the pain they were causing on her right side. After getting divorced from her and looking to recover my own health and well-being, I started looking into natural home remedies. I began by doing gallbladder flushes and liver cleanses (with a method using Epsom salts, EV olive oil, grapefruit juice) followed in later months by a combined bowel cleanse (psyllium husk and bentonite shakes) and detox ("lemonade diet" - using lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper). After experiencing the health benefits of those cleanses I was left to wonder if my ex would have benefited both mentally and physically from the same. I think there is a connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Someone else here posted a Bipolar cure as Detox (relating to detox, deficiency's and good nutrition). I believe all of those things are beneficial and worth looking into. I will do more research on kidney stone removal methods and benefits, as I may have some - an inherited trait. Thanks.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Rebecca (Mn) on 10/09/2017

That is awesome. In some schools of thought, your right side regulates your emotions. So awesome you tried that...

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