Natural Remedies for Bipolar Disorder

Lithium Orotate, Lithium Aspartate

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Posted by Gean (Salina, Ks) on 05/24/2010

Hello, has anyone here had any experience with the over-the-counter supplements lithium orotate or lithium aspartate? This would be for OCD, or bipolar disorder, or anger, PTSD, etc. Thank you.

Melatonin, Chamomile Tea

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Posted by Jeremiah (San Diego, California) on 07/19/2009
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I have Bipolar Disorder characterized most by Manic episodes. Some are not all that bad; they're just a pain in the ass when I have something to do or someone to meet/people to be around. Anyways, I have noticed that when I can't get to sleep at night because my Seroquel doesn't seem to want to do its job, I take Melatonin, usually at 3 mgs. to start off with, then another 3 mgs., which usually knocks me out.

I have also tried Chamomile Tea with positive effects, but since I suffer from enuresis (bed-wetting), I have had to discontinue, because even if I take my medication for enuresis, I still go, which normally wouldn't happen otherwise.

That is not to say that I don't recommend Chamomile Tea. I would actually highly recommend to anybody, except if you have enuresis, even if you take medication for it.

Olive Oil

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Posted by Arlene (Findlay, OH) on 07/16/2007
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I have been using extra virgin olive oil. My psychologist told me about this after studying Native American history. I am bipolar. I have noticed increased metabolism, teeth tightening, weight loss of 12 pounds since starting the oil pulling June 1, 2007. I have so much more energy, teeth seem to be whitening. A clearer mind. The weight loss has been the best for me.

Replied by Temperance

How do you use the Olive Oil and Lemon Juice for your bi-polar? I am so desperate right now that I will try anything. The meds are not working and I am becoming a unstable person and the VA is not helping. Please help.

Replied by Steve

The only thing I can think of that may help you on both ends of bipolar, depression and manic sides, is something called lithium orotate. It is the natural version of lithium that is often prescribed for bipolar. Reviews overall are very good for this supplement. I hope it will be ok to post the link so you can read up on it a bit:

Peace, Steve

Replied by Mr. Ree

High doses of niacin will get RID of your problem..Google it and see for yourself..."Niacin + schizophrenia."

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Temperance: I had what you have. I'll be glad to show you the way to become calmer and more cognitive. Please get a $15 3kg jar of kimchi, $6 1kg bag of non gmo red miso, and some $1 lb bean sprouts at the asian market. Put some in a blender with some organic baby leaves and make a green smoothie. Eat some raw honey and some raw organic berries. Do this every 2 hours. 4 times a day take 1oz fresh grass fed hamburger and 1 pastured egg. You can get these at whole foods. Eat these raw. Do not grind the egg in a blender or stir with a fork. Crack the yolk with the teeth before swallowing. Watch 80/10/10 videos and study the superfoods. Concentrates are less costly and more convenient. Your energy is going to skyrocket. Thank you.

Replied by Hb
(San Diego)

Do the ketogenic diet, the correct way, might not even need meds any more, I'm on 900mg lithium bipolar 1, has helped immensely in conjunction with Lithium. Was hospitalized twice for thinking I was Christ. Hope this helps.


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Posted by Phyllis (Scottsdale, Az) on 12/03/2009
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YES - RHODIOLA will cause some people (notably those who are bipolar) possible manic episodes if taken in too high a dose. One person says they are taking 600 MG a day. That's too high for most people. Try taking 150 mg of a good Rhodiola and then moving up to maybe 300 mg if you like the feeling. No reason to do any more than that. We've had seven years experience with Rhodiola in our household, with great success. But, not for skin lightening!! I don't know where one poster got that idea (and the dose she's taking is WAY too much). Consider Rhodiola an herb that is to be respected and treated gingerly. It has been used for many centuries, quite safely.

St John's Wort

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Posted by Heidi (Ogden, UT USA) on 03/08/2009
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WARNING! If you have bipolar disorder, avoid St. John's Wort. My husband has BPD, and used st john's wort for a full year before having any side effects, and when they came, they were a DOOZY!

He said he felt like his brain was sitting on a frying pan and sizzling, and if he'd had a gun, he would have shot himself in the head, not because he was suicidal, but simply to bring an end to the sizzling sensation.

It took a year for the herb to saturate into his system enough to bring this on, but it was a VERY unhappy side effect for him. It lasted an entire afternoon, three or four hours of brain sizzle. Not something he ever wants to repeat.

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Robin (Ar, Ar Us) on 10/11/2011 go look at Ted's remedies. On right hand side. I think this would be something to try for bipolar mood swings. On right hand side it is under remedies needed toms. Good Luck.

Yoga Breathing

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Posted by Nicholas (Edison, New Jersey, Usa) on 09/03/2011
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I was emotionally unstable for 8 years running from one therapist to another getting no results. In 1984 I discovered yoga breathing and by my second session I was HEALED... No more emotionally unstable. This kind of breathing has many different names: rebirthing, conscious breathing, connected breathing, cosmic breathing, vivation, and psychiatrist Stanislav Grof named it holotropic breathwork.

As a yoga breath therapist I have recently healed a young lady of bipolar disorder. My site is .

Replied by Linda

After reading all the posts, I wonder if anyone has tried acupuncture for bipolar disorder. I have a nephew who has this disorder and someone mentioned it to me and I was hoping to find someone who had tried acupuncture.

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