Natural Remedies for Bipolar Disorder

Posted by Libraloveshealth (Los Angeles, California) on 02/27/2017
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Garlic Overdose for Bipolar disorder

I know this sounds crazy and totally off the wall, people probably will doubt me, and think I'm nuts but overdosing on garlic, it cured my bipolar disorder. I took aged garlic tablets. I have read about garlic causing brain changes it can be very toxic in high doses. When I was taking the aged garlic tablets I took 3 pills with each meal 3 times a day. During the time I could feel lots of zinging zaps in my brain, my brain did feel as though it was changing like. I also felt like a splitting type of feeling in my head. I believe that the sulfur and other compounds in the garlic can change brain cells. Garlic is a very potent compound and used to reverse and repel many things, so I believe it can reverse and repel bipolar disorder as well. I did end up with an anemic reaction from too much garlic and ended up in the ER though, but at the cost of my bipolar disorder being cured. I believe the people who eat garlic and the countries which eat large amounts of garlic do have less incidence of mental illnesses/disorders. I know it is toxic in high doses, but this could possibly be a cure, it did fix me. My bipolar was very severe I tried every medication and even considered electroconclusive therapy. I'm not saying that my bipolar is 100% cured but I would say it is 90%. I am no longer dealing with suidicidal thoughts, mood swings, depression, anger fits, etc. I am very calm. I wish there would be more medical research done on the compounds in garlic for bipolar disorder. As toxic as lithium and Depakote are, this is something to look into.

Just be wary though cause too much of the garlic can cause anemic reactions but I hear there are some special tropical fruits which can prevent it for those who want to take garlic daily for the health benefits.