Natural Remedies for Bipolar Disorder

Flax Seed Oil
Posted by Jason (Wisconsin, US) on 03/12/2015
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I cannot tolerate Flaxseed. After taking it, I become extremely irritable. I suffer from seasonal depression and usually rely on alcohol to help during the rough times. For panic attacks I'll take a very small dose of Xanax .125mg - .25mg maybe 3-4 times a year. But I have never experienced the level of anger that results from taking flaxseed. It makes me feel frustrated and paranoid. There is nothing else in my 45 years that has made me feel so terrible and unable to control my emotions. I also have a sister and a brother who have the same reactions to flax as I do. My sister has suffered from occasional depression, however, my brother has never suffered any form of mental illness. Don't know if it is something we are allergic to or if it just creates some chemical imbalance. The disappointing thing for me is whenever you do an internet search for flaxseed, 99% of the results are praising the wonderful miracle cures that are possible but offer very little if any information on the possible negative side effects. I wouldn't wish the reaction I have on anyone. I just wanted to share in case anyone else out there has had the same experience.