Natural Remedies for Bipolar Disorder

Posted by Rcohen (Kingsport, Tn) on 06/21/2012
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On the track of researching a more broad based concept, having BiPolar Illness, Fibro and now Cancer in our family, I have discovered a few common demoninators across many "chronic diseases". First we must note our medical system's propensity to sell symptoms to the general public AS illnesses so they can "treat" them indefinitely. Then understand that most things we eat, consume as medicinal, breath or otherwise consume is TOXIC, and in the case of foods, contain little to zero nutritional value. Even if the food is SUPPOSED to be healthy for you, the way most companies TREAT / PROCESS it will leave it devoid of any of the good stuff.

With that said, MOST illnesses I believe, including Cancer (look at Essiac Tea), Fibro and BiPolar is due to a toxicity, deficiency and lack of good nutrition or at least nutrition that makes it where it needs to go on a cellular level. Most processed foods CLOG the body to the point where it can't ABSORB the nutrition FROM the foods that we consume, if even it WERE good for us.

The answer in most cases is to DETOX as a regularity and to supply your body with a nutritional boost of some kind (specific to your symptoms) to offset the rest.

Cheers, rcohen