Natural Remedies to Help Safely Taper Off of Benzos

on May 10, 2023| Modified on Jul 28, 2023
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Posted by Debbie (MI) on 05/23/2023

This is a place to get help withdrawing from any drug. Much wisdom and knowledge...

Tapering Off Benzos Remedies
Posted by Denise E (Crescent City, CA) on 05/23/2023

I also am a T2 Diabetic, and for 2.5 years I have been on a ketogenic diet. Only 2 times have I knowingly ate something I thought could spike my blood glucose so I have been very diligent. I'm 70 and not into playing around foolishly with anything. I did have just a bit of sort of burning pain in just my toes in the beginning, after diagnosis. I don't remember before while I was, unknown to me, prediabetic. It had showed up in my labs from 2018.

Anyway, I think that was just a little neuropathy and I basically cured that with my Keto nutrition with extra Magnesium and still take my magnesium every day (500 mg 2 x per day). Last night I had severe burning pain in a much larger part of my right foot. It would come and go for about 30 minutes and if it hadn't been coming and going I think I would have been in such pain I probably would have called for help. Each time it only lasted a few seconds though and finally subsided.

I'm here hoping for feedback as I am not finding much on it, and I'm trying to determine what else I might do to help prevent it, and the possibility of it getting worse. I don't know if it's my T2 as my diet has not changed, nor my regular walking, and gym workouts. I suspect this is a withdrawal symptom which neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy are listed as wd symptoms from Benzo diazapines.

Any feedback is so welcome on what I might try, and I did see the list above, but I would love to hear from someone that may have experienced neuropathy, and type of neuropathy, and thanks so much,


Tapering off Benzos Remedies
Posted by Denise E (Crescent City, CA) on 05/10/2023

Oh thank you so much! I'll share what I can, and have experienced with tapering, and I will send some new found friends to EC!! Denise :)

Tapering off Benzos Remedies
Posted by Earth Clinic on 05/10/2023

Hi Denise,

As you suggested in your recent post to Art above, we created a new page on benzo tapering. Please post any helpful tapering remedies on the new page: