Natural Cures for Barrett's Esophagus

Dietary Changes
Posted by Kim (Oklahoma City) on 08/06/2015
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I have read some of your comments and thought I would tell a little about my experiences. My dad passed away from esophageal cancer about 16 years ago. I now have acid reflux, Barrett's esophogus, and a hiatal hernia. I tried proton pump inhibitors but they did not do anything to help. Some of the home remedies (ie. Organic apple cider vinegar, lemon water) help temporarily but not long term. I have recently found out after years of dealing with acid reflux that I have celiac disease. I have drastically changed my diet by going without glutens, sugar, and dairy. I do not have as many problems with the acid reflux as I did. I have lost quit a bit of weight and just feel better overall.

I really, truly feel like most people with acid reflux have a gut issue that is causing the acid reflux. There has got to be an underlying cause for it. Please find a functional doctor or nurse practitioner who will check for a cause and not just treat the symptoms. I am very blessed that I finally found someone who would listen to my concerns. I hope this helps everyone with these concerns.