Natural Cures for Barrett's Esophagus

| Modified on Mar 25, 2023
Licorice, Marshmallows Herb
Posted by Roxanne (NYC) on 03/25/2023

I find that I get relief from my Barrett's with licorice (Licorette's) and Dandies marshmallows (the plant not the confection),

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tom (Verona New Jersey ) on 01/27/2023

Thanks for the info! Best of luck to you, and my prayers as well. You gave me some hope!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 01/24/2023

A friend and I were eating at an Italian restaurant. We had several dishes that were acidic, plus she had few glasses of wine. After the meal my friend took out a long stalk of celery from her purse, and began eating it. She told me that she had been living on Tums since she was young, but had just recently tried celery. By the time she had finished the stalk of celery, the severe burning sensation in her throat and chest were gone.

She told me to eat the whole stalk of celery when you first experience heartburn, and then just a few small pieces during the day will continue the relief. I tried it myself, and it really does work. By the time you've finished the celery, your throat and chest feel clear and normal again.

The alkaline in the celery cuts the acid in your acid reflux, and gives relief without the tums or pills. In your case, you may want to consider juicing celery and drinking 16 oz per day. This anti-inflammatory activity in celery is attributed to the active ingredients called apigenin, apiin, and luteolin in celery juice.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Magnolia (US) on 01/24/2023

About 23 years ago I was diagnosed with Barrett's and continued to be diagnosed w/it for about 15 years and then it has not turned up for the past scans. I still suffer from acid reflux and take various things. I think I am due for another scan in about 3 years. Try not to panic - it is a very nasty cancer, I am told, but it doesn't always lead to cancer. I understand your concern, but remain hopeful and do what you prefer to do to treat it. I don't think most doctors really give great advice.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Art (California) on 01/24/2023 1960 posts


Melatonin may be a favorable addition to your regimen for your BE and GERD. Melatonin has shown in studies to ameliorate GERD :, relieving epigastric pain and heartburn.

Here is a relevant study quote :

' The present study showed that oral melatonin is a promising therapeutic agent for the treatment of GERD. It is an effective line of treatment in relieving epigastric pain and heartburn. '

Melatonin is also protective of the esophagus in BE and has shown to act as an anticarcinogenic, which would be important with constant esophageal erosion : both of these condition, with GERD from erosions, Barrett's

Here is a relevant study quote :

' Since both of these condition are also identified as major risk factors for esophageal carcinoma, we provide some experimental and clinical evidence that supplementation therapy with melatonin could be useful in esophageal injury by protecting various animal models and patients with GERD from erosions, Barrett's esophagus and neoplasia. '


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lalo (Denver, CO) on 01/24/2023

Barrett's Esophagus

I was diagnosed in october 2022 with b.e. with 1 nurse telling me it's for life. then another nurse telling me she's actually seen cases where a patient went in, got diagnosed and at the 2nd upper endoscopy having no signs or biopsies that signal barrets. So I got to researching like a mad man. There are published studies on diaphramatic breathings effect on strengthening the lower esophageal sphincter todays diet and lifestyle along with stress weakens this muscle, but with regular practice, diaphramatic breathing may put a stop to GERD and acid reflux, giving the esophagus time to heal. I have noticed my esophageal spasms and phlemy throat become less common as I continue the diaphramatic breathing or breathing from the belly as children naturally do. I've been struggling with silent acid reflux with a few bouts of GERD since Aug 2022 that caused my b.e. but researching I've found a few naturopathic doctors who've been able to reverse the condition with alkaline water, using it 2 hours after the last meal before bed to deactivate the acid in the stomach & chewing xylitol gum in between meals during the day, also to deactivate the stomach acid when it's not needed. I do this alkaline water infused with marshmallow root, soothe the stomach lining and coat the esophagus. I also use DGL 20 minutes before meals, Aloe Vera 15 minutes before meals and diaphramatic breathing 10 minutes before meals to strengthen the les, Lower Esophageal Sphincter as well. oxygenation has been studied to reduce inflammation. I have tried 2 bouts of hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapies with noticeable results. before this therapy I could not eat much, I was at 1 egg and 1 turkey sausage in the mornings and a boiled chicken leg at dinner. by the end of 10 sessions, I was able to eat 3 eggs and 3 turkey sausages and 2 boiled chicken legs. Then kids got a cold spread it, which swole my throat and lost confidence and started back at square 1. 1 egg 1 sausage once the sore throat went away. but because the oxygen worked I continued research and found e.w.o.t. Exercise with oxygen therapy. 1 session being equal to a dozen hbot, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, sessions. Although costly if you purchase your own set up but for me well worth it. am on day 3, and have notice my dysphagia lessening up. Am able to sip on water in between workout sets, before I had to slam everything I drank, eating my sausage with egg and able to nibble on a few items such as a few chips. For the life of me I cannot stop eating chips, I will find a way dammit! Its the only thing I crave most in the world. It's a complete lifestyle change but am only 35 with 2 small children whatever I need to do to continue to be with them, I am willing to do. also just found out about Rezcue. Pepzin GL otherwise known as Zinc Carnosine with L Glutamine, it is reported to soothe the muscosal linings from the mouth to the small and large colon. This is next on my list. I pray you all get the healing you are searching for, It's good to see you all lean on one another. I wish to offer my experience and research so that you may continue to research these things and continue to find hope in your healing journey.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kalpana (TX) on 06/06/2021

I have been recently diagnosed with Barret's disease of Esophagus and I want to cure it with natural methods. just read about someone having Apple cider vinegar with baking soda and it is working for them. Could you please suggest how much and in what frequency we have to take the combination?

A Wedge
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 04/23/2021

Watch The Two Reasons for GERD (Acid Reflux) - YouTube

A Wedge
Posted by Patricia (NY) on 04/22/2021

I purchased a wedge from Walmart and it is very helpful in keeping stomach acid where it belongs. My only problem is when I am sleeping and I end up at the bottom of the wedge, then the acid problems increase. I try to stay with my head at the top of the wedge, then no problems.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Glenn (Pontiac, Michigan ) on 12/01/2020

Licorice won't raise your blood pressure if you use Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL).

Glycyrrhizin is the substance in Licorice that causes blood pressure issues. Is it removed in DGL form. NOTE: However, using licorice as antiviral you will need regular licorice with glycyrrhizin, as it is the substance in licorice that acts as an antiviral (use caution when using regular licorice as it can increase BP)!!!

Aloe Vera
Posted by Sue (Pennsylvania) on 10/22/2020

I was wondering what kind of aloe juice are you taking?

Aloe Vera
Posted by Sandi (Texas) on 07/28/2020

Can you explain what 10,000 Orac score vitamins are? Also, what is Brioshi? Thanks so much! My husband suffers horribly with Barrett's.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Cayenne
Posted by Pauline (Norman, Oklahoma ) on 12/19/2018

How did this turn out? Did it help as much as you felt it did? I was just diagnosed with this, although it's just mild at this time. I much prefer natural remedies.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Claudia (Virginia Beach, Virginia) on 07/05/2018

What anti candida supplement should I take?

Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey and Hemp Tea
Posted by Charlie (Miami, Fl) on 06/12/2018

Did aloe Vera, honey and tea helped? What's your endoscopy revealed? Hope you are healthier.

Baking Soda
Posted by Molly (Orange County, California ) on 04/24/2018 1 posts

I'm 60 years of age and never heard of Barrett's Esophagus...

With so much information and screening for Colon Cancer why aren't many of us familiar with Barrett's Esophagus as well as the risk of Esophageal Cancer? Shouldn't this be a routine exam during a colonoscopy if GERD (acid reflux) is very common in so many?

I've suffered with acid reflux on and off for about 10 years. Never once was an endoscopy ordered to determine the possible cause or to screen for a more serious condition. Over the years my doctor/s just prescribed various forms of relief in the form of medications such as Omeprazole/Prilosec, Ranitidine and Zantac. Although these drugs provided relief, it was temporary. Over the years my faith in doctors have diminished and I now spend a lot of my time on the Internet. I've decided it's tIme I take control of my health through self education and research. I've suffered with acid reflux on and off for about 10 years. Never once was an endoscopy ordered to determine the possible cause or to screen for a more serious condition. Over the years my doctor/s just prescribed various forms of relief in the form of medications such as Omeprazole/Prilosec, Ranitidine and Zantac.

Although these drugs provided relief, it was temporary. Over the years my faith in doctors have diminished and I now spend a lot of my time on the Internet. Time to take control of my health through self education rather than trust your doctor. This led me to learn about a procedure called Endoscopy. The (look inside) examination of the interior of a hollow organ or cavity of the body: most often referred to as an examination of the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract, esophagus using a fiber optic camera on a flexible tube inserted through the mouth. Similar to a Colonoscopy (look inside) examination of the large bowel and the distal part of the small bowel with a fiber optic camera on a flexible tube inserted through the anus.

Learning about this procedure, I wondered why none of the doctors I saw (especially my primary care doctor) recommended this procedure, even with my history of Acid Reflux/GERD? It's written all over my medical records and I've had 4 colonoscopies in the past 9 years!

Nevertheless, it was time for me to schedule my 5 year routine Colonoscopy so I requested my new gastrointestinal doctor preform an Endoscopy at the same time. Findings? Barrett's Esophagus. A condition known to increased risk for Esophageal Cancer. I'm waiting for results and so disheartened that this condition could have been learned earlier. Baffled even more, wondering why after several physical exams and visits including acid reflux disclosure, my primary care doctor never requested an Endoscopy. My primary care doctor just continued to prescribe medications such as Omeprazole, Ranitidine and Zantac; a bandaid approach to my acid reflux (GERD) problems. Shame on him. Shame on any doctor who does not spend the short amount of time to look at their patients history when treated, especially when a patient comes in for an annual physical and a condition is chronic!!

The good news! I stopped taking the medications for acid reflux about 3-1/2 weeks ago replacing them with a few swallows of “baking soda water" (1-T to 16-oz of Arrowhead Water Bottle) during the day and I changed my diet. Within 10-14 days I had no need for the “baking soda water" with exception of a swallow or two, after I indulged in a known acid reflux trigger food/beverage - NO real acid reflux. Just a small warning which led me to my “baking soda water" solution. Now, 3-1/2 weeks on this diet and I feel so much better. Acid Reflux seems to be under control!! Even my joint pain has lessened and my energy level is up. A testimony to God's Food and a few supplements rather than the harmful bandaid approach with pharmaceuticals. Now just waiting for Endoscopy biopsy results.



Jan. 18, 2005 -- The number of Americans diagnosed with a common form of esophageal cancer has increased sixfold over the last 25 years.

About half of the estimated 14,250 people diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2004 have a form of esophageal cancer called adenocarcinoma. The esophagus is the long, narrow tube that brings food and liquid from the mouth to the stomach.

Although esophageal adenocarcinoma is relatively uncommon, researchers say it is now the fastest growing form of cancer in the U.S., and its incidence is rising faster than breast cancer, prostate cancer, or melanoma.

Some had suspected that the rapid increase in esophageal cancer rates might be the result of improved screening and detection.

People with Barrett's esophagus, a condition in which abnormal cells develop from long-term acid reflux, are more likely to get this form of esophageal cancer.

Esophageal Cancer Rising Rapidly

In the study, which appears in the Jan. 19 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, researchers found that from 1975 to 2001, the frequency of esophageal adenocarcinoma rose approximately sixfold in the U.S. from 4 to 23 cases per million people.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sharalen (Oroville, Ca) on 03/03/2018

I have a hard time getting ACV down, adding honey helps.

The acid from my Barrets has burned my vocal cords and brings on asthma. I recently found out that it sometimes gets in my bronchial tubes and I end up with bronchitis. The worst fear that I have is that it can get into your lung and damage them. Causing Pulmonary Fibrosis, my brother died from it 3 weeks ago. He was not being treated for Acid reflux and had a hiatus hernia for years. By the time they got around to what was going on, he was beyond help. They have me on Nexium twice a day, which ruin your kidneys. I have been on acid reflux meds for 15 years and I am getting worse, not better. I really want to try a more holistic approach. I understand that gut health is one of the first thing to take care of.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Anon (Usa) on 11/28/2017

I should think taking activated charcoal before bed would help, as well. And drinking aloe vera juice throughout the day. Cabbage is supposed to be very good for digestive issues, too.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Daniel (Oh) on 11/25/2017

Hello, my sister Lily (38 years old and younger than me died of Esopageal cancer). I started having bad GERD in December 2010. To aggressively combat Baretts, from my personal experience, I HIGHLY recommend sleeping on an incline, not eating and if possible drinking ANYTHING for 3 hours before bed and this below is THE MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE:

1) Have ONE TABLESPOON of SIBERIAN PINE NUT OIL three times a day, either a half an hour before meals or a half and hour after meals.

2) Have a TEASPOON of Manuka Honey (Wedderspoons 15+ or higher ) two minutes before you go to bed (AFTER you have brushed your teeth). Let the Manuka melt slowly down to your esophagus and don't take anything after that. If you get up after 4 am to go to the washroom..then take your second TEASPOON of Manuka. Otherwise take it after you get up and make sure you give it a half hour to coat the esophagus before you eat or drink anything.

LOSE THE COFFEE AND TEA. Try eat LOW CARB if you can. I am also taking AHCC to nip cancer in the bud.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rose (Missoula, Montana) on 11/04/2017

It seems that long term use of PPIs can hinder the absorption of Vitamin B12....calcium, magnesium and potassium. I've taken Prilosec or Protonics for 30 years....and yes I have Barrett's. Your stomach needs a certain amount of acid to break down proteins like meat, chicken, fish and eggs. If you don't have the acid you will become deficient in those vitamins and begin to feel very old and ill all the time. The docs thought I had MS but after 3 MRIs, and a bunch of labs....."increase your proteins, increase your Vitamin b12 and we'll do calcium IVs once a year." What's with that? I wanted to go off PPI but with Barrett's, they didn't want to chance it. But here is a little advice for the guy that can't keep food down. See if you have a Schotzies Ring in your esophagus. Not sure of the spelling. It's a constricting muscle that makes food come back up....or doesn't allow food to go down. Good news. IT IS CUREABLE. All they have to do is stretch it out, and eating is a pleasure once again. You will still have Barrett's, but mealtime and sleep, become a breeze once again. Good luck.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Pae (California) on 09/14/2017

I had halitosis for a while, I had to be chewing gum or breathe mints all the time. It would come and go for several months. and then nothing for a long while. I went on a vacation and my friend told me my breathe smelled like ****. I felt so embarrassed. and I told him it tasted like that too. The next morning we went to the casino, and had breakfast, I had two over easy eggs, probably cooked in butter, and hash-browns also cooked in butter. I had to excuse myself to go to the restroom (I barely made it) going at both ends. When I could compose myself I went back to the table and I went back to my room, took a shower and slept for about three hours.. I was fine the next few days. About a week later, in the middle of the night I woke up to a pain in the middle of my back, thinking I was having an heart attack, I could not even reach for the telephone to call 911. I thought I was going to die. In the morning I was fine, a little tired but made it to work. So off and on every thing I eat went right through me. I finally went to the Doctor, had a Gallbladder sonogram. I had Gall Stones. I had GB surgery and no more halitosis . But I do have Acid Reflux and have been diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus and then with second EGD test it was gone. Now, been having lots of burps and acid reflux, which before I didn't have. My mouth feels very acidity, I figure I am in some kind of imbalance; minerals or vitamins or something. I take Acidophilus triple strain 3 Billion CFU plus Prebiotic Goat's milk Freeze dried., Betaine HCI Pepsin and Gentian Bitters twice a day. maybe I should take them 3 times a day. Plus Vita-B complex and lots of other vitamins. I think I have a Malabsorption syndrome. Because of all the vitamins I take, minerals I was low in Vita-D my Iron and Iodine was normal. I have with Doctors OK, I weened myself off my thyroid meds. which I took for about 20 years and I didn't think it was helping me. So I cut my pills in half and took the half pill for six week then had lab test for TSH -4 and it came back normal, so with my Doctors permission I stopped taking my thyroid meds altogether for 6 weeks, then had another blood test for my thyroid and it came back normal. I have been off my thyroid meds for about two months now and I am wondering if my thyroid is still not normal. I am hot instead of cold. I think I feel better off the meds than I did on the meds, except with the acidity mouth. I tried ACV with honey and warm water. but it didn't seemed to help, more acidity. I really enjoyed reading everyone's input about their experiences with acid reflux and Barrett's esophagus. Some very interesting home treatments that I might try. Thank you everyone. and God Blessing to all.☺

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ewa (Romeoville, Il) on 08/14/2017 2 posts

Dear James, from Georgia. Thank you for sharing your "course of action" against the Barrett's! And congrats on conquering it! Just got EGD and per my doc. possibly have the same affliction. Biopsy result to follow... Would you share about your Candida cleansing regimen in more details. Thank you!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ewa (Romeoville) on 08/14/2017 2 posts

Did you take any prescription drugs, or did special diet, or both? And good luck to you on the next endoscopy!

Aloe Vera
Posted by Wanda (Washington) on 07/02/2017

Citric acid is a natural thing that is in almost everything we eat and is needed by every cell in our body.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jucole (Winchester, Va) on 06/28/2017

How much water, Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda do you take daily?

Dietary Changes
Posted by Promil (Adelaide, Australia ) on 06/24/2017

How much quantity of ACV have to take at each time and how many times a day ..?? Cheers, Promil

Dietary Changes
Posted by Carla (Fdl) on 06/20/2017

Our stories sound familiar. I was diagnosed with Barrettes first and a couple years later the celiac. It has now been several years later and I still struggle with both. I have now been practising, the best I can, a plant based diet and I make an alkaline water that I drink daily. I have heard about eating the coconut oil However, the apple cider vinegar, ginger root tea etc made my Barrettes worse. I also make Kombucha and I had felt it was really helping until my symptoms started back up again. So I appreciate all the feedback regarding these illnesses. I am going to try the coconut oil next.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Larry (Alabama) on 05/21/2017

I was diagnosed w/Barretts and the 1 in 20 in Feb 2016. Had another endo six months later and the dysplasia was gone. Will have another in 12 months, and if good, then every 2 years, then every 3 years. Only thing is that I've gained significant weight. Thinking of trying the aloe vera.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Abhay (New York) on 05/07/2017

Hi Joy, I just came across your message and it gives me some encouragement that Barrett's can be reversed. I've been diagnosed recently and I'm following a diet with coconut oil. Can you tell me specifically what helped your husband get rid of Barrett's other than 3 tbsps of virgin coconut oil a day? Also, did the doctor confirm no Barrett's after an endoscopy and biopsy? Thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Vitamin B Complex
Posted by Tamie (Baltimore, Md) on 04/05/2017

Rebecca, how are you doing today? I was diagnosed with acid reflux, but upon further research know I have the one called "silent reflux". I also have huge tonsils and think this is only exacerbating the problem. Today I started a very strict diet and hope that brings me relief.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Dave Harding (Fair Lawn Nj) on 04/03/2017

Do not take any aloe with citric acid. Find an aloe juice that is pure aloe.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sharon (Laporte, In.) on 03/13/2017

I've been on prevail for at least 20yrs. Had kidney infection once. Want to know how much apple cider vinegar and soda do you take and would you recommend it. I have had barrettes esophagus under control all these years. But found small cyst in stomach, it was ok.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Linda (Huntsville, Al) on 02/27/2017

You have to take pure aloe vera, not the juice. It will work so much better.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Catherine (Spokane, Wa) on 02/21/2017

If you stopped the PPI cold turkey then you will be in distressed because your body is addicted to it. You have to wean yourself off of it and then go on the lesser medication and wean yourself off that. I watched this on a video. Then start the apple cider vinegar. Also Camomile tea helps strengthen The sphincter muscle that is allowing the acid to go back into the stomach. Use warm water with the apple cider vinegar and a bit of honey with a dash of ceyenne pepper. Also stop gluten and dairy.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Pete (Stockport, Uk) on 01/24/2017

I've suffered with Barretts for 15 or so years now - I'm 62. I've been on PPI's (Omeprazole 20mg) constantly and recently, to my horror, read that they are possibly connected with an increased incidence of dementia (+44%! ) in patients who have been taking it for a long time - they class 2 years as a long time! Last Friday (13th Jan 2017) I took my last Omeprazole and since then I have been taking Aloe Vera Gel twice a day which some friends distribute in the UK. I've also been taking Raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar 50-50 with water or neat - if you knock it back quickly and pretend it's scotch! I'm now on day 4 of this holistic approach and am delighted not to be financing 'Big Pharma' any more - saving our NHS! Sleeping is great now and I can do without an extra pillow(s) to prop me up at an angle...

My thinking is a lot clearer as a result and I hope that my body can recover after that 15 year chemical onslaught! Who knows what effects the PPI's have on other areas of physical function...

You really must try this and I'm sure the drug companies are not going to be happy!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Diane (Wichita Falls, Tx) on 01/23/2017

Try a couple tbsp of honey, fresh squeezed lemon, cup hot water with tbsp ACV. It's like drinking hot lemonade. If you can't drink it in one sitting, sip it throughout the day.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Maxine (Lexington, Ky) on 01/11/2017

I was just recently diagnosed with BE. My father died at 63 with esophageal cancer, and I was just recent diagnosed with BE and a hiatal hernia. I've been on meds for years, now none seem to work well.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Gonzalo (Sc) on 11/18/2016

The aloe vera juice doesn't work. You have to buy the plant itself and scrape the inside. I mix it with apple juice in a blender. 1 part aloe 3 part apple. It worked at first but it isn't really working anymore. I cannot deter from my very strict diet. Meat: Only Salmon. Most often cooked with veggies either in a pan with olive and coconut oil. Veggies: broccoli, mix greens, okra and mushrooms. I make smoothies. Banana, Strawberries and avocadoes. I add some frozen desserts, non-dairy (coconut and almonds). Of course, you can add a little bit of this or that, but these are your main ingredients. The problem with the frozen desserts is that they contain sugar for the most part. I get away from this and I am in hell. And even this doesn't work. If you want a little something that sticks to your ribs, yellow grits or brown rice.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Lawson (Sunderland, England) on 11/07/2016

Hi, your message gives me a bit hope as I've also got Barretts. Just want to know, was it 1 tablespoon 3 times a day and how did he take it on a spoon? in a tea? Etc thanks waiting for your reply.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Eli (Ottawa, On) on 09/17/2016

There are studies that show Barrett's Esophagus is caused by bile, not stomach acids. This allows their PPIs to cause further irritation.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 09/02/2016

Eric, I think it doesn't matter HOW you take it. BUT I think it DOES matter how much. I would start with 1/2 TEAspoon a day, and then increase each week little by little, monitoring closely how it affects you.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Eric (Crossett, Az) on 09/01/2016

Regarding Joy's post from 2006, can someone tell me how they think the 3 oz of coconut oil was taken? Did she mix the 3 tablespoons of coconut oil in a drink or his food, or did he just take 3 tablespoons straight? Also, what time of day or night was this regimen given.

Thank You, Eric

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Katherine (Georgia) on 08/02/2016

I was just diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus with precancerous cells that is in the "Low Grade" category. There is a "High Grade" category which means your chances of cancer is a much higher risk and within as little as 2 years! For whomever said that they "cured" their Barrett's Esophagus, did not have "precancerous cells", which is possible. Once the Barrett's turns precancerous, there is NO CURE, except for surgery. "Low Grade" precancerous Barrett's causes cancer with odds of 1 out of 20 people. That scared me to death since that's what I have. My doctor prescribed:

*OTC Privlosec and said not to miss any doses which I take in the mornings and 30 minutes before I eat.

*No tomato or tomato sauces, bummer! Also, no Mexican, fried, spicy foods, oranges, pineapples and lemons, more bummer!

*No more pots of coffee and must get it down to 1 cup daily and I'm trying!!

*No more large meals -- must get it down to 5 small meals daily.

*Need to loose some weight, where most of the fat is around my waist/stomach.

*Give yourself 3-4 hours of no food/drink before bedtime

*Purchase Wedge Pillow which I got at Walmart for $19.89 -- help to prevent acid to slush up into your esophagus. Had I known that years ago, I would have had one!!

*Another endoscopy in 1 year

At the end of the day, I brought this on myself, folks, by not taking acid reflux serious. I had never been told it could cause esophagus cancer that will kill you!! One doctor told me years ago that I had GERD and wrote a prescription but it was over $100 back then and I didn't get it. Stuck to eating TUMS at night when I laid down and drinking Apple Cider Vinegar with the "Mother". IT was getting worse, bending over could cause me to vomit from the burning/chocking stuff in my throat! You all know the rest, you can't sleep on your right side, and just trying to turn over, would cause severe acid reflux. In the past year, I started coughing whenever I started to eat and even choking on my food sometimes. My neighbor died last month and he had acid reflux for years that turned into Barrett's Esophagus Precancerous "HIGH" grade, which he had no clue. By the time he was scoped, the cancer tumor was very large at bottom of his esophagus where Barrett's starts and also in his stomach. In 2 months, he died. My problem with all of this just several years ago, doctors were not telling you that "acid reflux" could turn into deadly cancer!

So, I'm not saying don't do your natural remedies, if that's what you want to do, but I am begging you, if you have been diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus Precancerous ... TAKE YOUR DOCTOR's Prescribed medicine!!! Nothing natural is going to cure the Barrett's at this stage.

Good luck to everyone and hope none of us are told one day that we have esophagus cancer! Let's take our meds, do what the doctor said and pray!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Cayenne
Posted by Marie (Georgia) on 07/27/2016

Bradshau Stockton, please explain how going to the chiropractor helps. Thanks

Coconut Oil
Posted by Lial (Philadelphia, Pa) on 07/05/2016

I know your post is 10 years old but it has helped me with my esophagus issue and I am grateful.

If the arthritis is still an issue and you haven't found relief, I want you to try Black Seed Cumin Oil. It is a strong natural anti-inflammatory which can be applied topically in the area of the arthritis. It has worked for me on my knees and lower back and of course my hands get a health supply when I apply it elsewhere. The only side effect that I have had is a slight rash for a few hours after application to the lower back.

There are many other claims for Black Seed Cumin Oil which can be taken internally or applied externally. There is a lot to read about it on the web. Do so and you may find improvement in your general health by using it.

Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey and Hemp Tea
Posted by Paul T (Ny) on 07/01/2016

Hi Jim, not to be nosy, but how are you doing? Please update us. Good day, Paul.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Paul T ( Ny) on 06/30/2016

Hi James how are you doing? I have had barretts for 3 years. Been on omeprazol 20 mg, just up to 40 mgs, never really had heart burn, sure would like to get off the omeprazol.your remedy. sounds like a decent cure. I do not smoke, do like my coor lite beer, very very active for a 60yrs old ski biking weight lifting m.arts walking hiking all the right foods. I guess beer has been my downfall, only 20 a week now and dropping. Dad died of e.cancer in 1982. Have a great day. Paul

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Cayenne
Posted by Bill (Nj) on 06/17/2016

Steve, How was the follow up after the 2 years?? Was there a change in the cells?

Aloe Vera
Posted by Mark (Rhode Isaland) on 05/05/2016

Hi I just started taking aloe after being diagnosed with barretts. I am on Protonix but would like to stop. I have been starting with less than 1 oz of aloe and have been just drinking it straight not mixed. I was curious if you get the same benefits if you mix it wit water or other liquid.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Victoria (Pennsylvania) on 04/30/2016

I had worse burning from the Aloe Vera juice, too. I have Barrett's Esophagus so I can't afford to worsen my condition.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Stacie G (Tampa, Fl) on 04/12/2016

Hi Bacuna,

I was wondering what oils your daughter sent you and how they worked for you? I have a client that has just been diagnosed with Barrett's and would like to recommend oils for her. I also sell and use the oils, but have not had a case of Barrett's to recommend for yet. Thanks in advance.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Marie (New York ) on 04/11/2016

How do we have to take the aloe Vera juice? Two times a day or three times a day? Before or after meals?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Cayenne
Posted by Sweetie (New York) on 03/28/2016

Hi I was diagnosed this month with Barrett's Esophagus. Do I have to stop my medication in order to do the ACV and Honey??This thing is making me crazy.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Janet (Jackson, Nj) on 03/15/2016

Diagnosed with Barrett's years ago & I never had heartburn. I have been on Prilosec for years. I want a natural treatment as I know it is not good to continue on Prilosec every day. How much ACV diluted in water is recommended?

Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey and Hemp Tea
Posted by Nat (Tennessee) on 03/13/2016

Hi there, I was wondering if I could just get some more information of your experiences and what you have used to help keep the issue at bay. I have not been diagnosed with LPR reflux because I can't afford to and I would like to talk about remedies that have helped you. Thank you

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Cayenne
Posted by Summer Bradshau (Stockton) on 03/02/2016

Mine goes away with chiropractic care. its the only thing that helps me and its 100%. gerd free for 4 years now.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Mary (Ny, Ny) on 02/20/2016

Hi Laura,

Here is my nutrient dense shake recipe:

  • 3/4 cup alkaline water or filtered water
  • 2 Tbl raw sunflower seeds (many nutrients including Vitamin E and folate)
  • 2 Tbl raw pumpkin seeds (many nutrients including zinc and fiber)
  • 1 Tbl almond butter or 12 raw almonds (many nutrients including fiber, vitamin E, calcium and magnesium)
  • 1 Tbl peanut butter (many nutrients)
  • 15 spinach leaves (folate, vit K and PQQ)
  • 2 Tbl kale; 5 pieces cantaloupe
  • 5 strawberries (vit C)
  • dash table salt (sodium, chloride, iodine)
  • 1/8 tsp kelp powder (iodine)
  • 1/2 tsp basil (many nutrients)
  • 1/2 tsp parsley (many nutrients)
  • 1/2 tsp cilantro (many nutrients).

Blend all ingredients in a blender.

I also eat eggs (choline), sardines, small amounts of cheese for calcium and vitamin D, cod (iodine), sockeye salmon and chicken for nutrients. See the USDA database and NIH fact sheets for more information. Vitamins and minerals are important for wound healing and reversed my problem.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Linda (Co) on 02/16/2016

How much do you take a day and how many times a day?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Vitamin B Complex
Posted by Robin (Tn) on 02/10/2016

I have been diagnosed with barrett esphophgus now and have hernia, 2 ulcers. I've read all these things cause I know nothing about it. Thank u all! Also I originally went to doc. Because I have this horrible burn spot under my rib...lower. no gerd signs etc. I was wondering if anyone has had a lower burn spot like this with no gerd symptoms. Thanks again!

Aloe Vera
Posted by John (South Williamsport Pa) on 01/27/2016

How much Aloe Vera juice do you drink a day? Where can you find it?

Aloe Vera
Posted by Betsy (Florida) on 01/25/2016

Are you using pure aloe or aloe with citric acid in it? Most of them have citric acid and I would think that could aggravate your esophagus more.

Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey and Hemp Tea
Posted by Sandy Blanco (Key Largo, Fl) on 01/21/2016

Question: How do you use the three? Do you mix them all together as one beverage? Or do you use them separately at different times?

Posted by Elayne (Miami, Florida) on 01/21/2016

I was just diagnosed with Baretts. Fearful. What is Dgl?

EC: Dgl =  deglycyrrhizinated licorice root, an herbal supplement.

Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey and Hemp Tea
Posted by Jim (Brooklyn, Ny) on 01/20/2016

Hi, I was diagnosed with B.E. last may (2015). My doc put me on ppi meds but I stopped taking them in late november 2015. the acid reflux reared up its ugly head again after eating my meals.

I started taking aloe vera juice, manuka honey, and hemp tea which does seem to settle my stomach. Most importantly, I make sure my stomach is empty of food before I go to sleep. Which means no eating 4 to 6 hours after my last meal and no liquids 1 or 2 hours before bed. This seems to work very well for me. I go for my next endo in may 2016.

Aloe Vera
Posted by David (Sharpsburg, Ga) on 01/18/2016

How much should be taken and how often?

Aloe Vera
Posted by Yvonne (Orlando, Fl) on 01/10/2016

I am suffering from barrett's esophagus for about 6 months now. I'm on Ranitidine 300 before I go to bed and Pantoprazole 40 mg every morning. I am also trying to eat healthier to avoid getting anymore terrible heart burn and pain. About how many cups of Aloe Vera juice should I be taking a day and should I stop the medication I'm taking?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dee (Benicia, Ca) on 01/06/2016

I have been taking ACV for a couple of months and it has not helped my acid reflux, though it has helped with hot flashes. I suspect I have esophagitis, so I am now trying L- glutamine powder, and a spoonful of himalayan pink salt solution( in water). If you haven't tried these, I recommend them.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Laura (New York) on 12/04/2015

I was diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus over the summer, went for an endoscopy after my father died of esophageal cancer, he was diagnosed with acid reflux about 6 months prior. This is the first I've heard of the aloe juice. I do think it's natural I will try it, I do stay away from all tomatoe and citrus as well as ice cream and gave up milk and now drink coconut milk which seems to be a better choice, unfortunately I'm having a tough time finding foods and condiments that I can eat. There are so many things that have vinegar in it like mayo. I'm on ahead you dose of pantoprazole plus sulcralfate 4 xs a day before each meal and at bedtime. Anyone with barrettes should not take it lightly. Get a second opinion and do not eat foods chocolate, caffeine, alcohol. Doctors are not God they are only human. Look what happened to my dad. That being said if anyone has some tasty recipes for those of us with Barrett's esophagus, please post them.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Geri (Massachusetts) on 11/07/2015

I have Gerd, & acid reflux. I went to see a holistic nutritionist so I don't have to guess anymore. My practitioner uses muscle testing to see which food based products are beneficial to my system. This way I don't have to waste all kinds of money and time on things that I have no business trying to put into my body, just to find out that it made me ill, or didn't do anything at all. You can look up holistic nutritionists on line and ask if they do muscle testing. That is the ONLY way to see if a product is right for you. Remember everybody's BODY is different!

Aloe Vera
Posted by Angel (Knoxville, Tn) on 10/24/2015

I had seen this & I went out to buy the aloe vera juice. But its not working for me - if anything the pains worse.So much so I cant stand it. I literally feel like my esphogas is on fire.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Mary (Okc Ok) on 10/12/2015

Who helped you? I have Barrett's too and live in Okc. Seems like everyone wants to medicate instead of find the root of the problem! I am in my 30's and do not want to take meds for the rest of my life!

Aloe Vera
Posted by Vera (New York Ny) on 10/10/2015

I have the exact thing you have and the doc put me on omeprazol... Which I'm not happy about. Do I have to stop the omeprazol first before starting the aloe Vera ? I would appreciate your comments!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Robyn (Spring Lake, Nj) on 09/25/2015

I am interested in the man that said he cured his Barretts. I am under the impression that it is a lifetime condition that does not go away. Please clarify. Just the symptoms?

Aloe Vera
Posted by Tina (West Liberty, Ohio) on 09/24/2015

How much aloe vera should I take for barretts?

Aloe Vera
Posted by Eva (Massachusetts) on 09/23/2015


I have a question. When do you take the Aloe? before meals, after or in between.

Thank you.


Aloe Vera
Posted by Virginia (Sicklerville, Nj) on 09/14/2015

I was diagnosed with acid reflux last year (symptoms- throwing up after eating acidic food, I.e. with tomato derivatives). My doctor prescribed me with PPI. After taking this drug for 6 months, my GI doctor told me to have a 2nd endoscopy. I was told I developed Barrett Syndrome and my stomach lining is all red (ulcer). Is started getting hungry at the middle of the night. After I learned my diagnosis, I researched natural remedies for this kind of disease. I stopped taking the drug and started taking the Aloe Vera juice. It's natural and no side effects. After a week of taking Aloe, all the acid reflux symptoms are gone. After 6 months of taking the Aloe, I went back to the same doctor and told him I stopped taking the drug as it has caused me more bad effects. He was not pleased with me for not taking the drug. He recommends for a 3rd endoscopy but he wanted me to take the PPI meds 2x the dose.

I went for a second opinion and found out that one of the doctors in my primary physician's office had the same problem like I do and he also takes Aloe Vera juice. I went to see a different GI doctor, he listened to my problem, and wanted me to have an endoscopy and see if there is any progress for just taking the Aloe. The result came out very good and the Barrett Syndrome I was told was not as bad as it was and was advised to continue taking Aloe. I was so relieved!

Now I shared my Aloe experience with my friend who had worst acid reflux than I had and she was so thankful because she no longer suffers from bad acid reflux. My doctor also mentioned that all of us have acid reflux it is just a matter of how bad it can be.

For all who suffers acid reflux, I recommend Aloe Vera juice that is pure aloe extract and balances stomach acid naturally. It works! Now, I start reintroducing the food that I love and it does not bother me no more!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mel (Ontario) on 09/02/2015

When I was pregnant with my now 10 year old daughter, I started getting heartburn. I'm a person who will not take medication for anything, and being pregnant felt it could be no good for my baby either. I suffered 9 months of pain every time I ate. I laughed at people when they whined about heartburn. The thing is you have to eat when u are pregnant, its not like I could just not eat.

After I had her the heartburn went away. I found I just could not eat certain food that it just made my stomach upset or it tasted bad. 4 years later I got pregnant with my son. The heartburn was even more painful. I suffered through it. I wondered sometimes if it was worth eating. I had my baby but this time the heartburn never went away.

About 3 years later I started waking up in the morning I would feel like getting sick. I felt like something was stuck in the back of my throat, my nose would run very heavy. Every morning I would through up until I could see bile. I coughed always, my nose ran. Eating was a nightmare if the food did not agree with my stomach I throw it up.

Eventually my chest started to burn constantly and when I would breath it hurt, and I could fell pain in my back. I thought it was time to go to the doctors. After a number of tests, three doctors later, he told me to try these pills and the pain will leave that its just heartburn. I thought he was crazy how could heart burn be so painful, and make me sick.

I thought I had some kind of cancer since my parents both died young of cancer. I took these pills for a week and nothing happened. I was mad and stopped taking them. I suffered for another year until I just could not take it, getting sick if I looked at food smelt food, made me sick, or even bent the wrong way, or even talking triggered me being sick. I went back to the doctor, he ordered a scope. The test came back with a stomach infection and my esophagus was very red. After the test the doctor told me that I need to start watching what I eat and drink. I needed to stop drinking and eating food with acid. He gave me a list of stuff to stay away from. He also gave me the pills back and told me I would have to take them for the rest of my life and not to stop taking them, that they would start to work better after a month. I had a really hard time thinking that I would be on a pill for the rest of my life. A month went by and yes the pain went away.

Year later I went for another scope as the doctor wanted to keep an eye on my esophagus so if the cells changed he would know. I never changed my diet, I still eat, and drank what I wanted, closer to the end of the year I started to feel the symptoms again. I was getting sick in the morning after I ate certain foods, I felt that feeling of having something stuck in my throat, the horse voice coughing for no reason. I knew my scope was coming up so paid no mind to anything just lived with it. Well they did change. I now have Barrett's Esophagus. My doctor tells me I did not take him serious when he told me to change my diet. I said the pain was gone so I did not think the food was bugging me. He told me that a lot of times when you sleep you don't even know that the acid is going up into your esophagus, he said the pill helps to reduce the acid but does no take it all away. I ran out of my pills for a week and was not able to get a new precision. The pain I suffered was even worse then the pain I had felt before. Everything I ate burnt from the time I swallowed it until it hit my stomach, and then the acid that came right back up again. The only thing that did not hurt was water. I got my pills again but what scared me was, what was that pill really doing, it does not cure my symptoms it just hides them and makes it less painful. I guess I have been stupid and I did it myself. The pill made it less painful to eat, and drink, but those acids were still hurting me. I was stupid and did it to myself and did not listen to the doctor when he told me that I needed to stay away from acid foods and drinks. This will not be an easy road giving up all I love to eat and drink. On the other hand if I don't, it could be my life I give up.

Do I believe there is a herbal cure? No, I don't. I went to many health stores, I drank clay, I drank alkaline water, I drank stuff that tastes like seaweed, green tea. Nothing worked to stop the process or reverse it. Only thing now that I can pray for is that my doctor is right and it all comes down to diet.

I have been on web sites were people say its ok to drink alcohol, no it's not just because you don't feel the acid don't think that acid does not do something to you. One of the things my doctor said right from the start, if you drink, stop now it is the wrest thing for you when you have any kind of problem with your esophagus. I have to wait 4 months for another scope. My pills don't seem to be working as well anymore, so from this day on, I eat only what is good for my condition. Good bye to acidic foods and drinks. Will let you know how it works.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Kim (Oklahoma City) on 08/06/2015

I have read some of your comments and thought I would tell a little about my experiences. My dad passed away from esophageal cancer about 16 years ago. I now have acid reflux, Barrett's esophogus, and a hiatal hernia. I tried proton pump inhibitors but they did not do anything to help. Some of the home remedies (ie. Organic apple cider vinegar, lemon water) help temporarily but not long term. I have recently found out after years of dealing with acid reflux that I have celiac disease. I have drastically changed my diet by going without glutens, sugar, and dairy. I do not have as many problems with the acid reflux as I did. I have lost quit a bit of weight and just feel better overall.

I really, truly feel like most people with acid reflux have a gut issue that is causing the acid reflux. There has got to be an underlying cause for it. Please find a functional doctor or nurse practitioner who will check for a cause and not just treat the symptoms. I am very blessed that I finally found someone who would listen to my concerns. I hope this helps everyone with these concerns.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Cayenne
Posted by Jeanie ( Debary, Fla) on 08/03/2015

I was wondering if he had his repeat scope for the Barrett esophagus! And was it better. When I looked up stuff to avoid the lemon and cayenne where there but you said you drink in water with also vinegar. My friend gave me a recipe of ginger, Cayenne, tumeric, lemon, celery leaves with green tea. But after reading certain articles I'm confused to yes or no!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Phyllis (Tyler, Texas) on 07/25/2015

Great remedies. Did you have halitosis during anytime of your diagnosis or treatments? I have ALL the symptoms of Barretts but not diagnosed yet. It's starting to worry me.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Pat (Florida) on 06/20/2015

What brand wedge did you get? Got any pictures? Thanks so much! Have a blessed day!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Richard De (Ma.) on 05/28/2015

Hi guys, been reading all problems of acid reflux and its damage to the esophagus plus stomach problems. In my case, I was diagnosed with chrons with highly agitated esophagus. I was prescribed meds which did not work. After 1 year of constant problems and hospitalization I decided to change my diet and started taking anti inflammatory liquids and vitamins. In my case I found probiotics early a.m. plus aloe vera was the best route. After 6 years, I have not any serious problems. I hope this helps someone.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bacuna (Wa) on 04/23/2015

Thanks Rob. I had the pain in my chest for a year before I went to a GI doctor. My holistic doctor steered me wrong. She said it was related to my upper back problems and stress. My chest pain will last throughout the day on/off. I called my GI doctor and requested a follow up to discuss my condition - I guess doctors don't do that anymore.

My daughter sells essential oils and says she will be sending some oils with instructions on how to use them.

I've read that this condition can be reversed. Is that possible? I will try the suggestions noted in this discussion. Does stress play a big roll in this?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rob (Uk) on 04/20/2015

Worked Temporarily

Hi Wa, yes it is? This is how I was diagnosed with BE (barretts) The pain in the morning when awake in centre of breast bone. Sometimes lasted about 15 minutes or sometimes 3/4 hours. My GP knew it was reflux and arranged a camera. The extra PPI's didn't help me. I'm just working diet now.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bacuna (Wa) on 04/17/2015

I've been searching the internet to understand my recent (today) diagnosis: H.Pylori, Hiatal Hernia (small) and Barrett's Esophagus (no cancer indicated). I do need to call the doctor back with my questions.

I went to the doctor because of bad heartburn and mostly my chest hurting up the middle. I wasn't sure if I had arthritis in my breast plate area or what?. One doctor says it is related to my upper back and neck injury - the vertebrae's pulling on the ribs that affect the front. But in the years with this condition I've never had the front hurt so much. A year went by and the pain/soreness got worse and I developed terrible heart burn last October/November. It wasn't daily but frequent. In January I decided to see another doctor who sent me to an orthopedic guy and a GI doctor. The orthopedic said it probably was arthritis. But the GI did an endoscopy with biopsy and came up with the above mentioned diagnosis.

I was looking at book on conditions of the stomach at the GI office and based on the symptoms and pictures I thought I would have IBS :) (silly me)

Would the pain in my chest be from the esophagus condition?

Reading all the comments, I see anything about pain in the middle of the chest.

Can anyone comment on this if the chest pain related to the esophagus condition?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sarah (Slc, UT, US) on 04/07/2015

I'm trying to contact James... About his recovery brom Barretts.... I'm suffering so very much and hiscomments intrigued me... Or I felt compelled. I've been in and out of the hopsital almost every other day this week.... Please respond James.

I am suffering more than a human should.... I am a mental health counselor.... Volunteer because I am disable due to ptsd and fibromyalgia. NOW.... I have Barretts Esophagus and a crater ulcer..... And my quality of life has ended as I knew it. Will you talk with me... please... I can hardly take this alone.... I have no one who undestands and the doctors are doing their best... I think lol. Sincrely, Sarah

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Belle118 (Philippines) on 03/31/2015

Hello Robert Henry, I was diagnosed with h.pylori, GERD, acid reflux, esophagitis, hiatal hernia, chronic gastritis, and inflammation of the duodenum. My first endoscopy was in 2010, and the second was in 2013. The diagnosis were the same with different medical doctors. All prescription meds did not help but worsen my symptoms and I am having a severe halitosis which I've notice when people couldn't get near me unless they are covering their noses. I have avoided all trigger foods including starch and grains. I suspect I also have candida, as it showed on my endoscopy video there were white spots on my esophagus down to the stomach, but my gastro doctor did not recognized it as candida but just an esophagitis. I tried aloe vera juice, oil of oregano, pau de arco tea, Virgin Coconut Oil but my halitosis still remains. I am really desperate on what to take. As of now I am taking baking soda with natural Apple Cider Vinegar w/honey and ozonated water and ozonated Virgin Coconut Oil twice a day. I don't know if this helps as I'm desperate. Any advice is highly appreciated.

Lemon and Vinegar
Posted by Patsy (Michigan, US) on 03/27/2015

Everything I have read about barretts esopagus says to stay away from citrus but you suggest lemon and vinegar. It seems it would be rough on the throat. Can you elaborate on this? Thanks so much. I want to try some of the natural remedies but I want to be sure on this.

Thanks for your website!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Cayenne
Posted by Sandy (Newton Abbot, Uk) on 03/09/2015

Hi Steve, Yes plse would love to hear the outcome. I was diagnosed with Barrets 2 yrs ago but because I never had symptoms and did not take any medication at all. 1 month ago started having bad smelly throat taste etc., got worried and just had a scope last monday. Those tests showed normal but waiting for biopsy results - 2weeks. I have been given meds but they make me really ill. Today I decided not to take any more and will just keep taking my cider vinegar/honey mix drink every day. My next scope appt. is in 2 years time. Scared this drink may not be enough to keep cells changing.

cheers sandy

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 03/08/2015

HI U PETER, , , , , , , the natural cancer folks are now saying the the microorganism in the cancer cells comes from H Pylori. You can control your stomach H Pylori with Ozonated water. A water ozoneator cost a few hundred bucks. That is chump change compared to treating cancer.

Testing is necessary, but is not a cure.

All this gets back to chewing your food. How simple is that? Chewing tells your stomach that something is coming down and your stomach starts producing acid to digest it. Don't chew your food and your stomach does not know whether to sheet or go blind.

ATS ========ORH=========

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Peter (Canada) on 03/08/2015

Regarding the increased risk of stomach cancer with the use of proton-pump inhibitors.... The cancer risk comes from the increased risk of h pylori infection from low stomach acid levels. I too have GERD and now my Esophagus is starting to bother me after having GERD for 15 years...

I would suggest that the poster's risk for esophageal cancer is higher than stomach cancer, although since h pylori infection (and stomach cancer) is a risk, the poster's should get pylori infection tested every so often.

And in the meantime, continue on with natural remedies to compliment and eventually take over a base of acid reducers and pylori checks...

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nancy (Matthews, Nc) on 03/07/2015

Look into using essential oils. I too have Barrett esophagus as well as H.Pylori in my stomach. Just found this out. Go to essential oils on the internet. Oils have even helped my puppy dogs with issues. They help me with a lot of issues I have. I use them on my husband who has Parkinsons disease as well as arthritis.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Timh (KY) on 01/23/2015 2073 posts

D: Too much Lemon juice could irritate the esophagus temporarily, but if it's gallstones causing the heartburn/esophagus problem, you must go ahead for a cure and proly feel immediate relief after the cleanse.

I recommend the forceful method of cleanse as to apply pressure directly over gallbladder minutes fallowing drinking your duo, and then lying on your left side in horizontal position so the gall can properly drain.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Debbie (Huron, Ohio) on 01/22/2015

I have Barett's. Will lemon and olive oil for liver cleansing bother the Barett's?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Michele (Northfield, Nj) on 01/14/2015

Hi, were you on a ppi with your regimen? If so, the whole time? Are you still?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Timh (KY) on 09/18/2014 2073 posts

Geza: Be careful w/ the Licorice as it raises blood pressure. Check local health food store for herbal throat lozenge which would contain Licorice as well as Slippery Elm among others.

There must be a connection because every time my thyroid goes out so does my esophagus. This happens to me on a regular basis and my remedy is Zinc/Vit-C Lozenge usually only once.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Julie (Toledo) on 09/17/2014

Which candida supplement did you use?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Geza (Los Angeles, Ca) on 09/16/2014

Morgana, I had a very similar history and the same course of esophagal problems without the nausea. the same pains and series of events you describe but you have had them longer. for me its just a year. I am 61 yrs old. it all started with a weird flu I picked up from someone up north-- I live in Los angeles. one of my friends caught the same flu and she said her friends got it too. nothing would make it go away for any of us. and I developed asthma/bronchitis for months. was on many rounds of prednisone and antibiotics. went to the hospital twice and coughing up so much liquid. in retrospect I think that the endless coughing from asthma coupled with the antibiotics and inhalers weakened my stomach.

I take synthroid too for many years. everything about the thyroid makes sense but what is HELPING HEAL ME is: licorice extract and probiotics. I am also taking vitamins and adrenal supplements. I just read a study on orange peel to reduce acid reflux in place of PPI's and just started that. I am using raditinine recently but it makes me psychotic I get anxiety and almost hallucinate. I chopped it down to 1/3 tablet taken at 6 pm and that seemed to stop the reflux anyway at night and believe me it was getting bad I have burned my tongue several times and had it back up into my windpipe. I had an attack 4 days ago and got all the pains you describe the thing that helped the most was the licorice root extract but I am convinced I need to keep powering probiotics so I take a capsule after every meal. I am feeling noticeable better after only a few days of hell after the big attack

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Cayenne
Posted by Cindy (California) on 06/21/2014

I was wondering if you had had your second scope yet and if so, what were the results. I also have B.E. and have medication for life. My daughter is into homeopathy and wants me off the med. I would love to follow what you took. Am anxious to hear your results.

Thank you, Cindy

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ed (Ct.) on 02/27/2014

Many things can bring on a hiatal hernia...most common is while sitting- bending at the waist, as if to tie shoes. This will force the stomach into the diaphram. When the irritation begins things to avoid, temporally, (for 7 to 10 days) would be tomato sauce, spicy foods, COFFEE, too much ruffage as raw veggies, rice, and alcohol.

What to eat would be stewed veggies, pasta-no tomato sauce. Cream sauce and the like is OK. Mainly soft foods. They do not have to be bland just not spicy. This will also cut down on acid reflux. And indigestion.

If this becomes chronic, a visit to a chiropractor that practices kenisiology Is in order. I do not know if ACV helps with this as I have not had to try it as yet.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 02/26/2014

Morgana, thanks for coming back to report. We're delighted at the good news, it's a very good start!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Morgana (Vancouver, Bc) on 02/25/2014

An update. Just wanted to tell you who contributed to my question that I am able to hold down avocado and papaya, so today for work I made myself a little salad with those, but I also added raw zucchini which I knew would be okay and I use the spiralizer to make it look like spaghetti. I also added raw apple and voila I have kept it all down and no heartburn.

It is a beginning and beats having to survive on fettucine, which is not something I like but when it was the only thing to stay down for a meal, what the heck.


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Morgana (Vancouver, Bc) on 02/24/2014

hi Dave,

The thing is I had a frozen lasagna probably McCains or something like that and of course I heated it in the oven for the requisite time.

Good idea on CS. Have some in my fridge. Thanks for your input. Morgana

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 02/24/2014

Hello Morgana,

A paragraph I failed to put into the long post just below this one....yes a bad infection as you mentioned from childhood could be the cause... Still....either would indicate an infection as the cause. And that's what we're looking for ... the cause.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 02/24/2014

Hello again Morgana (spirit) from Canada,

So excited to get your follow up post!

The "history" of your disease ... and yours is indeed a disease is now much better understood by your last post.

You gave a great lay out of the key events and here's what I think given the evidence concerning the issue of causation and what is underlying the symptoms.

As you said, the day it all started (building on some reflux already present but not the main issue)... was the uncooked lasagna. I gather it was either under cooked or just let get to room temp from frozen condition. Couldn't tell which, but got for sure that it was not cooked.

Whatever... the problem was in the Lasagna. What was in it? Do you recall? And I doubt if you'd remember but do you recall if it was an imported variety. THAT would really give us a good slap on the huntin' dog's back if we knew it was a Mediterranean import. (Lots of Montezuma's revenge...yes, the Mediterranean... not just Mexico.) Amoeba, e coli, etc etc. are possible. Look up Amoebic dysentery on Wikipedia. The one of some interest is the "trophozoite" which is an amoeba that is non cyst forming. That amoeba produces symptoms without hurting liver. You need the BEST parasitologist to exclude the possibility that you do NOT have such infection.

Montezuma's revenge can be either viral or bacterial.

And let's just talk "mundane" infections caused by a good ol' American virus, fungus or bacteria.

You got the infection .... whatever it is from the lasagna. "The day it started..." that was the uncooked lasagna day.

What to do? Well, if me, I've already said I'd get a parasitologist to eliminate the possibility of parasites... and next...if not parasites, go to the old standbys to kill infections....Colloidal Silver (I now do a little dance at the mention of CS ... no doubt the Cherokee blood that runs through me).

I'd take a lot...I would be drinking at least six teaspoons of CS daily on empty stomach (which is what you usually have). I wrote a little article that the EC staff was nice enough to post under "Colloidal Silver" ...the Remedies section. I think mine's the second one.

So my contention is that CS will kill the underlying infection, if the experts say the problem is not a parasite. There are "natural" parasite killers covered in Earth Clinic, but after reading the autobiography "MD" which is about a parasitologist, I think I'd first get a determination of whether the cause just might be parasitic.

But do look at the Wiki article on Amoebic dysentery I mentioned and see if the symptoms discussed with the two types of amoeba relate to your problem. If not.... turn to virus

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Morgana (Vancouver, Canada) on 02/24/2014

Timh from Ky, I cannot tolerate even the smell of fish oil. I would be heaving before getting the capsule close to my throat but I was thinking that perhaps coconut oil might be a good substitute. Thanks. By the way I have a very sensitive stomach. Even happening upon a dead fly makes me vomit.

To Dave:

Dave thanks for your reply. I do love papaya, but so many fruits made me throw up in the past three and half years that I gave up on them. I will try your suggestion with just a tiny amount at a time. I do know it has powerful enzymes and if it stays down, it would be wonderful to eat it as much as I can keep down.

As to the beginning of this problem, acid reflux began about five years ago at age 59, but it wasn't until the end of 2010 that it began to be uncomfortable.Up to the acid reflux beginning the only time I had stomach problems was my horrid reaction to smelly things or revolting looking things and then anything I had in my gut came up. I was one of those women during pregnancy who vomited the whole nine months.

Actually interesting you bring up possible parasites as a source cause I used to wonder about that. The day it began I had bought myself a frozen lasagne to have for a quick meal after work. I had just begun my present job the month before, twelve hour days and was too exhausted to stand at the counter and cook after a long day beginning at 4am.

This is the first time in my life I bought one of those dinners, since my preference is more holistic and fresh food, but I did and that night I did have a violent reaction like a stomach flu which continued for several days and then I caught a bad cold which turned into a bad chest infection. The chest infections have been recurring over the years since childhood when hay fever first hit. It always changed to chest infections which lasted for weeks and weeks and that could be asthma I found out recently.

Since I never got stomach flu's ever, it has only now occurred to me that it might not have been the lasagne at all and that it could have been a bad flu beginning with stomach and turning into the chest infection.

Back to the problem. I was coughing very much, pulling tummy muscles when the problem began late 2010, and this continued for weeks. After that finally ended the real problem began in my stomach and upper abdomen. Those weeks of horrid gut wrenching coughing must have caused the hiatal hernia. It just got worse and worse and my doctor sent me on the rounds to have ultrasounds on every organ and nothing showed up and finally after a year of this and being in exactly the state where I am now, I insisted on seeing a gastroenterologist and then had that diagnosis after a gastroscopy and biopsy, and told I had to take Dexilant for life.

It was such a relief to have a solution that I happily took those pills and then when I found out just how dire it is to the system it began to make me very uneasy and to want to find another way. I really didn't think there was another way until finding this then I have hope.

Another thing that happens when I have anything at all, even lukewarm water my tummy area around my belly button as a centre swells and hurts immediately and as I said it can begin before I even have the liquid or food.

I remembered giving my dog Slippery Elm when he had digestive issues and am thinking that perhaps that might be a good thing to drink prior to eating anything or drinking anything even water. Funny how I never thought of that before.

By the way, my job hours are very stressful for me and I have been doing it almost four years and that may have alot to do with it too. Next year I will be 65 and can retire so maybe that will make a difference if I can get through this without it all turning to esophageal cancer.

Thanks for your input and for any further suggestions.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 02/24/2014

Hee, hee, Morganspirit, I learn the Chinese stuff that I want, off the Internet and from books. I take the info that seems right to me and experiment with that. Why pay? Having said that, I did go to a practitioner to get the Chinese "diagnosis name" of my condition (according to them. I always take it all with a grain or two of Celtic Salt :)).

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Morganaspirit (Vancouver, Canada) on 02/23/2014

Thank you GT Charlie. I discovered this thing about not having cold water this week and on the weekend when it finally hit me that my overnight lukewarm water had not bothered me at all to drink it. Usually I have it ice cold from the frig and so you are right on there. I will slice up my ginger and try that again. I use to make fresh ginger tea. I used to also keep fresh slices in my water jug to sip on as well and I see it is time to do this again. Cinammon too I love so will make sure it comes from Indonesia or Sri Lanka. Thanks so much for your input.

Unfortunately I used the PPI Dexilant to get through the past two years and it is only when I realized it was also not working as well, that is when I knew I had to tackle this problem now. My problem is that I work 12 hr days and alot of that time is sitting at my desk and that is a problem too with that pressure. I spose I can heat up the ginger tea in the microwave at work although I hate to use it. Thanks again.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 02/24/2014

Hello Morganaspirit,

Really, my heart goes out to have suffered so much.

I love what the EC writers have posted and have two observations:

First, to add to the previous suggestions on what you might be able to eat, have you tried papaya? The raw fruit, not the capsules but the fruit itself?

Papaya is an amazing fruit packed with enzymatic power... soothing to the lining of irritated throat and is wonderfully anti nausea. What ever is causing the problem, you certainly are deficient in enzymes and a good starting point is papaya. Start with the real fruit as I said and after eliminating the tiny black seeds (a good source of anti parasites) just take a tiny bit on spoon and eat. If no negative reaction, try a quarter teaspoon and so forth until you can eat a quarter cup at a time. If you can tolerate that much, the Papaya will start its wonder working impact on your system.

Second, I'd love to more find out the CAUSE of what you are experiencing. I understand the Barretts Syndrome diagnosis, but I mean before that. Here is my point; We are dealing with (largely) what you can eat now. That is vital because clearly there is a sense of urgency here...and that is why I threw in my suggestion of papaya. But all these suggestions, by and large, speak to the symptoms and do not address the cause.

I guessed one possible cause as an enzyme deficiency issue but that might more fit the symptom category.

Would you please give us some more information on the history of what led to this problem. I'm always wondering at causation and try to get to the bottom line cause for the symptoms. Often I find an infection that preceded symptoms, for instance.

So...could you give a brief history... like this; when did you first begin experiencing difficulties...from youth? From birth? Do you suspect genetic? As I said, I've often found a viral/ fungal ... pathogenic trigger, and hence "basis" for the symptoms.

Here's a typical story line...maybe it fits and maybe not: Victim X suffers from nausea for past five years. X first experienced illness four months after visiting Caribbean islands. Doctors cannot find cause. Possible answer; Parasites.

Or: Victim Y suffers from endocrine system issues with manifold symptoms. Six months prior to symptoms, suffered from severe case of strep. Possible cause; virus.

So, anything you can tell us as to cause...more of the history can help with underlying cause solution.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 02/24/2014 2073 posts

Morganaspirit: Yes, the Cod Liver Oil or Vit-A smells like fish, so you will need to fallow it directly w/ Elder/Zinc Lozenge. The Iodine/L-Tyrosine will likely be necessary in improving your T hormone status for the short-term until you do the Magnet, Vit-A, and Zinc begin protecting and healing the Thyroid. All this has worked for me as my last test showed normal without having previously taken levothyroxine for many weeks.

Do report your results for others.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Gtcharlie (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/23/2014

Hi Morganaspirit,

I want to chip in a few points here that is away from the main drag; not with the intention to negate what others say, but to add a different approach that is more in line with the Eastern philosophy.

1. Avoid all cold drinks or foods, including raw foods taken cold, even water from the refrigerator! Because you don't want to excite your stomach needlessly. And you don't want to lower your body's core temperature suddenly either. So, please stick to foods/drinks that are a bit above lukewarm, but way lower than to burn your mouth.

2. Use ginger as often as you can, but not as much as you can. Large amount of ginger can upset your stomach, in moderation, it can curb regurgitation effectively. Ginger can also warm your stomach up which will reduce the excessive stomach acid. GERD can be from insufficient stomach acid in some cases especially with the elderlies. But judging from what you say about the ACV, it is not your case.

The best way is to take a ginger tea with honey daily - thinly cut fresh ginger 15-20 slices with skin on, add in 8 oz of water and bring it to boil. Remove from the stove and stir in one t-spoon honey. Press the ginger slices a bit while mixing the honey in with the spoon. Save half of this concoction in a thermal for later use. Sip this tea slowly as hot as you can take. Inhale the steam through your nostrils while waiting for the tea to cool down a bit. By doing so, you can warm up your upper chest. Reheat the rest from the thermal a few hours later to finish it. Less in amount and more in frequency is the key to avoid burdening your stomach. If you can take in the whole 8 oz once, then brew a second cup later.

Always add some fresh ginger in your cooking. Ginger candy is a good choice for snacking.

If you like cinnamon, you can use it to replace ginger at times or supplementing the ginger tea with it. But be sure to buy the cinnamon from Indonesia or Srilanka since it is for medicinal purpose. You will find them at Amazon.

3. Take liquid foods for easy digestion; thick soap like beef and barley is a good choice. Avoid foods that cause bloating and gas. Chew slowly and longer when eating solid foods to let the saliva to breakdown carbohydrates. Proper nutrition plays a big part in one's health!

4. Rub your stomach often: use both hands to rub your stomach (right under the sternum) with a little pressure. Move in a circular motion and reverse the direction alternatively. Give it a few pumps if you can in between. Do it before meals and relax your stomach muscle by practicing deep breathing at times. You need to strengthen your diaphram.

If these help and when situation is stabilized, you can start making fresh potato juice in the morning and drink it with an empty stomach - at least half an hour prior to breakfast. Add an apple if you like. But be sure to leave both the potato and apple out of the refrigerator to prevent taking in cold liquid in the morning!

Potato juicing is good to curb cancer cells, and for any ulcer too! A very popular remedy in Asia popularized by a welknown Japanese monk.

All the best to you!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Morganaspirit (Vancouver, Canada) on 02/23/2014

Thank you Timh from Ky, and Somewhere, Europe, jos from Thailand, and Mike 62 from Denver. I appreciate all of your input. I do love avocadoes Mike, bananas I am very allergic to unfortunately cause I love them.

Jos, food thickeners sound like a very good idea because they coat the lining of the esophagus. I have never heard of them so will research as soon as I get off this site.

Timh, I do take desiccated thyroid. Learned that one a few years ago! But you are right that the thyroid seems to be mixed up with everything. I never thought of using a magnet on my thyroid but what a great idea. I need a lot of thyroid every day so it would be amazing to split it in half. I will certainly try the Vit-A. Does it taste fishy though? Thinking of Cod liver oil you mentioned. Aside from the esophagus problems I have a very difficult time with smells, especially fishy smell. I can't even walk into a fish store without throwing up. I take coconut oil and use it for cooking. Perhaps that would work as well as Vit-A?

I am going to try these ideas you all gave me today, and Somewhere, Europe you suggested TCM. I went to a naturopath who taught at the TCM college here and he was useless. His big plan was for me buy his protein powder and take that daily as well as pay him $150/hr for his consult. He gave me a sample and it upchucked within five minutes so I am a bit distrustful of TCM if that is the recommendation. I like the ones I got here today and will use them all. Thank you.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 02/23/2014

Morganspirit, sounds like you have to have well-cooked, easily digestible foods for right now. Look into Traditional Chinese Medicine for your situation.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 02/22/2014

Morganaspirit: I am not sure I can assist you but I can try. I am not sure why but I like to study the food plants, animals, and well people eat. After reading your sad story of so much suffering I am surprised you are alive. The reason I say this is because the cells require proper nourishment. When they don't get enough they eat the tissues. I believe this to be the root cause. I was very sick. The way I got well was to experiment. This is hard for a sick person to do so maybe getting a loved one to assist would be a good idea. Vegetables want to be fertilizer for the seeds so they make some of their nutrients hard to digest to discourage herbivores from eating them. Fruits want to be eaten for herbivores to propagate the seeds. Their nutrients are easily digested. The most easily digestible fruit is banana. Whole Foods has whole trade bananas. These are organically grown but lack the costly certification. They are also the least costly. You can try raw wildflower honey. Avocados are also easy to digest. Because you were able to eat cheese, eggs, and butter, you can try raw vital pastured eggs, raw grass fed hamburger, colostrum, and raw cheese. You can try black chia seeds. They are less costly online. Brown Cow plain yogurt might be beneficial. In my opinion you are going to have to find some raw organic and grass fed whole foods that you can eat so you can recover.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jos (Thailand) on 02/22/2014

Hi to Morganaspirit in Vancouver,

Sorry to hear of your gastric problems, have you tried mixing food thickeners to your food and drinks? There is a product called Nestagel which works quite well and helps to keep food down and without irritation, I believe it's mainly used for children and elderly people but maybe worth experimenting with, also try to research other food thickners which maybe of benefit to you as they coat the lining of your osophegus, and help to stop the burning sensation. Weight loss may be a problem for you and when desperate try Bengers food, another "old fashioned" food for invalids and children with hiatal hernia problems. Keeping yourself raised up when sleeping is essential for your oesophageal probs and I really wish you well. I had a young baby with reflux and I learnt about thickening food to keep it down in her stomach, I appreciate you are not an invalid but thought some of these ideas may help you.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 02/23/2014 2073 posts

Morganaspirit: It's obvious that the acid factor of ACV irritates your Esophagus, so do drop that. I had the same problem w/ the thyroid meds. One of the noticeable symptoms of hypothyroid is reduced ability to swallow, which implies that the esophagus is directly effected by insufficient thyroid hormones.

So, the only way to bring about a fix is to treat the esophagus and the thyroid simultaneously. Starting w/ the thyroid, take the magnet on your refrigerator and apply it to your thyroid glands for 10 min 2x day. Switch from levothyroxine to Armor Thyroid meds w/ any luck from your MD. supplement Lugols Iodine (much info here on E.C.). Take 500mg L-Tyrosine 1x day for two weeks and then up to 500mg 2x day. At this point you may need to split the thyroid med in half but you will need thyroid checked for sure. Vit-E is very good for protecting all the glands and thus improving their function. The best form of E is mixed Tocopherols & Tocotrienols. Coconut Oil is also very good for the T.

Now for the esophagus. Burst 5,000 iu Vit-A in mouth and let it slowly drain down the throat or take small spoon of Cod Liver Oil by mouth using the slow method. 15 minutes later suck an Elderberry/Zinc Lozenge. These two should both strengthen and soothe. DGL form of Licorice will also help soothe.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Morganaspirit (Vancouver, Canada) on 02/22/2014

Hi. After a gastroscopy procedure I was diagnosed with Barret's Esophagitis and a hiatal hernia almost two years ago after suffering for over a year. I was given Dexilant and it worked somewhat well to disguise the symptoms, yet like others here on this forum, I know the harmful effects and it also seemed to be losing effectiveness. At the time the specialist gave me the diagnosis she told me I was per-cancerous esophagus and beginning ulcer.

I have studied holistic health for most of my life and this medicine and its effects have worried me over the last almost two years. I am in a situation now where I cannot afford to buy it any longer either.

My concern is that I don't know what to take to cure the problem because of my symptoms so if anyone here has similar please let me know. People here have great success with ACV and Baking Soda. I did use baking soda before the problem got so intense I had to have the gastroscopy.

By the way at this time two years ago I did a 12 day fast on just organic aloe vera juice from whole foods I was that desperate. After that I decided to have a some organic veggie juice thinking I could now drink it and OMG it didn't last a moment in my system. Definitely it did me no good at all.

I throw up even water, but some foods surprisingly I discovered by accident I can keep down. I.e. pasta with cheese sauce, which I hadn't eaten for thirty years not liking it prior, but it was served for dinner where I was visiting. This blew my mind when I realized I wouldn't be throwing it up. Hard boiled eggs with a bit of butter I can keep down too. Veggies I can't keep down either. The problem I have is that I can't get past a mouthful of ACV without it coming right back up. I also have a greens organic, and a non-GMO, non-dairy, non-Soy protein powder full of good healthy ingredients, which I used to blend with coconut milk, and now I can't drink that either since stopping the PPI. I can only now drink little sips of water otherwise it comes back. Teas all come back after a mouthful. Coffee is out of the question entirely.

There must be a way to cure this and heal it holistically. I refuse to believe I have to live with this Dexilant which I read increases the possibility of stomach cancer if taking it over a long period. I also have osteoporosis before taking Dexilant and it must be even worse now. I feel that I am in very critical condition.

Another thing that happens is that the moment I even go to take my medication for hypothyroid and reach for the glass of water that my upper abdomen immediately swells and hurts and I haven't even had a sip yet. I sleep practically sitting up and now I also have developed this cough that causes me to throw up. I bring up a very clear gel like substance, not a mucous that is thick and then up comes my water or anything I have taken.

I would appreciate hearing back about this. Thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Andrew (Wyoming) on 05/30/2013

My grandma and girlfriend's mom swear by Apple Cider Vinegar. I have a case of Barrett's and was on dexilant, which is stronger than prilosec, for three years and have actually gotten worse. So the past month I have been drinking Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother in it during meals and seem better than before and no heartburn other than a case of indigestion once in a blue moon. I'm hoping to solve this Barrett's before it gets worse naturally other than taking them horrible drugs doctors swear by that makes matters worse in the long run. I wish I did the Apple Cider Vinegar three years ago when I first started having the problems I have now.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kimberley (Cairns North, Queensland, Australia) on 04/18/2013

James, thank you so much, I feel I have died & gone to heaven reading your comments & so many of the things you have chosen to do I also have, but you have certainly added to my repertoire.

I have had Barretts for goodness knows how many years, however it was first discovered in 2006 when I volunteered to take part in a reflux drug trial and was required to undergo an endoscopy. My Barrett's however made me ineligible but the diagnosis enabled me to be prescribed Nexium which certainly did the trick & later went on to Pariet which was better.

In my ignorant bliss that the meds were manna from heaven, I continued to eat & drink the same as I always had & had endoscopies every two years. At times I had shocking reflux & would increase my meds, usually due to drinking just before retiring. But I was not about to give up drinking nor coffee which I would have as soon as I woke up. Over the years the only side effect problem I seemed to have was lack of B12 absorption & had to take B12 injections to get this level up.

Two months ago after an evening with friends who had cooked dinner for me, nothing too outrageous (roast chicken & chick pea & egg plant salad), & a few glasses of wine & a very sweet dessert, I developed very bad reflux symptoms & also very bad stomach reaction & flatulence. I was sent to a dietician by my doctor who said I had IBS. Further tests made me doubt this diagnosis & the GP also said he thought it was probably due to my Barrett's.

I then started reading up & researching all I could & came to the decision that my digestion system was not doing a very good job, I had a hemaview & was told that my blood was very acidic & there was a lot of garbage collectors evident in my blood meaning there was a lot of work for these to do.

At this stage I decided that I wanted to have a healthy body & thought that Pariet (proton pump inhibitor) was probably a major cause of my problems. I then gave up coffee and gave up alcohol entirely (I was a two cups coffee, 1/2 bottle of wine daily person). I also vowed to never drink diet cola again (also a big favourite of mine). I also started taking digestive enzymes & probiotics & adding a few more alkaline foods to my diet whilst I ate all the food left in the house before going on the track of totally eating all the good food recommended for reflux & health in general (that starts in two days time). I asked two doctors about going off the PPI & was told I would need that for the rest of my life because I had Barrett's, unless I had an operation. So I booked an appointment with the gastroenterologist. I have to wait over a month.

But I so wanted to go off Pariet & had read that it should never be prescribed forever! So last Saturday (almost a week now) I stopped taking it & also propped my pillows up in bed, started drinking green tea, eating good yoghurt, with rolled oats, fruit (kiwi fruit, apples & pears & pineapple), fruit juice & dried fruit & nuts for breakfast - all of which I soak together overnight. Apparently the rolled oats can cause abrasions to the oesophagus if not soaked. I have small meals & have started to buy quinoa & brown rice & gluten free bread & pasta. I eat no sweets (gee I loved them), no desserts & lots of green veges, especially salad leaves. I do not eat after 7pm at night. I was also a great lover of very hot chillies, fresh, picked & sauces. I have stopped these entirely as well

On rising I have a swig of olive oil, followed by a good amount of EFAs (1700 mgs), found in various compounds, liquids & capsules with fish oil.

Have I had any reflux symptoms, very mild but really it reminds me of burps after eating as a child, nothing like anything I have experienced in the last 25 years. I have also been to another naturopath who has prescribed a number of supplements, including slippery elm because my blood from another hemaview he rated as 2.5/10 & he said it showed signs of a very acidic/toxic body, poor liver function & poor digestion.

Now I know this regime seems pretty drastic - well it does to me anyway. But what I hope is that after being on this strict diet for 6 months & then having another endoscopy my Barrett's will be the best it can be & I can prove to the doctors that you do not need to be on PPIs for life.

At that stage my digestive system should be working well & I can then have the occasional coffee or glass of wine, sweets & spicy food without causing dramatic symptoms to my body.

I do not want to take supplements either for the rest of my life, but am unsure whether the lack of nutrients in food today will require at least some. Only the future will tell. Every day is one step closer to having a healthier body & no GERD. I don't believe Barrett's will disappear entirely but who knows.

I am also investigating taking hydrogen peroxide food grade 35% diluted. Heard it can cure many diseases why not Barrett's!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Cayenne
Posted by Steven (Beloit, Wisconsin) on 03/03/2013

i was diagnosed wih barrets esophagus about two years ago. The doctor told me to go on meds for life. I sought out an homeopath approach. I've been drinking two 12oz bottles of water with 2oz apple cider vineger/2oz lemon juice, 1half tsp cayene pepper. Mix and shake, chill and drink. Sometimes i'll also add some aloe juice. My throat very seldom burns. My diet also has changed and consists of less acidic foods verses more alkaline foods. I don't smoke or use caffine. I've been told the meds the doctor wanted me to be on for life, are known to eat the inner stomach lining, not a good thing! In one year i'll be going in for my second scope and we'll see the results then. One other thing that I try not to do, is eat then go to bed. I usually wait three hours, before going to bed. or if i'm too tired, i'll sleep sitting up in my easy chair.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Teresa (Arlington, Texas) on 11/24/2012

dgl licorice heals! look it up licorice DGL

Aloe Vera
Posted by Dave (Auburn, Wa / Usa) on 10/01/2012

I have found that apple cider vinegar, essiac tea, DGL, cottage cheese/flaxseed, msm, enzyme, ginger and calcium/magnesium/zinc, red rice yeast and boswellia gives me relief and it seem to be improving my condition. Also I gargle with Listerine and CamphoPhenigue. Inflammation is a major problem Most of this I do before bed time. Each one of these have a function.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Heartch (Miami, Fl) on 07/21/2012

I was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus two weeks ago after coughing for almost three months non-stop. It was so bad, I either fractured my rib cage or did some damage to my intercostal muscles; the pain is extremely severe. I also have hiatal hernia so my doctor has put me on Nexium. My understanding is that the purple pill actually affects your bones so calcium supplements are a must and for women, 1 a day vitamins. I am trying DGL along with a few other vitamins. I have been informed that I will have to be on Nexium for the rest of my life and that idea did/does not sound appealing to me at all considering I rarely take an medication. I am a non-smoker, rarely drink, never been overweight, and in pretty good health. How I got this baffled my doctor, but it shocked me even more because I eat healthy but tasty foods; I cook a lot of our meals from scratch using lots of vegetables, chicken, turkey, and fish. I will try some of the suggestions on this site and hopefully they will help. I have drastically changed my eating habits and cut sugar, caffeine, regular milk, sodas, any spicy and acidic foods out of my diet and have taken to eating bland and mostly either steamed or raw vegetables. Not one to eat non-fat foods, I now am consuming non-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, soy milk (that took some getting used to but it's ok now), and eating dark leafey vegetables (broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, collard greens, etc). I ate those before, but I'm consuming them more than ever. I'm also eating smaller meals and dinner before 6:30 pm since I go to sleep around 11pm anyway. With these changes, my coughing has gone away (except when I forgot to take my Nexium one moring, but it wasn't as bad as before which leads me to believe that the pill does have some affect on containing the acid). I will try to bed tilting next.

One thing I did find in my research is that we are supposed to avoid peppermint. Has anyone noticed an increase in chest pains?

And I would love to know how James is doing these days. Your story and others gives me hope.

And thanks so much everyong for sharing your suggestions. If this site is around, I will update down the road. My next endoscopy is a little over a year from now and I'm hoping to have a positive report. I would love to go back to eating everything (except less spicy) and in moderation again.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Crr (Phoenix, Arizona) on 04/03/2012

I have finally learned that to get a rating of the size of Barretts Syndrome, it must be fully controlled with 6-8 weeks of acid pump inhibitors (prilosec otc is one of the few on the market), then a sample taken for the level rating of the condition.

From this intel the use of the laser light to remove the unhealthy tissue is the current "cure". The length of the problem, is not equal to the grade of cancer it is becoming. Hence, I know my length is 4. I am under a physician at Mayo Clinic, and on prilosec x2 per day for 6 weeks to control it enough to determine with a sample that has no irritated tissue in it, how close to cancer I really am.

The warning is that when you go off the acid pump inhibitors , there is a pendulum swing to the production of much more acid than you were producing before it, for a period of time. I will be on the Aloe Vera and Brioschi in the middle of the night for that experience.

I was given the example of using nasal sprays, then experiencing the excess plegm activity when you stop using the spray, until it equalizes back to what has become normal for you.

To avoid the problem again, I decided to go on the Arbonne Essentials and stick to their Detox Spa . It is Vegan Certified and keeps you alkaline. Cancer doesn't enjoy a robust growth in an alkaline condition, and the products resolves a lot of the problems in the stomach by changing your diet. I do have to take the 10,000 orac score vitamins with food, and I find I have fewer Barretts Syndrome problems if I avoid coffee and gluten.

To avoid the Barretts length , I found out too late, that simply using a bed with an elevated top, uses gravity to keep the acid in the stomach better when sleeping. A cheap simple fix was found at Ikea in the bed department.

Hope that helps.

Posted by Penny (St Helier, Channel Islands, Uk) on 02/26/2012

Having read various sites about harmful effects of PPI's, I have weaned myself off them. Nearly two years ago I was told I had a "slight" hernia, and - only when I asked further questions of the nurse rushing about (following a gastroscopy) did I elicit the information that I had Barrette's Oesophagus and she thrust some information in my hand. I had not realised then the significance of Barette's - but I do now, thanks to my own research.

Thanks to sites like this I have been taking DGL and I think this had a successful outcome. However, I note that your product, and every other DGL product, contains magnesium stearate which, I understand, is undesirable. Please advise (1) what effect this ingredient might have on me; (2) why do you include it, when so many sites - like Dr Mercola - say it is harmful; and (3) can you take it out of the product?

Also, how long is it advisable for me to continue taking DGL. I am currently eating a very high degree of alkaline food to assist the problem, with very good results. I have very small incidences of a little reflux, which I hardly notice, but am nevertheless conscious of the Barrette's.

I am planning to go to the Hippocrates Health Center in Miami in June/July, and with 3 weeks of high quality alkaline food I hope to have healed the Barrette's if it is not already healed.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jill (Dc) on 01/24/2012

I would love to know what "red berry" tea you used to fight GERD. Is it Gogi berry tea? Hawthorne berry? There seem to be several possibilites to choose from that fit yuor description. Thank you.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lawson (Sunderland, England) on 01/02/2012

Hello james what kind of aminos and antioxidants you taking? thanks

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lawson (Sunderland, Tyne ) on 12/20/2011

Great advice! How much barrets did you have? as I have about 7 cm. Did it completely cure it?. I'm definitely going to take your advice but how long did you do this for? Thanks

Aloe Vera
Posted by Kathryn (Falmouth, Cornwall, Uk) on 12/13/2011

Hi All I have just been looking up Barretts Disease, my very good friend has just been diagnosed, I am a Disrtibutor of Aloe Vera Products and, after a particularly difficult few days of not being able to eat much, apart from ice cream, I gave my friend a bottle of Aloe gel, hoping it would help, after a few hours she came to my house (next door) and hugged me she said it had helped her to feel much better and had enabled her to eat some real food. Aloe has amaizing properties. I hope this is helpful.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sudburygirl (Sudbury, Ontario) on 10/13/2011

I have it too. I have been taking ACV with Baking Soda for about a year. Just had another biopsy - Dr. Said all is well. I will take it the rest of my life to prevent this from spreading.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Libraladee (Huguenot, New York) on 10/13/2011


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Iamkywoman (Morgantown, Ky) on 09/09/2011

Hi I'm Debbie from Kentucky and I would like to know how James from Savannah is doing, he posted on this site on 4-4-2011! I was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus in December 2010. I have been told some many things not to do but not a lot about what to do, except give up lots and lots of things. I really enjoyed your information you posted in that I may try some of these things for myself. I realize we are all different and in different places in our walk but just frustrated. I will be going back in December of 2011 for my 1st check up after being told I had this condition. I'm curious to see if its stopped or has changed in anyway. I was told it could not be reversed only slowed down. I lost my brother to Esophagus cancer 5 years ago and I'm concerned I may be on that path. Again, please thank you taking the time to post all the information you did and I'm so happy for you that it has helped you! May some of it or all it help someone else!

Thanks - looking for ideas for diet :)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by James (Savannah, Ga Usa) on 04/04/2011

I cured my Barrett's. After 3 years of regular upper GI inspections, on my 4th I was declared free. It was during the 2nd year of my Barrett's that I followed this 'regimen'. Here it is:

EATING (behavior)

First and foremost, DO NOT EAT AFTER 5 AT THE VERY LATEST.
You are probably on some proton pump inhibitor. Although a good thing, it does a number of what I believe are contrary effects. By lowering your stomach acids, food takes much longer to digest. Thus, you can't expect your stomach to be clear of food for at least 6 hours. Secondly your stomach enzymes are now out of balance due to your lowered acidity. So your food isn't digested and absorbed fully either.

Keep all meals small.
You probably already know this. Large meals aggrivate hiatal hernias, GERD.

If you must eat a large meal, make it breakfast. And have it before you have coffee. And if possible, keep the coffee under 2 cups.
For the first 6 months of my regimen, I was in the strange habit of making large dinnerlike meals upon waking. I found it very soothing, and was of course very hungry! I made mild curries, stews, mild mexican dishes, and traditional breakfasts.

Never, ever have a large meal with alcohol.
Nothing against alcohol, as I will later disclose. But wine, beer along with an even medium size meal seems to 'shut down' the digestion. I was in misery many times from this one-two combo. If you must do both the same night, drink alcohol either a couple of hours before, or a couple of hours after the meal. I don't know why.

Cocktails seem to be easier on the system, in moderation. Less yeasty, filling.

Chew gum.
If you get that gnawing, hungry feeling that many HH and GERD sufferers get, I found chewing gum helped a lot. It gets the saliva flowing, and saliva seems to calm the stomach.

EATING (food)

You can eat hot food, but not very hot, and not too often.
I was addicted to super-spicy food. I love it. Learn to love the flavor of those spicy foods, not the 'intensity'.

Eat tons of Broccoli.
I ate broccoli in my stir fries, omlettes, mexican dishes, indian food, salads - whatever. I became addicted. If you hate broccoli, it's probably because you grew up in a household where it was cooked to an awful olive drab. Buy FRESH broccoli, and just steam or stir-fry until it is a richer deep green. Still crunchy, not mushy. I believe broccoli is a very, very powerful food.

Eat tons of Onions
Same as above. You can cook the hell out of the onions if you want. Put em in every cooked dish.

Same with Garlic
See above.

Avoid prepackaged meals/mixes/sauces
This stuff is industrial poison when taken in quantity. Use spices with tomato sauce, ethnic sauces as a base. Yeah those sauces are prepackaged, but they're to be used lightly and 'doctored' with garlic, onions, spices.

Eat Yogurt.
Yogurt will make you fat if you eat too much. So every day, just have a cup of it. It's full of 'friendly' bacteria for your stomach. Just to supercharge the yogurt, I would take vanilla yogurt, and add a teastpoon of spirulina to it, mix it in. Spirulina is a powerful source of exotic and crucial nutrients, and smells like hell. But mixed in vanilla yogurt, trust me, it tastes downright good! I called this mix 'The secret weapon".

This stuff is great. It's a grain, you cook it like oatmeal. Add broccoli, garlic, onions and some boullion, (add _____'s Amino's) you've got a great 'salty hot dish'. I know people who cook this up in the morning, add milk, honey and cinnamon, and they've got a sweet breakfast porridge.

Granny Smith Apples
I read somewhere online that eating even half of a GS Apple can reduce the gnawing HH symptoms. It often worked.

I know what you're saying. No. Way. Hear me out: I hated sauerkraut. I hated that mushy awful crap they put on hot dogs. I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. I happened onto some at a fancy restaurant, when I was presented with a salmon on a bed of sauerkraut.

It is great. It is also loaded with digestive enzymes and is a GREAT snack food when you are hungry. I urge you: Get some, try it cold. Try to find the unpasteurized kind if you can, like PowerKraut if you can find/afford it. I have the feeling this stuff is a healing food of the Gods, like Quinoa, Aloe, Broccoli, Papaya.

Avoid Sugar and Sweets
I'm lucky this way. I don't like sweets at all. But I thought I'd mention it because it may have been instrumental in my recovery.

If you must eat out, just order an appetizer.
I know it's tempting to 'live it up'. Yeah, you'll have to live with it later. If you have to order an entree, try for the love of God to just eat a little and take the rest home. NIBBLE at the restaurant.


I cannot emphasize this enough. I drank quarts of diet coke every day. The damn stuff expands in your stomach and creates the whole problem. Additionally you ingest Phosphoric Acid, burning away at your esophagus. Run like your hair is on fire from all cola products, and avoid carbonated as well.

The 'two tea" combo
Every morning I would load up a giant tea ball with a combination of green tea and 'red berry tea' (this is available at coops and health food stores in bulk form) and make about half a Mr. Coffee pot of it. Three mugs. It wakes you up, and you are bathing your esophagus in antioxidants and "red plant phytonutrients/cancer fighters". I believe this is VERY IMPORTANT>

Later in the evening, an hour before retiring, I would make a cup or two of just the red berry tea (don't want caffeine then! ) and substitute the green tea with aloe vera juice. I think this is even MORE IMPORTANT. I believe that my Barrett's was primarily caused by 'upper GI sloshing" into the esophagus at night while asleep.

-if I'm going to have stuff sloshing all over my Barrett's, why not make it something that fights it and sooths it? This tea and nightly regimen may be the most important part of the whole regimen.

Ginger Tea
This wasn't intended to treat the Barrett's but seems to help combat they gnawing HH feeling you sometimes get. Heat up some water, pour some powdered ginger into a glass, add honey, stir. Let the ginger settle to the bottom if you like.

Apple Cider Vinegar.
I went on occasional 'binges' of drinking AC Vinegar diluted in water, once daily for weeks, then would discontinue. Just too much to do, and not much fun. But I did this enough to note. It seems to alleviate HH symptoms as well.


I have a theory: I'm a 'sloucher'. And I sit in a slouchy chair in front of a computer a lot of the time. Or while watching TV. If you look at a crowd of men (women too but men seem more pronounced) you'll see two types: "slouchers" who seem to lean over their chests, and 'belly pushers", guys who stick their guts out and lean back in a way. I've also noted that 'slouchers' tend to be quieter, restrained people, and 'belly pushers' more aggressive, outspoken people.

I think that 'slouching' is more than physically conducive to HH/GERD. I think the body is 'building and holding stress' in the lower esophageal region. Muscles are tensing, nervous system excited, but it's all staying there. So, every day I would do this before exercise or yoga, or just by itself.

The Belly Pushing Exercise
A note of caution: keep very aware of potential dizziness, feeling faint. If you feel that way, quit and kneel down and let the feeling pass.

1. Stand normally. Notice your breathing. You're probably breathing into your chest. And your shoulders are leaning forward. Pull your shoulders back!

2. Take a deep breath INTO YOUR BELLY, making the area around your belly button stick way, way out. RELAX your stomach muscles. See how big you can make your belly! Pretend you are a fat guy, and this air in your belly is your fat. Do this several times, making sure to hold in the air for a while. Remember the shoulders.

3. Now do it again just the same, but this time pay attention not to your belly, but to your Solar Plexus - that's the region above your belly but just below the center of your ribcage. Note that it isn't relaxed. Try to do the same breaths, but once you've relaxed the belly, relax the Solar Plexus, as if you are 'expanding the air' into that region. This actually takes a lot of practice to do, and you'll often get dizzy from it.

If you're holding your shoulders back, you may notice a tension on either side of your neck, near the collarbone. THEN you know it's working. It's working as a stretch/tension/massage on the region and you'll know it if you repeat this, because eventually it relaxes. Internally, you can visualize a sort of 'thoracic push'. Do this a few times if you can. Remember, just duck down and take a breath if you feel faint/dizzy.

After doing this for a few months, I've gotten to the point where I can 'move' my musculature outward almost like a wave - from belly out, then upward to solar plexus, and chest and then back downward - with little effort, even sitting in the office.

I try to do this exercise regularly - almost daily - because the old 'slouching habit' is a lifelong imprint that returns quickly.

The Reverse La-z-boy.
This isn't really anything but a short-term fix for when you have a HH 'gnaw attack'. If you have a recliner, set it in front of the TV facing AWAY from the TV. Now, set it into full recline position and sit BELLY DOWN in the recliner, so that your chin is at the head of the recliner, and watch TV. This seems to rearrange things inside so that you have some temporary relief of the HH, and you can watch TV while doing so. I have read books this way, I just put a footstool below the head of the la-z-boy.


I consumed an awful lot of supplements, but I have for years before my HH. I will simply list the ones I took specifically for this regimen, then follow it with my 'normal' heap o' supplements. That said, there's no reason to assume that my normal supplements weren't instrumental in my recovery as well.

HH specific:

Candida cleansing supplements.
I think this may be the most important supplement you can take. The symptoms of this fungal infection are varied and elusive. But I'll tell you: I got on these and not just did the HH symptoms lessen, I felt great. I thought candida was one of those hypocondriac diseases, but now I am convinced. I believe that Candida is a very powerful antagonist that may enable Barrett's.

DO IT. Take these for six months along with...

Drink Metamucil or equivalent every day. IMPORTANT!
I tended to drink it in the EARLY evening as a 'snack', believe it or not. Never take it at the same time as vitamins. It just soaks 'em up. It keeps it all moving DOWN, not up.


I also take a wide variety of vitamins, the 'alphabet variety' plus aminos ahd antioxidants as a lifetime practice.

I've done basic yoga for years: Sun Salutations, a few other things. But at the beginning of this enterprise I took up running. It not just is good for your cardio but you are always 'bobbing', pushing stuff downward. I do three miles a day.

If you're not a runner, Try three miles, but just run a block, walk a block. Then two blocks, one. Then three, one. After a month you'll be fine, able to run it with just a few half-block walks.

I smoke. For six of the 12 months I was on Chantix. I smoked very, very lightly on Chantix. One or two a day, max. Many many days with none. It worked. Got off Chantix, smoked again. There is utterly no doubt that smoking is a strong factor in Barrett's. Try to quit. You know they're relaxing your stomach sphincters. That's real bad. If you can't:

1. If you eat, don't smoke. If you smoke, don't eat. In other words, no 'after dinner smoke'. Keep them separated by hours at least.

2. If you are drinking in the evening, and a smoker: try to smoke as little as possible. Alcohol multiplies the smoking/GERD syndrome.

3. That morning smoke. If you must have it, skip breakfast. Otherwise, you'll be suffering all day. If you have breakfast, don't smoke for at least two hours after breakfast.

If you feel you are drinking too much, do something about it like joining AA. Or follow the 'European Model" and learn to drink reasonably and not declare yourself 'diseased and must abdicate to God'.

I found that if I was suffering from HH symptoms most DURING THE EVENING, that two alcoholic drinks relieved my symptoms immensely. Note I said IN THE EVENING. I do not advocate 'medicinal drinking' during the day.

If I was out on an evening of drinking, I always made sure to drink some water at the end of the night, then drink some red berry tea/Aloe or just chug some Aloe before going to bed. This, again, made sure that whatever was 'sloshing over my esophagus' was healing more than damaging. I think fermented beverages are a bad thing: the fermentation enables candida and is generally impure, and also fill you up, providing a 'toxic esophageal slurry' for bedtime. Beer and wine are 'dirty' liquors.

I switched to distilled mixed drinks, asking for seltzer water rather than tonic. Careful though, those mixed drinks can carry a punch! If you're a beer drinker, don't down them like beer. To you beer drinkers: Craft your buzz: don't get carried away and become an alcoholic or fool. Mix your drinks weak, then you can have lots of them.


Think about it: A night of drinking and smoking. You go home to sleep. Your throat is coated with nicotine, your stomach full of alcohol. That combo sloshes around in your upper GI all night. No wonder you have Barrett's! Do yourself a favor, no matter how tired/drunk you are: try to taper off in your last hour, and then go home and drink the red berry/aloe mixture or just aloe, and drink a good size glass, not a sip. Turn the slosh into a healer, not a killer. And brush your teeth and tongue first!


I got one of those wedges to sleep on that raises your upper body. A great investment. It takes some getting used to, but after a while you prefer it. It really, really helps! It keeps the 'slosh' downhill.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Vitamin B Complex
Posted by Chris (Vancouver, Bc) on 01/19/2011

I've had great results from the B Vitiams. My GERD and heartburn have been bad for a year and half. Tried all the drugs; Nexum and such. They only managed to suppress my Hiatel Hernia. Since Ive been doping ive on B Vitees I hardly ever get heartburn and dont need to use Nexum.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Susanne (Lynnwood, Wa) on 07/21/2010

If you use apple cider vinegar, be sure to use the kind with the "mother" in it - the cloudy stuff that drifts to the bottom. If I have a symptom I find it works - and I add a tsp. of honey. Also, use a good digestive enzyme with first bite of food and a probiotic each day. Don't eat fatty foods and avoid wheat and dairy. Get adequate sleep and exercise a bit. These measures can be difficult but it's absolutely worth it. I don't have to take the worthless and dangerous meds and haven't had heartburn for months. (My doc says it's okay unless my bi-annual scope tests shows further damage -- which they haven't. )

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