Natural Remedies for Autism

Bill Thompson Protocol
Posted by Bill (San Fernado, Philippines) on 03/20/2014

Hi Carla...The current thinking on Autism and all ASD disorders is that these problems are all caused due to massive infestation of the child with parasites, candida and associated bacteria. It is the waste toxins that these pathogens produce that interferes with a babies brain development which is the main causes autism. See this research by Dr William Shaw. These constantly-produced toxic poisons from parasites and pathogens are what cause the learning, behavioural and social problems in the child. The treatment and cure for all ASD disorders is to kill off all the parasites, candida and other pathogens in the child's body thus removing all the dangerous toxins causing brain development problems as well.

Some months ago I was contacted by the father an autistic two year old boy who was in a private autism group trying to cure their children. He was following Kerri Rivera's protocol to cure autism which roughly involves the following protocols:

MMS(Chlorine Dioxide Protocol) as promoted by Andreas Klacker and Jim Hubble

MMS Enemas

Hulda Clark Parasite Protocol

No Anti-oxidants


The father of the autistic child had been on Terri Rivera's protocol for many months. He contacted me because he had read my book and wanted to know more about the Turpentine Protocol. He said that Terri's protocol had improved his two year old sons behaviour, learning etc by 80%(according to his ATEC scores) but that he could get no further improvement with Terri's protocol. I advised him to include and use 1/4 to 1/2 tspn turpentine mixed with castor oil and molasses or honey for taste.

Terri Rivera's protocol has so far cured 121 children from autism(with ATEC scores of less than 10) which is highly commendable. And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. However, the cure is not consistent, because many people seem to have problems making progress. Terri Rivera has an autistic teenage son who has been on her protocol for 10 years and is still not cured. I have identified two reasons for this inconsistency -- Terri's protocol seems to be weak at getting rid of large parasites and is also not very good at getting rid of candida or bacterial biofilms. Turpentine is much better at doing both these tasks. The father has now stopped using the Chlorine Dioxide Protocol and is just using the turpentine protocol because he told me it was better with far less side-effects. His son also continues to improve. I am still advising and helping the father and the private autism group.

From my own research , here is a simple document that I wrote that describes additional protocols that will help to reduce both Herx or die-off reactions as well as reduce pathogenic poisons and will also help to reduce detox symptoms. As a group, all these simple protocols in the document are designed to more quickly heal the child's brain to normal social behaviour, learning etc.

Adjunct Nutrients to Help Minimize Detox, Herx Reactions and Poisons and to Help Proper Brain Development and Healing (wrt Learning, Social and Behavioural Problems)

Bill Thompson Protocol
Posted by Bill (San Fenando, Philippines) on 03/05/2014

The autism group that I am involved with follow Kerri Rivera's protocol against autism. You can join the blog on her website here for more information about this protocol:

Kerri Rivera's CD Autism Forum

Kerri Rivera's protocol roughly involves the following:

* Using the MMS(Miracle Mineral Solution -- Chlorine Dioxide) protocol on a daily basis on the autistic child or adult, as promoted by Jim Hubble and Andreas Klacker.

* Using MMS enemas.

* Using Hulda Clark's Parasite Protocol.

* Using other medications like Theralac to promote good gut bacteria.

* Avoiding antioxidants.

* Diet.

Kerri Rivera has also claimed that her protocol has already cured at least 100 autistic children.

I was contacted by a father from a private autistic group who had read my book on candida and was interested in what I had written about turpentine and biofilms. He had been following Kerri Rivera's protocol for his autistic son for some while. He then told me that his two year old son's autism had improved by about 80% according to his ATEC scores while using MMS and Kerri's protocol. But that his son seemed to have reached a plateau and his son was now not improving much at all. I then advised that perhaps the one thing missing in Kerri's protocol was something that removed candida and bacterial biofilms more efficiently and quickly - so I advised implementing gum turpentine as well into the protocol for this reason. Without removing biofilms, it has been my experience that it becomes very difficult to get rid of well-established systemic candida problems. He implemented the turpentine protocol within Kerri's protocol on a daily basis with his young son and, after only a month, his son is excreting more parasites and biofilms consistently in his stools and the boy now continues to markedly improve.

The dosages of turpentine that the father is currently using for his son is 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon turps, depending on the age of the child. Turps is taken together with castor oil(1 tspn to 1 tablespoon, also dependent on age) together with sugar or molasses or honey. The castor oil is there to help the child to achieve 3 major toilets a day in order to help clear out parasites, candida, biofilm and toxins more quickly from his system. The father has now also formed his own autistic group and we have both been helping others wanting to cure their autistic children using both the Kerri Rivera Protocol and the Turpentine Protocol. Turpentine appears to be very powerful at removing parasites, candida, other pathogens and biofilms.

Dr William Shaw, in Great Plains in Kansas, is another researcher who has been successful in his own medical approach and treatments against autism and autism spectrum disorders. He uses a new medical approach and believes that autism arises and is caused mainly from toxic waste products from both bacteria and candida. Unfortunately, his treatment seems to be hideously expensive.