Natural Cures for Aspergillosis

Posted by Jean (Tacoma) on 09/02/2016
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I was diagnosed with ABPA (Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis) in 2008 after coughing for 2 years. I would like to share what I have learned. My IGE went to 4400 and it was difficult to breathe. I finally agreed to use iatraconazol and prednisone. The IGE only dropped into the lower 2000's despite taking the drugs for about 6 months. Breathing was still difficult. At this point in October of 2012 I turned to Turmeric. I took a brand with curcumin phytosomes. I took 8 capsules a day / that's 2000 mg twice a day. Within a few weeks my breathing seemed less difficult but I did not want to jump to conclusions. I kept taking the Turmeric for 6 weeks then had another IGE test. It had dropped almost 1000 points. I kept taking it and the IGE kept decreasing. After about 11/2 years in 2014 it was finally down to 258. It stayed there for 2 years. I dropped the amount taken to 4 capsules or 1000 mg twice a day. In May of 2016 my IGE was at 328. I will never stop taking the Turmeric. When I skip it for a few days I feel the labored breathing return. I recently read an article that salt slowed the growth of aspergillus. I also bought a therapeutic Salt Pipe. I breathe in and out through the the pipe for 10 minutes a day.

Perhaps these suggestions will help someone else.