Natural Cures for Aspergillosis

Niacin and Cinnamon Bark
Posted by Joy (The Villages, FL, USA) on 03/20/2020
4 out of 5 stars

BETTER BUT NOT CURED Hello, I really need your help. Here's my story: For almost 10 years I have been suffering from fungal balls in my sinuses. Recently I have gotten urine test confirmation that it's aspergillus. I have tried everything I can think of and get no results. Recently I read your Q&A on Aspergillosis and started taking Niacin capsules, which help a lot. I also take cinnamon bark which helps. I spit up mucus night and day. Latest issue is my right eye is cloudy and blurred, so I'm pretty certain it has spread to my optic nerve. The mucus in my sinuses, (which I'm aware is actually an immune response protecting me from the fungus), comes as a post nasal drip, not through my nose. It collects in my throat and makes me miserable at night too. I'm pretty sure it's in my sphenoid sinuses, and according to the web articles I've read surgery is the only option. I'm not too keen on doctors. Not only that, but I think surgery is very dangerous due to possible cranial bleeding, and I also don't think it is a permanent solution, since the fungus is all through my system by now and will only come back somewhere else. I'm a healthy (otherwise) 72 year old female and take no medication of any kind. I use only natural methods. I may have to resort to voriconazole, as I read that this drug is effective against this. However, I wish I could find something to get rid of it directly through my sinuses instead of through my stomach. Thank you for anything you can tell me about this. God bless you.