Natural Cures for Asperger Syndrome

Posted by GCA (Sao Paulo - Brazil) on 01/27/2021
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I am mother of a 17 y.o. boy iin the Autistic spectrum (mild) with a childhood filled with tantrums, Opposition Defiance behaviour, occasional serious emotional bursts, having been diagnosed when he was 4.

We had no success with drugs like Risperidone ou Carbamazepine, that proved much worse, going from sleepiness, dizziness to damming the symptoms into unpredictable explosions of anger and despair.

Taking into account that he was very sensitive to cocoa and chocolate (and avoiding these foods brought a great relief), I began studying more deeply what could act like an " antidote" for the bad effects of chocolate so he could maybe someday consume it without all the bad cummulative effect it had.

Reading about many reports and studies from various sources, relating Theobromine, other amines and their effect on my child´s behaviour, at some point I reached the conclusion that those antipsicotic drugs, being MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) were doing the opposite to what was needed. That the mood bursts and tantrums could not be derived from a lack of anines and serotonines, but from the excess instead. Adding some particularities in the amines and serotonin metabolism in ASD individuals, we have adopted MSM as a mean to favour the equilibrium of monoamino oxidases versus a possible excess of amines.

Along with other suplements, a dose of approx. 1,5 mg /day has been showing fair results for more than two years now. I take it also, for my knee pain (sensibly reduced). I will keep on studying MSM, observing possible after effects and will thank you very much if you will like to share your experiences with me about MSM and ASD.