Natural Cures for Asperger Syndrome

Bach Flower Remedies
Posted by Qsmom (Toronto) on 08/03/2018
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Bach Flower remedies for Aspergers Syndrome

For my daughter I used the following which seemed to help to some extent:

Bach remedies - I would pinpoint a problem and then would use the particular Bach remedy for it until I feel the problem has lessened. For example - Walnut Bach flower remedy to enable smooth transitions. I would keep a log of what remedies I used from time to time and I did use many of the remedies over the years on her and on myself. You could do your own research on Bach remedies. My only recommendation is to prolong the treatment until the problem (any particular problem) goes away to a considerable extent, even it if takes two to three months (not just for the recommended 2 week duration). very non-invasive.

Apart from these I used:

Tapping or Emotional Freedom technique- EFT to deal with emotional problems, Essiac tea ( for about one to 1.5 years)- to heal the gut and eczema (for the eczema it worked like magic), Gluten free casein free diet (couldn't do it for long as it was hard keeping it up in a non gluten free casein free household) and Vitamin C. And just talking with each other (A mom version of talk therapy).

We also tried homeopathy which helped clear out some problems (surely a venue that can be explored).

I also used a lot of coriander/cilantro in my cooking (don't know if that helped clear any heavy metals). ACV during cold and flu times.

The symptoms do get more manageable with age. Now she is a well capable adult by God's grace. Now if you ask me I would have liked to try Apple cider vinegar, Baking soda in water (Ted's recommendation for alkalinity), Acidophilus/probiotic on a regular basis. Back then I did not think of it. My advice to parents is to please bear in mind to not let the childhood be lost while running after treatments, therapies etc.

Gluten free Casein free diet

EC: Please be sure to test and compare the Bach flower remedy brands - Healing Herbs with the Nelson Bach brand (which is the brand sold in most pharmacies and health food stores). The HH Bach Flower remedies are our favorite, hands down. We tested them about 15 years ago. Difficult to find Healing Herbs in the USA, easier in the UK.

FES Flowers is the main online distributor of Healing Herbs flower remedies in the USA and it's very difficult to find the HH brand on their website. Just took a few minutes to find this link!