Natural Cures for Asperger Syndrome

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Vanessa Kay (Binghamton, New York) on 10/26/2009
5 out of 5 stars

In mid summer, a good friend of mine referred me to ACV. He had been having serious health problems concerning lyme disease and Shingles, which are now completely cured by nutrints. Anyways, to my point...we are conditioned not to believe that a $3.50 bottle of liquid can resolve nearly all of your health problems, but its true. I have seen serious self-improvement both physically and mentally here.

I have struggled with a cognitive condition named aspergers syndrome throughout my life. For right now, all you need to know about this condition is that there are many ADHD and OCD symptoms associated with it. For the past three years of my life, I had been actively pursuing a pharmeceutical solution to my problems. However, I could not find anything that did not lead to serious problems with anxiety and depression. Apple cider vinegar seemed to solve many of my issues. I can now pay attention in class or sit in the library reading for durations as long as four hours. At first i wasn't sure why, now I think that its the vinegar. These issues have not completely gone away, nor ever will they, but they are now much more manageable.

I originally followed my friend's advice on taking vinegar because i was told that it led to weight loss. This is also true. For the past 2 months or so, i haven't been able to keep up with a near-daily exercise routine that I used to be on the very top of. Normally i'd gain weight like nuts but if anything, i've appetite seems to be smaller in a positive way on days that I drink the vinegar. Family and friends have also comented that my 'baby face' has gone away since I started taking it.

At any rate, ever since I started taking hte vinegar, I have felt much healthier, happier, more stable, and more confident in both appearance and personality. I strongly reccommend this stuff. Its totally worth the somewhat unpleasant taste a few times a day!