Natural Remedies for Ascites

Posted by Lotusland (Vancouver , Bc Canada) on 02/07/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Serrapeptase for Ascites:

Acquired Ascites this fall as a result of an on-going medical issue - NOT cirrhosis related. I had paracentesis (where they drain you of fluid) and they drained 3. 5 litres - about 8lbs. Ascites will return... You begin by getting tapped every 2 months, then every month, week, daily etc. Mine had started to return, and, truth be told, I was not feeling that great after getting tapped. Because the fluid in my peritoneum was getting watered down with fluid, the viscosity in the peritoneal fluid was lost I. E. My organs were not sliding smoothly over each other, but sticking. Every morning I had 2 ferrets in my abdomen having a knife-fight from 4 to 6 AM (until I had a BM). Pain? I would rather pull a watermelon out of my nose.

Research turned up Serrapeptase, an enzyme from the Japanese silk worm. Long story short, I felt that SerraP could help me - although ascites was not specified (edema was). I started taking 60,000 ui twice a day. Once in the morning, once at night - always empty stomach. It saved my life, I have never been tapped since. Immediate pain relief, fluid went down right away and continued to do so for the next week. Medical condition is still very bad hoodoo, but no more ascites. I needn't live my life floundering with 8 lbs of liquid in my gut, always having to be near a hospital to get drained.