Natural Remedies for Ascites

Posted by Dean Propps (Sw Missouri, Usa) on 03/14/2016
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I just had closest friend of 38 years pass after having ascities and a paracentesis done in 2012 and up until now was doing well. I guess there was not cancer in the fluid in 2012, haven't got that far yet but just in Feb 1, 2016 had ascities again and pulled a lot of fluid again. Going through his things I noticed Serrapeptase bottle he had almost finished. It's the only bottle I found and evidently had been taking it since 2012 without letting me have any knowledge of it. It's brand name is SerraGold NON GMO Enzymedica. and also Venastat for help in circulation to keep the edema down.

The last time in February they wrapped his legs with stretch bandages and the fluid on his legs was down, I'm thinking just pushed up into the stomach. I tried to get him to go in sooner but the fluid got between the lining of the abdomen and the outside skin so they said they couldn't get to the fluid to draw it off.

Does anyone know anything about this lining as to where they couldn't get to to draw it off?? They sent him home after they couldn't draw any more fluid off with hospice care. He ate one meal of Avacado, Yogurt, and Kiwi juice. Avacado causes the liver to give off a chemical that helps because his kidneys got rid of a lot of fluid shortly after the meal. Kale, beets, betacaratene in carrots, brocolli all are helpful to eat.

The last time in February they found cancer in the fluid and said once it's in the abdominal fluid there isn't much can be done because they cannot tell where the cancer is coming from so there was no chance for chemo. He had Hep C for many years and developed cirrosis due to one holiday had a few drinks of alcohol caused the cirrosis. I've also read you can live with only 5% of liver function, I'm thinking if you keep the right diet.

Also note that the spice Turmeric can be taken to slow cancer growth, stop it from forming by cutting off blood flow to cancer tumors. We didn't know he had cancer until this last paracentesis in 2016. He was spitting up a tea colored fluid with cancer cells in it which was the dark fiber looking cells in the fluid spit up. There remains a lot of unanswered questions as to what else he was taking to slow this down. He was an avid Marijuana user and not saying for sure but possibly could have beat the cancer with strains of the green plant. He also said that a half lemon juiced in the mornings with warm water the amount of a 8 oz cup of coffee helped to detox his liver and helped the pain lessen. I hope this helps someone and will keep you posted as to what else I find as to what he was taking to ward off the 2nd paracentesis draw in the 4 years between the two draws.