Natural Remedies for Ascites

Natural Diuretics
Posted by Tessa (Ca) on 04/25/2017
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Try Chaga mushrooms.

Natural Diuretics
Posted by Jerry (California) on 07/02/2015
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Try stinging nettle tea.

Natural Diuretics
Posted by Roec (Los Angeles, Ca) on 10/19/2012
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Take a look into L-Onithine. Definitely continue with the watermelon. I'd even juice a half a water melon with a whole lemon.

Also one avocado daily in a green leafy salad. Easing up on sugar, carbs and meats will lesson the burden as it is easiest for the liver to process veggies.

Carrot and apple freshly juiced. (Gerson Therapy)

Also do some research in taking alpha lipoic acid, daily selenium supplement.

Natural Diuretics
Posted by Ed2010 (Oakville, Canada) on 10/18/2012
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For Ascites, try

Sarasaparilla - diuretic
Dandelion - diuretic
Mint - Mildy diuretic

For sarasaparilla, take one root soak in 1 litre of water over night, and drink this water throughout day.

Drinking Dandelion tea - is diuretic - it is a liver medicine as well

Just eating Raw Mint leaves is diuretic.

Sarasaparilla is a body coolant too.