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Art's Gerd Protocol Update
Posted by Art (California) on 06/18/2021 1463 posts
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So this is the update to my GERD experiment that I promised as soon as my experiment was complete and it is now complete!

What I found out this time is that my condition was worse than last time I had GERD years ago. That time I was able to get by with less Betaine w/Pepsin tablets in order to strengthen the esophageal sphincter muscle group to prevent food and acid from back flowing into the esophagus. This time it required more pills for a slightly longer period of time. I started this experiment at the beginning of February 2021.

I was using capsules that contained 325 mg of Betaine each and as I titrated my dose upward, I ended up having to go up to 8 capsules at dinner before I felt the burn from to much Betaine and I immediately neutralized it with baking soda water and went down to 7 capsules with meals. This was more Betaine than I had ever had to take the first time I used this method and it was not very convenient to have to take 7 capsules with meals so I got some 650 mg tablets and took 3 of these with heavy meals and 2 with light meals.

Within a few weeks, I was able to reduce the dose to 2 tablets with heavy meals and 1 tablet with light meals. After a couple more weeks I was able to reduce to 1 tablet with all meals and in about another 2 weeks I was down to 1 tablet with dinner only. Every time I reduced the dose it was because I was starting to feel the "Betaine burn" and each time I felt it, I immediately drank water with baking soda in it to neutralize the excess acid. Soon I found that even one tablet of Betaine gave me the burn and I stopped taking it.

This is very similar to what happened when I used Betaine to get rid of GERD years ago and this time it worked again, but it required more Betaine than last time. I plan to keep Betaine HCI w/Pepsin on hand for use when I eat a large meal that includes meat just to help keep the esophageal sphincter muscle group strong and avoid the return of GERD.

I waited this long to update because I wanted to be sure the effects would be lasting and they appear to be because I no longer have GERD nor do I need to take the Betaine any more!