How to Treat GERD Naturally - Art Solbrig Protocol

| Modified on Dec 19, 2021
Melatonin + Increased Hydration
Posted by Ellen (Portland, OR) on 12/19/2021
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I was on PPI drugs for over a year for GERD. The GERD gave me syncope, coughing, and dizziness related to low blood pressure. The drug only made things worse by suppressing the acid. I had some improvement from choosing alkaline foods over acid ones, and paying attention to food combining, but I could still get very ill from even alkaline foods, including GERD cures aloe Vera juice and apple cider vinegar.

Nothing worked until I did two things. I took liquid melatonin once every day and I made sure I was drinking at least 3 pints of water a day, shooting for 4 when I could. I put a pinch or two or unrefined salt into each pint. This helps to prevent low blood pressure and helps the body to not just urinate out the water right away.

After a couple of weeks (relief/success was instant! ), I got off of the antacid drug (I chose to taper because it virulently I suppressed acid when you try to kick the drug suddenly), and I have never had a return of the problem that made me a basket case afraid to go out (in case I fainted; the acid was always making me feel hot and very dizzy, with a wildly erratic pulse). I went to a general practitioner and several specialists, but it was only by doing my own Internet research and implementing the EarthCiunic suggestion of melatonin (plus following proper hydration practice for someone of my weight and activity level) that I was helped.

I am completely cured of the issue. I no longer lie awake with GERD/cardiac distress, though I do urinate three times a night because of the water I drink. I am 78 years of age and an athlete. Thank you, EarthClinic, and Art from California who posted about melatonin as a GERD cure!

Art's Gerd Protocol Update
Posted by Art (California) on 06/18/2021 1463 posts
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So this is the update to my GERD experiment that I promised as soon as my experiment was complete and it is now complete!

What I found out this time is that my condition was worse than last time I had GERD years ago. That time I was able to get by with less Betaine w/Pepsin tablets in order to strengthen the esophageal sphincter muscle group to prevent food and acid from back flowing into the esophagus. This time it required more pills for a slightly longer period of time. I started this experiment at the beginning of February 2021.

I was using capsules that contained 325 mg of Betaine each and as I titrated my dose upward, I ended up having to go up to 8 capsules at dinner before I felt the burn from to much Betaine and I immediately neutralized it with baking soda water and went down to 7 capsules with meals. This was more Betaine than I had ever had to take the first time I used this method and it was not very convenient to have to take 7 capsules with meals so I got some 650 mg tablets and took 3 of these with heavy meals and 2 with light meals.

Within a few weeks, I was able to reduce the dose to 2 tablets with heavy meals and 1 tablet with light meals. After a couple more weeks I was able to reduce to 1 tablet with all meals and in about another 2 weeks I was down to 1 tablet with dinner only. Every time I reduced the dose it was because I was starting to feel the "Betaine burn" and each time I felt it, I immediately drank water with baking soda in it to neutralize the excess acid. Soon I found that even one tablet of Betaine gave me the burn and I stopped taking it.

This is very similar to what happened when I used Betaine to get rid of GERD years ago and this time it worked again, but it required more Betaine than last time. I plan to keep Betaine HCI w/Pepsin on hand for use when I eat a large meal that includes meat just to help keep the esophageal sphincter muscle group strong and avoid the return of GERD.

I waited this long to update because I wanted to be sure the effects would be lasting and they appear to be because I no longer have GERD nor do I need to take the Betaine any more!