Arsenic Poisoning

| Modified on Aug 06, 2016

Arsenic is a metal that is commonly found in water and soil but can present serious health risks to those who come in contact with it. Night blindness, cancers, organ failure, and death are all potential outcomes of consistent arsenic exposure. To prevent these risks, testing ground water and soil are important.

Water Testing for Arsenic

Commercial tests for arsenic in water are commonly available online and in some stores. They are inexpensive, do not require the tester to mail in samples to get results, and notify the tester of the presence of arsenic by a easily visible color change. These tests are also very fast, informing testers of the results in as little as 14 minutes. If water testing proves positive, counter top and whole house filters are available to filter the arsenic out. These can be a bit more expensive, but they are well worth the cost when compared to the dangers associated with arsenic poisoning.

Testing for arsenic in the soil can be done using similar kits for water testing, but occasionally some universities with chemistry or science departments will offer testing for free. It is also a good idea to test wood in decks or retaining walls if they were built using pressure treated lumber produced prior to 2003. A simple wood wipe kit can be used to ascertain the arsenic content of the wood. Long-term exposure to arsenic is extremely dangerous, so make sure that the water, soil, and wood that is in the home is free of this metal. Tests are cheap, simple, quick and may just save a life.

Arsenic in the Food Supply

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Posted by ROBERT HENRY (TEN MILE, TENNESEE) on 03/08/2008

Started EDTA chelation a few months ago and the other patients have sent me to school at 71 years old. Several people were doing chelation because they were saturated with arsenic. All said they got it from eating chicken. I balked at that , but they went on to explain that the Agri folks feed the chickens an arsenic compound to control the parasites and to make them eat constantly.
I was doubtful, but after spending almost a week on the internet.... it is true. It is there for all to read. The chickens retain some arsenic, but most of it goes with the litter which the farmers spread over their pastures and it is then in the grass and the cow meat and milk. Also, it gets into the streams, well water etc.

There is a mushroom plant a few miles from me and they use Tn chicken litter and Kentucky barn straw to grow the mushrooms. I have been eating these mushrooms for some 15 years and buying a 15 cu yard truck load of the compost each year to put on my 1/2 acre vegetable garden. Now I know where I got the arsenic that showed up in my hair analysis.

I called my county agent and he knew nothing about this. He did say not to worry about this because arsenic has been used on tobacco in East Tenn for a hundred years and the area is saturated. That's another reason not to smoke.

If you ask the Organic folks if they use commerical fertilizer they get incensed and say no way, "we only use organic mushroom compost". Lord hep us to get right. Posioned by the the tree huggers in the name of planet Earth.

As of last year Tyson stopped using arsenic in their chicken feed. The rest are keeping on, keeping on. It's a greed thing. Tyson only stopped because the folks in Ok. have a bank ruppting law suit against them

Replied by Bobbie
(Louisiana, USA)

Ok I love chicken, How do I get rid of the arsenic in it or do I have to leave off chicken?

Replied by Concerned
(Houston, Tx)

May I please ask what EDTA is? I see so many acronyms on this site that I've never seen before. I just stopped giving my child apple juice because of the outrageous amounts of arsenic found in almost every brand. Apparently the grape juice is contaminated as well, and the articles I've read go on to mention how processed foods sweetened or flavored with apple or grape may also be just as contaminated. I was giving my child apple juice thinking it was a healthier alternative than soda, punch, or antibiotic and hormone laden milk. Is there anything safe left for us to eat or drink anymore?

The type of arsenic found is the inorganic form that causes cancer etc, not the natural organic form found in the seeds of the fruit itself.

Replied by Cedar Woman
(Middle, Tn)

Bobbie, buy chicken from a local farmer who doesn't use any kind of medicated feed. Or raise them yourself.

Replied by Phyllis
(Tuscumbia, Alabama)

You also want to buy produce from farmers who grow natural these days. It used to be that organic farms had to have clean soil samples for seven straight years before they could be certified organic. Then organic became so popular that it had to be mass produced, now the "organic" farms are allowed to spray a certain number of times a year. Now what you want to look for is Naturally Grown. You can check with your local Ag department or Farmer's Co-Op to find local naturally grown foods. If you want to fertilize your own garden find a local horse ranch. One other good garden tip, flour works as well as seven dust and won't poison you. I never use pesticides and we always have abundant gardens.

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere, Usa)

Hi Cedar Woman. I wanted to point out that the IGA stores in my area have on their chicken packs printed. All Natural Fresh Chicken, No steroids, No antibiotics. It is very affordable compared to what you would pay at Whole Foods.

If anyone knows anything bad about this chicken please let me know. I have been using it for a while now and thought it might be just as good as fresh farm chicken. The stores are again IGA Stores. Some in my area are known as KJ'S.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U REBEL, , , , , , , partner there is no way to get there from here. Everything chickens eat is GMO feed. All chicken feed is GMO ...... period. Unless you raise the chicken feed yourself, then it's GMO. Folks can let them range, but they still have to feed them and if it's sto bought, then it's GMO.

Monsanto is the company store and they own yo gimlet ass. They have you on puppet strings and play with you to their delight. I call these companies on occasions just to piss em off.

You have seen that wheat is the next to fall to the GMO products. Years ago, a soy bean patch was the place to hunt deer. Deer are smartern us, they won't eat GMO unless they very, very hungry. Somehow they know it ain't good for their gut.

When times get real tough then come share crop with us, but bring a hoe.

Oh, we just planted 6 pecan trees at our little farm today. Folks want to know what optimism is and that is a 78 year ole patoot who does this feat, expecting to eat pecans in 15 years.

ATS =========ORH=========

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

ORH, I'll be awaitin' my slice of pecan pie!

Replied by Nadine
(Union Grove, Wisconsin)
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Robert Henry. You're absolutely right. If you have any seeds you would like to sell please contact me. I would be interested. Thank you for the post. I'm 55yrs old and hoping to live many years longer, but need to stay away from all GMO. and other harmful stuff.