Natural Remedies for Ankylosing Spondylitis

Borax, Ashwagandha, Dietary Changes
Posted by Mike (Pittsburgh, Pa) on 06/09/2014

Borax for arthritis - ankylosing spondylitis:

OK I wanted to share my story. I'm 46 male and have suffered from back pain for years. For those of limited attention here's my verdict: it works! I can't tell you what a relief it is to have MULTIPLE days pain-free. I wake up thinking I will be in pain but it's just not there anymore. This after 15 years of constant pain. I'm almost hesitant to report it because I don't want to jinx myself.

Anyway, at about 30 I was diagnosed with herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, and possible ankylosing spondylitis. I was told that I would have to learn to live with arthritis pain and take NSAIDs. I did this for years and finally upgraded to narcotics. This didn't last long because I didn't like falling asleep all the time.

A few years ago my dad had back surgery and was diagnosed with AS so I'm sure I have the gene too. I have suffered from back pain since a young kid but was told I was just chubby and to suck my tummy in. That was an actual diagnosis from a doctor too!

So I learned to grin and bear it. Literally I took nothing for years - not even NSAIDs because they were ineffective. But every year the pain got worse. So somehow I stumbled on EC.. I don't even remember how but I just started reading and was hooked.

I found the baking soda remedy and tried it with limited effectiveness. Then I kept reading EC and learned about black strap molasses and ACV...VitaminShoppe and GNC became my new hangouts. I tried lots of cures for pain/inflammation and had some success. But what I am currently doing has been nothing short of miraculous and I will tell you exactly my regimen further along. I am so happy I made the investment of time in order to learn about my ailments. I could have done it without EC but it would have been so much harder on my own. I owe a debt of gratitude to EC for putting this together for people like me.

MY Ailments:
Arthritis - lower back and SI joints

What I tried:
Apple Cider Vinegar pills (careful with these)
Bragg's ACV
Baking Soda (temporary relief)
Vit D
Fish Oil

My current regimen:
Boron 12Mg daily (until relief - currently not taking)
Borax 1/4 tsp per day diluted (every day not just 5 days)
Bragg's ACV 2 TBSP diluted x 2-3 per day
Ashwagandha x 3 per day
5-HTP 1 x per day
Low starch diet
BSM 1 tsp in my coffee
Copper 3 x per day for my gray hair... still under review

What was effective for my arthritis:
Ashwagandha - awesome for inflammation

After reading up on the borax cure I realized that you need high doses in order to be effective. Please do your own research but 10-30Mgs will not hurt you. Yes it tastes like crap. I mix mine with only a limited amount of HOT water. If you mix it into cold it does not dissolve completely. Then I mix it into juice or iced tea and do a shot, followed by a H2O chaser. This is how I like my ACV too. Get it into you and chug water. I don't know about all this "can I sip it throughout the day" people out there... I don't like it short-term why would I like it long-term? I'm getting off track...

My pain kept me laying on the floor most of the day and it was a real hardship to do anything. After 3-5 days of taking high levels of borax I found relief. At first I thought it was just OK... and waiting for symptoms to return. But they only came back when I abuse myself. That is - I either stop taking my supplements or I break my diet. The other day I ate a really starchy meal that was served to me. I flared up and for me it starts in my feet... everyone is different. But I know the cause and that is POWERFUL. I can control my disease now.

So, while Borax has been effective for me, I can't discount the effect of diet. Anyone suffering from arthritis should review the effect of diet on inflammation. I am currently trying to do a low-starch diet and this was only after talking to people on EC. Good luck being starch free in this world - everything you look at is made from it. And wheat of some form. Ugh.

Anyway. Google it - but what I found was that there is a school of thought that arthritis pain is caused by a microbe living in the lower intestine. They are there naturally but when your diet consists mostly of wheat and starch the population explodes! The idea is - reduce the wheat/starch that feeds these microbes and you will lessen your arthritis pain. So far it's working for me!

Any questions I will be happy to answer...