Angioedema Treatment

| Modified on Dec 30, 2021

What Is Angioedema?

Anyone who has experienced a swollen ankle or even a bee sting has some idea of the discomfort associated with inflammation and swelling in the body. However, small episodic inflammation such as these is nothing in comparison to the discomfort of the ongoing condition angioedema. Similar to having hives below the skin’s surface, this condition exhibits a number of painful symptoms.

By definition angioedema is an allergic reaction manifested in the lower layers of the skin. Common symptoms of the disorder include red welts or hives; burning, swollen, sore areas; discoloration on the hands, feet, face, or genitals; and unusual rashes on different parts of the body. In some cases, hoarseness, trouble breathing, and tightness or swelling in the throat are also experienced. It is even possible for an individual to develop a form of the disorder called angioedema-eosinophilia syndrome that also causes fever, muscle pain, weight gain, decreased urine, and high white blood cell count in addition to the hives and swelling. While the cause of this disorder is often unknown common causes include allergies to food, certain dyes in food, pollen, or medication. Concomitant disorders such as leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease and disorders of the connective tissue may also trigger the onset of angioedema.

Natural Treatments for Angioedema

Whatever the cause, seeking out effective treatment is paramount. The treatments for this disorder vary from drug therapy to over-the-counter antihistamines; however, some of the most effective methods include more natural options. One of the oldest forms of treatment is Ayurveda, which is an ancient system of natural healing with origins in the Vedic culture. This method involves assessing the different areas of life and determining an effective plan that combines changes in diet and the use of herbs, aromatherapy, massage, music, and meditation. Nutrition itself is often an effective plan for treating the disorder. Avoiding common triggers like seafood and nuts and supplementing the diet with nutritional aids such as vitamin C, vitamin B12, quercetin, or bromelain helps reduce inflammation. Additional supplements that may be taken are common herbs such as goldenseal, licorice root, and chamomile. One system of treatment may not be enough to reverse the development of this disorder, but combining natural supplements with a calming, relaxing lifestyle is often a good start.


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Posted by Shyla (Markham, Ontario, Canada) on 01/28/2013

My name is Shyla and I live in Canada. There is a permanent cure for angioedema in Ayurvedic medicine which is a five thousand year old herbal one of Indian origin. The original and the best is still the one called Kottakkal Aryavaidya sala. They have a hospital in Delhi where even the Indian President often goes for treatment and as a person of indian origin I have seen it cure many relatives. My only doubt is how comfortable a person born in the west will be taking the medicine since they have a very herbal and distinctive taste. You can learn more by searching either their website with the same name or just Ayurveda

Replied by Sanjay
(London, UK)

What is the remedy called?

many thanks


Replied by Lalita

Shyla please get me connected to your relative who got cure of angioedema....i am suffering from angioedema and would like to go for a treatment at kottakal ayurvedic center.please help. my email -lalitasarkar7(at)gmail(dot)com

Replied by Lalita

Shyla please tell me who got cured of angioedema in your family.... i am suffering from angioedema and would like to know where your family got help......

Replied by Hima

Hey...could you tell me about this hospital? I have been suffering from physical urticaria for almost 3 years now and feel so sick of this medical condition. I am dying to cure it once and for all.

Replied by Lynne
(Ontario, Canada)

Did you find your cure / treatment for Angioedema?

Replied by Sumit B
(Houston, TX)

Hello all, I suffer from chronic idiopathic angioedema & urticaria. I found the ayurveda hospital in Delhi. The main hospital is in Kerala called Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal anf they have a branch in Delhi. I plan to travel to Delhi in the next couple of months and plan to visit the facility. I understand I may have to stay there for some of the treatments and then get some long terms medication. I hope it helps because I am sick and tired of living like this. I will share my experience after I start the treatment. Wish me luck!

(Illinois, USA)
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Think good thoughts, Sumit B - we'll do the same! Looking forward to hearing good news!

(faithville, Us)

I use to be allergic to everything but lettuce and when I ate that I burped all day. I got shots from a long process of pricking and monitoring and then they made of my shots from that information. I used three shots every other day for a year. One bottle was food allergens, one was chemical allergens, and one was natural allergens, like trees. I got ACE cortisol shots in my hip once a week. I had candida albicans throughout my body and if I missed a dose of nystatin my ear would hurt. I battled through years of that and then I ruptured L-5 in 2008. I didn't have the surgery but soaked in the tub most of my days to control the pain. I read a lot of books trying to figure stuff out. I drank a lot of water but avoided salt because I thought salt was bad for us. I saw a book on water at the library and read that and it was so information on the body and how water and salt worked to prevent histamine attacks. Your body's many cries for water by Dr. Batmanghelidj is one of the most informative books. I bought his other books too and my health has drastically improved. Table salt is bad for us, but most minerals come in the form of salt . Our bodies also need good fats to digest fat soluble vitamins and I read a book on coconut oil by Bruce Fife and bought that book, it is so amazing. Eric Berg on youtube has taught me that the stress hormone cortisol stops the digestion process, so now I take ox bile and my body is much happier. Eric teaches on youtube many topics and if you read the comments every one loves his insights and helps. Blessings to you, Charity

Dietary Changes, Ayurvedic Formula

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Posted by Tapan (Kolkata, India.) on 12/07/2013

I first got to know about hereditary angioneurotic edema some 44 years back when I was only 20 years old! Since then, I am living with this condition. Antihistamines or corticosteroids don't help, instead these drugs have very serious side effects.So, I gradually stopped taking these drugs &switched to Ayurveda & also monitored my food intake very carefully. I stopped taking eggs, all types of nuts, chocolates, sea-food, prawns, mushrooms & brinjal.I switched mainly to vegetarian food.I made sure that my protein intake is just right for my body. For instance, I take only a piece of chicken or pulses( dal ) as a daily dose of protein. Other food items are mainly protein free for me. All this has helped me a lot to manage my angioedema. This apart, when I get this condition, I take an ayurvedic medicine called " HARIDRA KHAND- BRIHAT" , 4 teaspoonful a day & it's very effective in controlling edema in my body & I am back to normal in day or two! The composition of Haridra Khand is as follows(each 10 G contains):- Mixture of Haridra, Trivrt, Haritaki-616.57 mg, Mixture of Daruharidra, Musta, Yavani, Ajamoda, Chitraka, , katuka, Jiraka, Pippali, Sunthi, Suksmaila, Tvak, Tejapatra, Vidanga, Vasa, Guduchi, kustha, Amaloki, Bibhitaki, Dhanyaka, Loha Bhasma, Abhraka bhasma-19.26mg Sarkara-7.70mg.

Replied by Dawn

Thank you for the recommendation. I just ordered Haridra Khanda.