Natural Cures for an Irregular Menstrual Cycle

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Posted by Sueblue (Los Angeles, California) on 01/24/2016 2 posts

My period stopped for 4 months (roughly 4 cycles). I was getting really worried about my health and fertility. I think my periods stopped because I put on weight (I went from overweight to obese), stopped exercising and was not eating well.

I did a lot of research about "secondary amenorrhea" (when your period stops in adulthood after having had a regular or semi-regular period).

Please note: If you have "secondary amenorrhea" due to obesity, stress or PCOS these cures below may relate to you. If you have "secondary amenorrhea" due to being underweight or extreme exercise, I am not sure that these would relate to you.

After doing this protocol for 2 weeks my period came back! I had a "robust" cramp free period for 5 days.


* Every day 30-60 min brisk walk around 4 or 5pm. Once a week an exercise class (like zumba or yoga).
* Tried to be kinder to self, less strict in my head.
* Got 8-9 hours of sleep daily. Let my body rest if I was tired on weekends (naps, chilling out)


* 2 psyllium caps and about 3-4 glasses of water in the morning 5x per week (60 minutes before any breakfast, or other supplement)a
* Green vibrance & Madre Labs vitamin C powder (one scoop each in the morning, 60 min after taking psyllium pills)
* Iodine drops (I was reading different theories, testimonials on this - I decided to start with 4 drops of a 2% lugol's iodine per day. I went up to about 5 drops 2x per day).

* Pau d'arco pill (2x per day) note: I did this because I did the candida "spit test" in the morning
* B complex (B-50) pill (1x per day)
* Dong Quai tincture (3 x per day a full pipette squirted into water) ("herb pharm" brand) note: I read that dong quai is a phyto estrogen meaning that it will balance out estrogen issues in your body - whether you have too much or too little)
* Eucommia Bark tincture (1 - 2 full pipette in water per day) (brand "dragon herbs") note: this is to tonify the kidneys and overall immune booster)
* Vitex (I started taking the vitex - which is also known as chaste berry but stopped when I received my order of Dong Quai)
* Dr. Christopher's thyroid support pills (it contains kelp)
* Dr. Christopher's fertility drops (I was taking this for 10 days before I received the Dong Quai.. my period started pretty quickly after the Dong Quai - within 7 days)

* I made miso soup with a lot of kelp almost daily
* Make a large pitcher of tea to drink throughout the day: raspberry leaf (tone the uterus) + echinacea + dandelion + green tea

* Castor Oil: after my night time shower I generously slathered castor oil all over my front and back abdomen (over ovary areas, liver, kidneys) and put a hot pack sticker (Japanese hot sticker for winter called "hokkairo" - be careful to put them OVER your pajamas and not on direct skin). I used some older fleece pajamas and night t-shirts I don't mind getting oily.

I changed my eating habits:

* Cut out wheat, dairy, junk food and MSG. Examples of my meals: brown rice, miso soup (with kelp), grilled fish or chicken with some light sauces, and vegetables; no dairy veggie omelette; Bob's red mill minestrone soup with lots of diced vegetables; Lettuce chicken ginger wraps with lots of raw bell pepper. Apples and almonds for snacks. Lots of salads with carrots, cucumbers, beets, tuna, watercress...
* Bulgarian yogurt as dessert or snack (after 1 week of cutting out dairy to recalibrate my craving for dairy).
* Made sure that all my eggs, chicken were "organic" / free range.
* Non-msg kimchee, natto, japanese ume as side dishes
* I noticed I was craving the miso soup (kelp has iodine and the miso has lots of probiotics) and also avocados (vitamin e).
* If I was craving "carbs" I allowed myself a small bowl of natural brand corn, oat, grain cereal with some honey and almond milk - sort of ate this a couple times a week for dessert


I continued to do these (some of these I had stopped but they have been part of my routine on and off):

* Taking melatonin about 3-5 times per week (only 1 melatonin pill at night 30 minutes before bed time)
* Oil pulling with coconut oil (in the morning after waking)
* Using my own toothpaste (coconut oil + myrrh drops + grapefruit seed concentrated oil drops + natural himalayan sea salt + baking soda)
* Gargle with food grade h202 mouth wash
* Using a chlorine filter for my shower
* Avoiding mint / peppermint


Also, my energy level improved (I think it was the B vitamin + the walking + change in eating habit).

Also, my acid reflux stopped!! I have had acid reflux which has worsened over the past year. I believe it was the Pau D'arco and general change in eating that helped this.


Overall I think it was a combination of
exercising & improving eating habit & these supplements: iodine, kelp, b-vitamin, dong quai, Eucommia bark.

I have an apple body shape and put on weight around my mid section, which according to what I read is a sign of being "insulin resistant". Being "insulin resistant" messes with the menstrual cycle, so I tried to cut out non complex carbs and sugars - mostly eating vegetables and brown rice.

I think the supplements that helped the most were iodine, kelp, b50 complex, Dong Quai and Eucommia bark

Sorry for the long post, I find that it helps when I read earthclinic posts that are comprehensive and detail oriented. Hope this helps some people.

Replied by Sueblue
(Los Angeles, California)
2 posts

This is my update 1 year later -- I have continued to use Dong Quai (an adaptogen -- warning I have read you should not take Dong Quai you are trying to get pregnant, otherwise it is safe and great to take). I'll take drops (1-2 pipettes) of Dong Quai in a glass of water - and I'll do that for a few days before my period is due. Aside from helping to keep my cycle regular, the Dong Quai seems to help ease cramps (in the ovary/back region).

I also take a Magnesium supplement (pill form) before my period when I feel my legs are going to cramp or feel tense. Additionally, I often take baths leading up to and during -- with lots of epsom salts. I try to also take Blackstrap molasses the week before my period (1 heaping tablespoon and chase down with warm water, in the morning).

My periods have been 31-35 days long for 6 months (August - January). I'm very satisfied with this cycle and it feels very regular. I had a very stressful and unhealthy time from March to July - during this time my cycle got longer : 45-52 days and I was worried. (I think this was due to graduate school + a close family member dying - I was not taking care of myself, eating fast food, driving really long distances every week, not sleeping enough and feeling very stressed).

I think the overall health + stress improvements x Dong Quai are a big help. I notice Magnesium, Manganese in my diet (via supplements / Black Strap Molasses - ease the "on edge" feeling and "cramps" in my legs before my period).

I have also started adding to my calendar the week before my period - a reminder to not schedule lots of evening outings/events to. I find I need to "retreat" and have peaceful quiet time before my period starts.

Hope this helps with your secondary amennorhea..

EC: Thank you so much for the 1 year update!


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Posted by Libraloveshealth (Los Angeles, California) on 02/27/2017

Hey guys, I used to suffer with this issue for a while in the past. My periods are now regular each month. There Is a secret which is pineapple if you want your period to start. Pineapple is very powerful for starting periods. I actually just had my period and it tried to start again because of eating pineapple. The bromelain in it will trigger your uterus lining to shed. You have to get a fresh pineapple though. Eat the whole pineapple, over a span of a few days. Each day take pineapple add it into a smoothie with milk or coconut milk. Your period will start very soon and quickly.

Red Raspberry Leaf

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Posted by Libraloveshealth (Los Angeles, California) on 02/27/2017

I use to suffer irregular periods. Red raspberry leaf tea will surely start your period at any time. It works very fast. Great for people with this condition. The tea is also great on periods that are painful.

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