Natural Cures for an Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sueblue (Los Angeles, California) on 01/24/2016 2 posts

My period stopped for 4 months (roughly 4 cycles). I was getting really worried about my health and fertility. I think my periods stopped because I put on weight (I went from overweight to obese), stopped exercising and was not eating well.

I did a lot of research about "secondary amenorrhea" (when your period stops in adulthood after having had a regular or semi-regular period).

Please note: If you have "secondary amenorrhea" due to obesity, stress or PCOS these cures below may relate to you. If you have "secondary amenorrhea" due to being underweight or extreme exercise, I am not sure that these would relate to you.

After doing this protocol for 2 weeks my period came back! I had a "robust" cramp free period for 5 days.


* Every day 30-60 min brisk walk around 4 or 5pm. Once a week an exercise class (like zumba or yoga).
* Tried to be kinder to self, less strict in my head.
* Got 8-9 hours of sleep daily. Let my body rest if I was tired on weekends (naps, chilling out)


* 2 psyllium caps and about 3-4 glasses of water in the morning 5x per week (60 minutes before any breakfast, or other supplement)a
* Green vibrance & Madre Labs vitamin C powder (one scoop each in the morning, 60 min after taking psyllium pills)
* Iodine drops (I was reading different theories, testimonials on this - I decided to start with 4 drops of a 2% lugol's iodine per day. I went up to about 5 drops 2x per day).

* Pau d'arco pill (2x per day) note: I did this because I did the candida "spit test" in the morning
* B complex (B-50) pill (1x per day)
* Dong Quai tincture (3 x per day a full pipette squirted into water) ("herb pharm" brand) note: I read that dong quai is a phyto estrogen meaning that it will balance out estrogen issues in your body - whether you have too much or too little)
* Eucommia Bark tincture (1 - 2 full pipette in water per day) (brand "dragon herbs") note: this is to tonify the kidneys and overall immune booster)
* Vitex (I started taking the vitex - which is also known as chaste berry but stopped when I received my order of Dong Quai)
* Dr. Christopher's thyroid support pills (it contains kelp)
* Dr. Christopher's fertility drops (I was taking this for 10 days before I received the Dong Quai.. my period started pretty quickly after the Dong Quai - within 7 days)

* I made miso soup with a lot of kelp almost daily
* Make a large pitcher of tea to drink throughout the day: raspberry leaf (tone the uterus) + echinacea + dandelion + green tea

* Castor Oil: after my night time shower I generously slathered castor oil all over my front and back abdomen (over ovary areas, liver, kidneys) and put a hot pack sticker (Japanese hot sticker for winter called "hokkairo" - be careful to put them OVER your pajamas and not on direct skin). I used some older fleece pajamas and night t-shirts I don't mind getting oily.

I changed my eating habits:

* Cut out wheat, dairy, junk food and MSG. Examples of my meals: brown rice, miso soup (with kelp), grilled fish or chicken with some light sauces, and vegetables; no dairy veggie omelette; Bob's red mill minestrone soup with lots of diced vegetables; Lettuce chicken ginger wraps with lots of raw bell pepper. Apples and almonds for snacks. Lots of salads with carrots, cucumbers, beets, tuna, watercress...
* Bulgarian yogurt as dessert or snack (after 1 week of cutting out dairy to recalibrate my craving for dairy).
* Made sure that all my eggs, chicken were "organic" / free range.
* Non-msg kimchee, natto, japanese ume as side dishes
* I noticed I was craving the miso soup (kelp has iodine and the miso has lots of probiotics) and also avocados (vitamin e).
* If I was craving "carbs" I allowed myself a small bowl of natural brand corn, oat, grain cereal with some honey and almond milk - sort of ate this a couple times a week for dessert


I continued to do these (some of these I had stopped but they have been part of my routine on and off):

* Taking melatonin about 3-5 times per week (only 1 melatonin pill at night 30 minutes before bed time)
* Oil pulling with coconut oil (in the morning after waking)
* Using my own toothpaste (coconut oil + myrrh drops + grapefruit seed concentrated oil drops + natural himalayan sea salt + baking soda)
* Gargle with food grade h202 mouth wash
* Using a chlorine filter for my shower
* Avoiding mint / peppermint


Also, my energy level improved (I think it was the B vitamin + the walking + change in eating habit).

Also, my acid reflux stopped!! I have had acid reflux which has worsened over the past year. I believe it was the Pau D'arco and general change in eating that helped this.


Overall I think it was a combination of
exercising & improving eating habit & these supplements: iodine, kelp, b-vitamin, dong quai, Eucommia bark.

I have an apple body shape and put on weight around my mid section, which according to what I read is a sign of being "insulin resistant". Being "insulin resistant" messes with the menstrual cycle, so I tried to cut out non complex carbs and sugars - mostly eating vegetables and brown rice.

I think the supplements that helped the most were iodine, kelp, b50 complex, Dong Quai and Eucommia bark

Sorry for the long post, I find that it helps when I read earthclinic posts that are comprehensive and detail oriented. Hope this helps some people.