Natural Remedies for ALS

| Modified on Sep 10, 2021
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A particularly progressive and debilitating condition, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS is a particularly aggressive condition. While doctors normally don’t give very positive prognoses to individuals diagnosed with the disease, natural treatments can help improve the quality of life for individuals with the condition. In addition to traditional treatment, we suggest that you try vitamins and supplements including vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and vitamin E to better support your ALS treatment plan.

What Is ALS?

ALS, also called Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a disease that targets the central nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. The condition causes the slow demise of these cells which typically leads to diminished physical and mental functioning as the specific cells involved in the condition are the motor neurons.

While the progression of the condition varies slightly for different individuals, ALS causes the gradual disabling of anyone affected. Over time, common tasks including walking, speaking, eating, swallowing, and even breathing becomes difficult for individuals.

How is Lou Gehrig’s Disease Usually Treated?

An ALS diagnosis can be very scary for anyone, but the good news is there are often a variety of treatment options provided. While some of the “typical” treatments for the disease are more invasive, many involve holistic practices. Physical and occupational therapy are common, as is speech therapy. Additionally, many individuals are provided with supportive devices and equipment to help them cope with everyday tasks more easily. Other more aggressive treatments include medication, feeding tubes, and breathing devices; however, these options are generally for more developed cases of the condition.

Are There Any Natural Remedies I Can Try?

We believe a balanced approach to treating this condition is best – one that utilizes traditional treatments paired with natural supplements to support overall health. That being said, a few of the most effective natural treatment supports include vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and vitamin E.

1. Vitamin C

As ALS effects the functioning of the entire body, vitamin C is a particularly important treatment support. Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system as well as the connective tissue in the body to prevent deterioration.

2. B Complex

Vitamin B complex is a combination of the essential B vitamins. This complex helps support energy levels as well as muscle and nerve function.

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another important supplement as it helps support muscle and nerve function as well. Taken as a daily supplement, vitamin E also helps prevent deterioration of the muscle function.

While nutritional supplements are an important support to ALS treatment, a variety of other natural treatments help as well. Read below to gain additional information from our readers as well as one of our regular contributors, Ted from Bangkok, Thailand.

ALS Link to Cholesterol Meds

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Posted by Heather (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) on 10/22/2009
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Many people who are on a combination of diabetic medications and cholesterol medication find that they develop symptoms that mimic Lou Gehrig's Disease. I know of at least 5 women in my town who have been mis-diagnosed by their doctors. One had gotten to the point of all her muscles collapsing and her lungs and heart were stopping working. Luckily, a new young surgeon at the hospital's emerg. department realized what was happening and took her off the cholesterol medication. She went from almost comatose to up in a wheelchair in 3 days, and walking by day 5. Apparently diabetic medications or cholesterol medications by themselves are fine, it's the combination that's terrible.

Replied by Meghan
(Brooklyn, Ny)

My father was recently diagnosed with ALS. I still have that hope that it might not be true. He takes both diabetic medicines and cholesterol meds. Can you by any chance find out what her medications were that she was taking? And how they figured out that the combo of meds were doing it to her body?

Replied by Syed
(Ontario, Canada)
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ALS - lost my right hand movements ( called motor skill), was taking 40mg of Lipitor for quite some time.

Replied by Rsw

Hi Syed,

I am sorry to hear of your probably unreported "adverse reaction" to statin drugs. For up to date information on the newest findings about how statins affect the human body, see Dr. Duane Graveline's Facebook page here:

There is also a Yahoo "Stopped Our Statin Group" you can join to feel some connectiveness, research data and awareness of the thousands of statin victims out there.

Dr. Graveline is currently doing a study on Dolichols that are blocked along the mevalonate pathway along with CoQ10 and other pathways and functions essential to repairing DNA. Cholesterol is needed by every part of our bodies, especially the heart and brain. It is inflammation that we don't want.

We would like to see the statin drug companies use some of those enormous profits to fund research to help the thousands of people like you, in fact about 25% of people taking statins, to regain functions that were lost, sometimes permanently and progressively even after statins have been discontinued, after short-term/long term statin drug use. You are not alone and every person's experience and thoughts are important in finding a solution. Take care.

Replied by Linda
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My Mother was a strong woman with hardly any sugar or junk. As soon as the G.P. 's put her on Statins, her health went down hill . At age 69, she died when her Mother and Father both lived well and happy into their 80's and 90's ..... my Mum was on both Statins and Avandia and other drugs, which she probably never needed because she never needed Statins in the first place .

Replied by Lloyd
(Charlotte, Nc)

Dr John Ravits who is a research scientist has written a number of fascinating articles, one of which is Sporadic ALS, A Hypothesis of Persistent Enterovirus Infection which was published in 2005.

The cause of AlS is contradictory and in another article in the same time frame Ravits argues that the virus may be hard to detect especially when looking at frozen spinal fluids and other methods for detection which might not yield the evidence for the existence of the virus that causes ALS, if indeed a virus is the cause.

The undisputed fact says Ravits is that the disease is progressive. I think that fact alone tells us ALS is likely viral. If I read his analysis correctly, he says the "movement" is like polio except the supposed ALS enterovirus is "acute slow motion. " I hope I am not misrepresenting the Ravits papers. Ravits is not affirming the cause but hypothesing why the ALS virus has not been clearly identified like the polio virus.

But let us suppose it is viral. What can be done and in the posts on the Earth Clinic web site some anti viral methods are used. I'll propose consideration of another method for killing the supposed virus.

To be clear, Dr Ravits does not discuss cure at all. He only discussed causation. So what follows is only my own suggestion for possible experimentation:

I believe, and have much anacdotal evidence to support my belief, that colloidal silver will kill virus and bacterial infection... Fungal infection also. But if I were to take the solution of water, containing atoms of silver, and add DMSO, a carrier, solvent and penetrant and saturate the combination of the colloidal silver with 5% DMSO into a white cloth or white paper towel and apply the very wet cloth/paper towel to the spine and let the cloth soak slowly into the skin... Then in theory the silver will be taken into the spine. If there is a virus there the CS will kill it.

I would suggest that the CS be orally consumed as well... A tablespoon daily. That amount for a few months. And if I found a diminishing of my symptoms I would continue the protocol for at least a year. The "poultice" application should be continued for at least two months, every day for two weeks and then every other day for six weeks. If nerves have not been destroyed then one might see an improvement within a month. To help the cells repair, Calcium AEP should be considered also. Dr Robert Adkins in his book, Vita Nutrients gave Ca AEP by IV to his MS patients as the most important part of the MS protocol achieving wonderful results at his Long Island clinic.

I would apply the CS/DMSO solution to the entire spine... base of skull to tail bone.

Replied by Boomerangboy
(Los Angeles, California, usa)

A drug policy respectful of democratic values would aim to educate people to make informed choices based on their own needs and ideals. Such a simple prescription is necessary and sadly overdue

Apricot Seeds

Posted by Nick (Ut) on 02/24/2017

I was told that apricot seeds help with treatment of als? Is that true? I been eating about 8 to 10 per day, with a liver detox multi mineral with boron and vitamin D also b12 vitamin d3 and vitamin c. I just started this stuff taking it twice a day. I take valerian root for sleep. I want to add Co Q10 in with things.

Coconut Oil

Posted by Jacques (St-georges, P.Quebec / Canada) on 02/02/2013

TO MR TED, I am treating a case ALS presently and I found at many sites on the web the coconut oil ( or MCT OIL) are very helpfull with many positives results. You write on your pages to do not us ANY OIL ??

What do you think about theses very good results and are you encouraged to use it ?? Your opinion will be very appreciated.

Also from all informations you put on yours pages in regard with the colitis ulcerous , please be informed I treated 4 cases with 100% success without any recidive. Thank a lot to you.

Waiting yours comments,

Jacques from Canada

Coconut Oil and Baking Soda

Posted by Free Of All (Edmonton, Alberta) on 10/13/2013

For ALS has anyone considered raising their pH to a Alkaline state using Baking Soda and mixing it with Coconut oil as Coconut oil has the ability to pass the blood Brain Barrier (Brain Food)

Dietary Changes, Supplements

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Posted by K (Florida) on 06/03/2016
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My father was diagnosed with Bulbar Onset ALS. He has been having great results with a combination of a strict gluten free diet, no sugar and supplements. We did our own hair toxicology test from test country labs. His results showed he had 3 heavy metals in his system and also a deficiency of iodine and potassium. He is now using a feeding tube formula called, 'Liquid Hope' made of organic food. We have been doing green juices, ingesting 8 oz of coconut oil per day, msm powder, vit c water (bought powder form), and added filters to all our water sources.

Please test for heavy metals and test for proper liver function. One friend has stopped his symptoms by adhering to a strict sugar-free, gluten free diet and detoxing his system. We are seeing results as well. My father was diagnosed by Mayo who promoted the Deanna significant changes or slowing of the disease. It seemed like a profit maker as anywhere the Deanna Protocol name was, it was followed by a trademark symbol. Our dr had no clue what half of the supplements were and way too much creatine involved. Most of the DP supplements were synthetic. Some naturopathic drs have been able to provide liver flush type treatments. Please test for toxicity and liver function. If doctors won't do it, tests are easily purchased on amazon or directly from the website. We had instructions and did ours at home. Don't wait for these experimental tests...because half of the people are given a placebo. It's such a waste. Diet and exercise. Keep moving and never give up!!! Surround yourselves with supportive people, not victim-minded ill people who have already given up mentally.

Replied by Gigi

How is your father doing? When was he diagnosed with Bulbar onset? Did you do the hair toxicology test when he was first diagnosed? I'm caring for someone who was just diagnosed.

Dietary Changes, Supplements
Posted by Alon Shomer N.d. (Jerusalem, Israel) on 02/02/2015
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I treated a person that came to me several years ago.

He complained that he is progressively losing control over his legs making it difficult to walk, and that he has lots of muscle twitching in his left shoulder.

Since I believe that most of the CNS diseases are caused by funguses, I treated him for candida:

Mainly - no sweet beverages or drinks of any sort ( including fruit juices) at any time.
Large amount of probiotics. Very little sugars including fruits.

Diet: as much as he wanted vegetable salad with olive oil.
Semi hard yellow cheese or camembert (made with rennet and bacteria). Green drinks (green vegetables with one carrot only). Rice (small portion). Meat that was cooked or grilled for about two hours (moderate amounts). Eggs - two to four a week. Almonds soaked in water over night. Miso soup with wakame. Nuts and seeds

Supplements: (5-6 days a week all supplements) multivitamin and minerals. + zinc picolinate 10 mg + fish oil (3 times more EPA then DHA) 300 to 500 mg + vitamin E 200 mg mix tocopherols +1000 mg lecithin + B12 (4000 microgram a week) + vitamin C 500 mg + probiotics several strains, 2 capsules 4 times a day.

(He was instructed to wear copper bracelet, but today I will replace it by using on top of the one mg of copper in the multi, 3 mg of copper twice a week separated from any other supplement).

Exercises - at least 20 minutes a day, whatever he wanted to do in order to burn up calories, preferably before going to sleep.

In few months all his symptoms disappeared and all functions became normal.

I am unable to say for sure that it was the beginning of ALS but it is definitely worth the try.

Replied by Karen

Hello. I was just checking in your dad's progress and hopeful success?? I have a dear friend recently diagnosed with same type of onset


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Posted by Nm (Usa) on 10/30/2014
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For Neurological diseases, ALS, MS, etc... try Plumbum homeopathic 30 or 200, Causticum is a huge central nervous system remedy, Calcarea Carb, Arsenicum in some cases... Bryonia is another... Main ones to try though are the first two... Search "homeopathy +als or ms and read the descriptions of each remedy and find the one that fits your symptoms... I got great assist from plumbum & causticum... Calc Carb also helped.. Try to be happy because mood can affect these diseases as well.

Replied by Nmx

Along with Plumbum or Causticum homeopathic - The Carnicom Institute who is working on Morgellons which I think might be involved in ALS - has found that Vit C and N Acetyl Cysteine (which helps create Glutathione - the chief antioxidant of all) are halting growth of Morgellons in the body - Morgs leaches iron and amino acids - which could cause your muscle weakness.., try these


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Posted by Medicineman (Harrisburg, PA) on 09/01/2014
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Coconut oil is fine. What you want is an overall healthy diet of real foods. No processed, no farmed fish. As wholesome and close to the land as possible. It should be a lifestyle.

The biggest contributor to mucus is dairy. Eliminating dairy from the diet, would be my first go-to.

Run with this iodine and vitamin C (and take a multi for safe measure)

You need to detox. Iodine will detox heavy metals and help get systems back online. Vitamin C acts as like a shuttle service for the iodine going in as well as the toxins going out.

My father died of als years ago and suffice it to say - you'll get nowhere with standard medical procedure. Rilutek is a joke.

ALS is caused by toxicity, stress and degredation of the stystems. All of which can be brought back to working order, I believe.

Dosage wise take 1-2 grams of vitamin C every 1-2 hours. Maybe stop closer to bed time as it can keep you up at night and rest is important.

Iodine you'll want to aim for around 1000 mcg. Gauge yourself at maybe half that or less. Iodine will produce detox effects that are flu like and depression.

If you're getting heavy detox symtoms just dial it back a while or take a day off.

Iodine is about the long game, it can take a year for it to do its work fully.

I like kelp as a source, because it's in its natural form with other companion nutrients that will help absorbtion. Sea weeds also have addictional detoxifying elements in them ontop of iodine.

But that's the gist of it. Health is a natural, organic process. It doesn't happen overnight and won't come from a pharmaceutical drug.

We come from nature and our road to wellness is a natural one.

Namaste', C

Posted by Crystal (Centerville, IA) on 12/13/2008
5 out of 5 stars

ALS--Iodine tablets have improved my energy levels, lifted body temperature which runs low,helped my tired eyes and overall well being. I would add it to the list of 'musts' for ALS since I have been diagnosed with that 3.5 years ago. Also, Iodine is great for a natural heavy metal cleanse which goes hand in hand with so many health issues including candida, cancer.

The biggest thing with ALS is to stay away from medications like Baclofen. No medication will help ALS but rather will cause quicker deterioration of physical, mental and financial health!

Baking soda taken as prescribed on the box is excellent for skin issues that won't heal and are cancerous looking. Research electrolytes and you will see what essentials are needed for our body to function.

I am 54 and going strong!

Lysine and Threonine

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Posted by Chris (Pueblo, Co) on 06/09/2012
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I have been helping a friend with ALS/Lou Gehrig's through the treatment recommended starting with the Lysine and Threonine as foundation. The Threonine dramatically increased mucous production in my friend and her breathing, which was strong before, had suddenly become labored. I did some more research on the Threonine and discovered on the WebMD site's description of Threonine side effects stating:

"Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease): There is some concern that threonine might decrease lung function in patients with ALS. In one study, ALS patients taking 4 grams of threonine per day had significantly reduced lung function compared to patients who did not receive threonine..."

And this is exactly what we saw. With all the symptoms of ALS she showed, the reduced lung function has not yet been one of them. But the introduction of Threonine directly coincided with a dramatic affect on her breathing. She said it felt like an elephant sitting on her chest.

On the positive, she previously had a clenched feeling in her throat that was pinching and really wearing her down. Since taking the Threonine, this has noticably relaxed and made it much easier to bear. But the thick mucous increase and belabored breathing is a bit scary, especially since many ALS sufferers die from this aspect. We are stopping the Threonine in hopes that her breathing will return to normal. If it doesn't I may counteract it with arginine, but I know this supports the possible viral function that we are attacking with Lysine. So I want to be careful and take it one day at a time.

I just felt it important to share this experince in case it is of help to anyone else out there.

Replied by Chris
(Pueblo, Co)

An update on my friend who stopped Threonine due to a dramatic reduction in breathing capacity. Within 48 hours of stopping the Threonine, her breathing capacity has improved. She said this morning that she is feeling about 90% recovered to the state she was at before starting the Lysine/Threonine. The annoying mucous production has also subsided and she is feeling comfortable.

She has a relative that is a massage therapist and has been using clove oil, as suggested, in working it into the back of her neck and spine. It is helping her be a lot more comfortable, whether its the massage, the oil or both, we don't know, but she has been free of the cramping, spasms and pain she previously struggled with.

Multiple Supplements

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Posted by Sherry (TN) on 10/20/2020

Hello, I am gratefull for all the help I have received on this site!!

My Mother was recently diagnosed with ALS. So far she's only lost some use of arms. Now I am needing help in knowing how to proceed. I ordered supplements to begin Ted's basic ALS treatment-Lysine, threonine, glutamine, zinc, lithium carbonate, beta glucan, vitamin C, ascorbic acid, and BCAA. She will also go on sugar and gluten free diet.

I have a list of medications and supplements and am needing to know if any should be discontinued or anything added:

Riluzole 50mg 2x a day

Olmesarton-HCTZ 20/3.75

Progesterone 200mg

Synbiotic 365, Aleve gel, Womans Alive Vitamin, Vit. C, Elderberry, Omega Q10, Glucosamin Condroitin1500/1200, Red yeast rice, Lutein, low dose aspirin, Melatonin 10 mg, and Unisom Sleep

All help appreciated and I would love to hear Ted's recomendations!

Replied by Anon
(Not Canada)

I'm sorry about your mother's diagnosis. ALS has similarities to multiple sclerosis - which has been linked to the use of aspartame artificial sweetener. Does your mother use this sweetener? Or is it in any of her supplements?

Replied by Anon
(Not Canada)

Found this, too:

"Long-term exposure to heavy metals may lead to physical, muscular, and neurological degenerative processes."

You might try this:

There are reports of high lead levels in calcium supplements and protein powders if I remember correctly.

I can't advise you about the medications, but the supplements are probably fine to continue.

You might consider discontinuing the glucosamine and chondroiten, if only temporarily to see if her symptoms improve (Borax may work better):

Borax info:

She is blessed to have you fighting for her 💙

Replied by Art
953 posts

Hi Sherry,

I see melatonin at 10 mg is on your list, so the following article may interest you.

As you can see by the abstract, they used 300 mgs of melatonin/day(HDM) for up to 2 years in humans administered as a suppository. In the mouse part of the study melatonin was shown to delay disease progression and extended survival. In the human part of the study, melatonin was able to return oxidative stress levels to redox equilibrium as compared to the healthy control subjects and this is important because oxidative stress is doing much of the damage in ALS patients. Melatonin is available in suppository form otc, but if your doctor will prescribe it, your mother's insurance may cover it.

If not, there is this :

and this:

One of the two drugs prescribed for ALS is Rilizole/Rilotek which is said to extend life expectancy by only a few months on average months. The other drug is called Edaravone /Radicava and is given via intravenous infusion and helps with daily functioning.

So clearly there is not a lot that current medicine has to offer for ALS.

In multiple other studies HDM has shown protective effects toward the mitochondria and neurons which are being destroyed in ALS. There is also bulk powder melatonin which would be less expensive, but this would have to be given orally and you are essentially on your own unless you can get a phone consultation with Dr. Shallenberger who is in Nevada. He gives his stage 4 cancer patients closer to 360 mgs of melatonin/day. He can give you a good idea on a dosing schedule for your mother and how best to use Melatonin in her case. His number is :

(775) 884-3990

Here is a link to his contact form:

Good luck to you and your mom, Sherry.


Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

I was just watching Eric Berg on youtube teach help for RA and he was talking about how low potassium is behind it and then he said low potassium can cause cortisol issues. So that is interesting. I read years ago on some graph that low potassium was noted in ALS and another crippling disease. It stuck in my brain. Not sure what that site was it was so many years ago, it was a graph of minerals in different diseases. I was circling trying to solve my own health issues, the graph was made from using hair analysis.

This cortisol link with potassium is huge. Most people are cortisol resistant due to too much trauma overload and insulin resistant due to too much sugar but also can be caused by stress and not diet. I read in one site that a diet with no refined sugar but loads of stress made teeth rot out below the gum line from cortisol/

Cortisol production drains the whole body of minerals and hormones and nutrients. I guess that is why the bible says fear is a sin. I hope this opens a window for you for some fresh air.

Blessings, Charity

Multiple Supplements
Posted by B.B. (Dallas, TX ) on 03/13/2019
3 out of 5 stars

Hello Ted, I am a 53 y/o woman that was diagnosed with ALS in 2018. I have lost use of my hands and have muscle atrophy in both hands and shoulders. My gate is now extremely shuffled. I also suffer from muscular twitching upper and lower body. My speech is slurred and I also have dysphagia when attempting to consume meals. My labs have revealed that my metal toxicity in my blood is extremely high. I have tried an abundant of supplements however nothing appears to be helping my symptoms. Is there anything that you can recommend.

Replied by Janet

Ted's Remedies for ALS

Lysine, threonine, methylene blue, The L lysine L threonine Methylene Blue remedies for virus Lysine remedy 4 hourly doses 3 days 3 water bottles pour 1/2 of each in large measuring cup pour 1 inch of each down the drain, for water displacement In the measuring cup 12,000mg l lysine 4,000mg l threonine 1,500 mg of sodium ascorbate 2 droppers methylene blue. Whisk til dissolved pour back in bottles cap them Store in frig these go bad in 3 days. So toss and remake if needed. Mark each bottle with 4 lines equally, each is an hourly dose. 1 bottle each day. Methylene blue Methylene blue from amazon (1 two ounce glass dropper bottle. Amazon) comes as a powder in a bottle. Using distilled water for this one. Work on a glass plate. It stains. Vitamin c water removes the stain. Carefully fill the m.b. bottle to first rim. Cap and agitate. Fill dropper bottle 3/4 full of distilled water. Using dropper add 2 droppers of m.b. solution to dropper bottle. Cap, agitate. You will see dropper only fills 1/2 way. This is good. Urine may be greenish this is harmless and normal. Reserve large bottle to cure virus flu colds.


Ted is still unable to answer posts after his stroke. I can give you some info.

We used Teds' spinal virus remedy, I expanded it to ALS remedy. ALS is commonly a virus picked up in a medical setting. So Ted emphasizes topical treatment to get a good kill. This takes some doing, you might need help with the topical. I make a castor oil pack on a folded paper towel. I fold 3 or 4 longwise and fashioned to fit the length of the spine. I add castor oil and pat it in to spread it without drippyness. The some DMSO sprinkled along the length, then sprays of magnesium. Oil. Finally drops of clove oil so it looks wettish. Sit on a towel. Drop onto spine. Sit back on a towel. Do this as often as you can. We did it for 3 days. A few times a day. Can be made on sheet strips. Can be stored in a ziploc. Refreshed 10 to 12 times. If nothing else put some firm lotion, not drippy on the back of a wooden spoon with clove oil mixed in. Or even a yard stick to get it applied. This might sting, test the mix an other skin so you are prepared. Your shopping list for an online retailer. Most powders are not sold in stores. In garden supply, Diamond black Humic Acid, 1 quart. A tablespoon in water a day Aquarium supply Methylene Blue, this must be mixed and mixed again, you might need help Clove Essential oil Castor oil Magnesium oil spray Some glass, dropper bottles and spray bottles, 2 or 4 oz Powdered bulk L lysine L Threonine Sodium Ascorbate InCapsules Zinc chelate is okay, it was what we had Vanadium In Gel caps Vitamin D3 is available now days, back then not so much. Buy one that is in coconut oil To get deep into the body and extremities I have been using vitamin B1 thiamine. Ted recommended Thiamine mononitrate. We use, lipothiamine. It seem to be a more absorbed b1. On Amazon. As is all this. Ted stresses the topical remedy. And the virus killing with humic and the lysine remedy Below is my lysine recipe to make a batch. Amounts can be changed according to remedy. The remedy goes bad after 3 days and must be remade. A great addition is hyaluronic acid. In capsules 3 to 600 mg a day. There are more suggestions within his posts. I thought this info might help. I will post recipe and Teds chapter below, separately. As my phone will not copy paste. Janet

Replied by Paracelsus
(Orlando, FL)
45 posts

I think most people would benefit from taking transdermal vitamins & minerals. You can buy those as a patch, similar to a nicotine patch given to people who are trying to quit smoking.

The transdermal method of delivery has several advantages over oral delivery. 1. It goes directly into the bloodstream 2. It has better absorption rates (due to not having to go through the gastrointestinal pathway). 3. It is a form of time release since you should wear the patch for at least 8 hours. 4. You don't have to worry about interactions between supplements since that happens during digestion only.


PARACELSUS, ORH here, thanks for the suggestion as I have never taken vitamins this route, except B 12, CBD and a few others under the tongue. I do spray down with magnesium, do mineral baths, ozone saunas and essential oils on the bottom of my feet. All use lineaments for aches and pains, but I top that with DMSO to drive it deep. Your rectum can also bypass your digestive system. I only do coffee enemas and ozone insufflations there. While we are in the vicinity, let me tell you ATS. An Atlanta plumber bought down the lake a few years ago and said his wife was on his case to install a Tushy in their baths. I had no clue about this. I know of bidets, but not this. It is a retrofit to your commode, which we had installed. It is a no-brainer and the best thing since sliced bread. Just sorry that after 84 years, I finally have a clean fanny. Will solve some of the itchy butt problems EC folks often write about.


(Orlando, FL)
45 posts

Yes, my son lives in Japan and they use the same sort of thing to clean. Does a better job and cuts down on toilet paper usage and clogged toilets.

Replied by Dana

IP6 Inositol helps remove metals.

Rhinacanthus Root Powder

Posted by Mr Don (Gold Coast Australia) on 01/14/2014

My 70 year old wife has ALS for at least 8 months she is finding it hard to talk now and has trouble eating and sometimes breathing She is also losing strength in her arms She has herpes virus for many years. What can you suggest as a treatment I have been told that rhinacanthus root powder can reduce the amount of glutamate your body produces. Is this correct? Where can I purchase this product? It is widely used in the Bangkok uni. Regards Mr Don

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Mr Don from Gold Coast,

If you google search "ALS herpes simplex" you'll find a number of articles on the possible connection. "Pub Med" has one such article. That article has connect with a specific type of ALS. You said that your wife did indeed have the virus long prior to the ALS onset.

The point is, if I were suffering from ALS I'd consider the possibility of a virus as either a trigger or the underlying cause of the ALS and would at least try to rid the body of the infection. I use a number of anti viruses, my favorite being Colloidal Silver; also Echinacea, tea tree oil... lots of "go to virus killers."

On the CS, I'd take orally three tablespoons daily for three months. I'd also do the CS as a nasal irrigation

I know your wife must be very frightened. Encourage her never, never to lose hope. Same for you, "Mr Don." This is a terrifying disease to combat and I'll be praying for you to have wisdom and strength through it all.

Your friend here in America,


Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Veronic (Belgium) on 05/10/2017

Hi I'm glad and thankful for all the helpful information on your site. I have a question for Ted, about my friend. She is 43 years old and recently diagnosed with ALS. It's not genetic. She's been struggling end 2015, with traditional meds and she is been on a trial for placebo's to keep her lungs from falling out. She is in a stage that she can walk but only a few steps before she is tired. Her speech is slowing down but she can talk. She can't move her left arm and almost lost the movement in her hand. Her fingers curled up. I allready have a lot information about the kind of supplements and oils to use.

But in this specific case I would like to know how to start using natural remedies for slowing down or reverse ALS. I need to start with detoxing the body but how to proceed and do I use the lysine, threonine aspirin and methylene blue in her case? And where can I purchase the supplements? PLease Hep! Thank you very much, greetings from Belgium

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Janet (In) on 02/25/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Nick. ALS.. time and effectiveness are critical in your challenge. Here is Teds chapter of emails responding to many folks needing help.

We have found Teds remedies to be spot on with many serious illnesses. Almost every single thing is available on bulk suppliers, google bulk supplements, Amazon or ebay. The critical types of b vitamins for the most effective help I will mention is Swansons Activated b they sell 2 strengths buy the higher strength. Because you need to have the most bioavailable b. This is the only affordable one I have found.

Only buy powders and capsules you will get the best results. No pills.

I make my remedies at once. Usually in the morning for the day. For instance my lysine, threonine aspirin, methylene blue, sodium ascorbate, I put 4 doses in a bottle of fluoride free spring water. They are 10 to 12 oz. I mark 4 doses on the bottle. I pour out some water to make room. Add the ingredients. Shake and take teds recommendations of timing.

Methylene blue comes as a powder in a bottle. You fill that bottle with water, shake. Then you take 1 2oz dropper bottle, Amazon. Droppers usually only fill 1/2 way. Take 2 droppers of your original solution into dropper bottle add water carefully to a little below top you need room to put the dropper back in. Make this on a glass plate as it stains. If it spills, citric acid or lemon juice take it out easily.

Here is Teds chapter. Janet

Replied by Nellie

Janet, once you have the methylene blue in the dropper bottle with the water, how much do you use daily?

Replied by Janet


On an average I use 4 to 5 drops in water with 500 to 1000mg sodium ascorbate. Or ascorbic acid and a pinch of baking soda. The vitamin C keeps the methylene blue from getting a blue tinge in your eye whites. If you are well hydrated it does not happen. Your urine still might be bluish, it does not do anything. But you should always use the 2 together.

4 or 5 drops 2x a day in water with C. When I am killing a virus or cold I often add these together With four doses 500 to 1000mg of l lysine 500mg of C, then 6 drops of methylene blue to knock it out, taking 1 dose of them each hour for 4 hours, usually 3 days in a row. I add it all together in 10oz of water. Dosing as needed.

Methylene Blue should be taken before evening as it is energizing and may keep some people awake if taken too late in the day.


Replied by Rollin

Hi I have been reading teds remedies for als and I would like to know where to start. I have been losing muscle in my left arm, and my left pinky is losing its functions. Also, I am having muscles twitches all over my body. I also feel very heavy when I walk and I am tired often. What natural remedies should I use to help reverse the symptoms I am having?

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