Natural Cures for Adenoid Cystic Cancer

| Modified on Jun 18, 2014

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy
Posted by Lino (Malta, Europe) on 01/06/2014

Lately I read a lot about the miraculous benefits of H2O2. It is like a ray of hope for my 40 year old son who has a rare type of cancer (Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma) which they say is incurable.

May I ask some questions about using 35% Food Grade hydrogen peroxide so as to be sure that it won't do any harm to my son.

1. I read that for some types of cancers, it is needed to use certain enzymes so as H2O2 to penetrate the cancerous cells. Does anyone know anything about this and give me some information?

2. Presently my son is taking a large amount of several types of pain killers. Does this fact affect the taking of H2O2? Can it be harmful as the pain killers may have caused stomach ulcers???

3. I read that the immune system is boosted when taking H2O2 and so foreign bodies may be rejected. My son's left lung was removed about five years ago and if I understood correctly, the surgeon used staples to sew the incision he made in the lung. Is there any danger that these will be rejected and it will cause an internal wound?

4. Again somewhere I read that vitamin C, iron, copper and other minerals should be avoided. Can anyone explain to me this thing in more detail? If H2O2 is taken either 1 hour before eating or 3 hrs after, if the food contains any of the above, will it be safe?

Regarding diluting and dosage, I do understood the procedure. So if any of you can answer these queries I will be forever grateful. Thanks in advance.